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Abe Lincoln's Thoughts About The Tea Party Obstructionists and The Pathetic State of Our Government

Updated on October 28, 2015

Abe and Me: Two Buds On A Bench BS-ing About Government Obstructionists

Two Buds on a Bench. Abe and Itzal Boosheit
Two Buds on a Bench. Abe and Itzal Boosheit | Source

Tea or No Tea

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Abe's New Awakening

Abe and I often run in to each other in a park near the White House. Since the last shutdown, there's a lot of trash and garbage on the lawn. He can't understand why we can't clean up after ourselves (in more ways than one) Before the last shutdown, when the government work day was done, we would spend timej ust sitting on a bench, puffing on a nickel stogie and chatting about things in general. Abe thinks that what's happening in the world and in Washington these days is pathetic.

He is especially unhappy about how his Grand Old Party (GOP) has become the party of Grumpy Obstinate Politicians. He is especially unhappy about the Tea Party and thinks they are all full of it. Abe tells me there is just too much bull in politics and he would never get involved in today's madness. How anyone expects our best and brightest citizens to subject themselves to the madness is beyond him. His thoughts about the events of the day gave me the inspiration for my new alias: Itzal Boosheit.

Oh, one thing he can't believe is how that group of tea party obstructionists, supposed legislators can exerts so much control over Congress. It's no wonder John "Cry Baby" Boehner cries as much as he does.. He was surprised but not completely shocked by the Speaker's sudden resignation. It's a move Abe would never had consider. Politics is tough enough without a group of immature, irresponsible law makers going against the will of the majority and usurping the orderly process of government. If he were still in charge, he would have them all dismissed for their actions. He surmises that much of their policy are driven by their dislike and disrespect for our African American president. Can that be true?

His early observations on that issue is that the tea party must have something on John. No wonder he cries all the time. He's thinking it must be something spectacular and sensational like an affair with Sarah Palin Palin? Abe said he never would have allowed Seward buy Alaska if Falin Palin was the best the state could come up with.

The inspirational old guy likes to sneak out now then to get away from all the political chatter. He thought the movie bearing his name was pretty accurate, but wonders if they couldn't have found a better looking actor to portray him. Well enough of that chatter. Getting back to Abe, he often thinks out loud and wonders how people today have the guts and audacity to try to impose their will and their backward ideas on his beloved Republican party and its programs? He is absolutely flabbergasted by their interpretation of the constitution, especially on issues like gun control and civil rights.

The extremism that has corrupted his old party is something he says can not be tolerated or else we will lose our moral standards and cease being the nation we once were.. He is absolutely aghast at how some folks can be absolutely convinced that they, and they alone are the only righteous voices out there. When did compromise become such a bad idea, especially for even the most inconsequential issues? What is wrong with moderation, he wonders? The Government shutdown absolutely upsets him. He told me that if he were running the country, he would issue an executive order to reopen the government. He would then do all in his power to find a way to cleanse the party of those idiotic #^$&%^$%! obstructionists. Hanging them all would be one of the options.

This country was built on principles such as the separation of church and state. How do righteous Christian moralists and evangelicals assume the right to speak for everyone. That is really a sore point with Abraham, who believes strongly that religion should not be the basis of how this country governs itself. Mr. Lincoln has often told me that he is thankful that he is not a drinking man, because today’s politics would surely drive him to the bottle.

There are times he and I can go on until the early hours of the morning. When Abe gets his dander up, you can hardly turn him off. As far as I am concerned, that's just fine, after all, he is the president of the United States, every one of them. The Civil War has left some deep scars on this great man. One thing that sets him off is when people say the war was all about State's Rights. “boo sh*t”, he loudly exclaims. It seems strange to hear such a crude epitaph coming from the lips of this great man. He sincerely hopes someday we will once again become a kinder gentler nation of moderate, sensible men and women.

He is hopeful that the movement towards civility will start up at the next election when the people express their disgust and rid the country of the radical right. "Who the hell do they think they are," he rants. "These guys are worse than the southern politicians who almost led this country to ruination back when I was president," he mutters.. I couln't be happier than when they they finally got rid of that old confederate battle flag. The confederates were our avowed enemies who were determined to bring down the Union and all it stood for. Those soldiers in grey and their leaders killed hundreds of thousands of our finest boys who were killed defending the God given rights of other human beings.

He continues,”The issue was always slavery and the evils it represented. Those gosh darned, down-home, plantation, owning slave holders keep trying deny that the real issue wasrace. They are scared to death of the darkies and need their labor to make the slave owners wealthier”. Mr.Lincoln is convinced that the descendants of those southerners are the basis of today's right wing tea party people.

So, that is how our conversations go. Quite often his wife, Mary will poke her head out of the White House and summon her husband to bed. Our conversation usually resumes in a few days when we go on and solve more issues of the day. too bad no one listens to us. Abe is common man in many respects. He likes to talk to the people and get a feel for what is really going on in this country, even though it disturbs him greatly, even worse of late.

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