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"All the Rain Promises"

Updated on November 1, 2009

How to Stay "Alive Inside" in Hostile Environments

      I've experienced mind-bending binaural attacks in which someone attempted to force a female persona upon me and destroy my own personality.  So many times I have come close to the feeling that I was going to die.  I received hints that I'd only live x number of days if I didn't agree to accept my role as a female (and perform "favors" for other men as this person).  I refused and I didn't die. That's great news, but what really matters is that I did not allow this "electronic programming" to rob me of my identity.

     Have you ever pondered what it would be like to lose your soul?  Well, I'll tell you EXACTLY what it would be like because I've come within a hair's breadth of losing mine.  Your body doesn't die, but new techniques in electronic brainwashing technology now make it possible to delete a personality and replace it with something that resembles a computer program.  There is something about a group claiming to be organized homosexuality and this phenomenon of being ERASED AND REPLACED.

     When they couldn't get me to break down, they made me "offers" that appealed to every possible desire that i had: power, money, sex, pleasures unknown.  Well, the reason that someone would do this is that you would be GONE and something else so distantly removed from your original personality would replace YOUR OWN THOUGHTS.  Again, being the careless person that I am, I'll tell you what happens if you even think about accepting these "offers": you are electronically attacked and an attempt is again made to destroy the things that make you WHO YOU ARE.  They like to refer to this as "surgery".  Well, take it from me: fight every attempt to have this happen to you........because what they remove is YOU!

     You not only must refuse "offers" but direct commands to have thoughts of doing things that are not good.  It's like holding out a flood of psychic spam that also can result in an attack upon that which dwells within your mind that makes you yourself.  We have some kind of "Psychic Justice System" that holds you responsible for any bad thought you should have.........regardless of whether it was subliminally whispered into your ears with this "Acoustic Voodoo". 

      I simply jam these bad suggestions and subliminal filth by blasting my eardrums with extremely loud music which not only drowns out the "psychic B.S.", it renders me less sensitive to noise attacks which repeatedly startle me until i feel confused.  This group uses a language which induces disturbing thoughts and feelings to secure a grip on your mind.  By being less sensitive to sound, you can choose to ignore the commands of members by choosing to interpret it as background noise.  I also use clonopin to kill the artificially-induced "social anxiety" that these stress-pushers love to propagate to the "un-initiated".  Zoloft helps shut them out and so do mild doses of caffeine.  Abilify has proven to be the MOST effective, but it works for 3 hours.  Never go anywhere without your medication.

      All of these counter-measures keep your mind "on top", so reality looks like reality and not the ridiculous/obscene illusions perpetrated by this technology.  Never rely upon ONE countermeasure, because they will find a way to synch-up with your thoughts and push you to go to far in this one technique.  The only exception to this rule is the de-sensitizing of the ears.  Life went from being a series of awful pictures within the imagination (and horrible physical sensations) to being what it is now, which BEATS THE HECK OUT OF "HELL".   A freind remarked that she "needed a time machine".  Well, these countermeasures can make things like they were before these "dog people" came and turned everything upside-down! 


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