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Travis Alexander murdered now victimized as well, this is unacceptable.

Updated on May 21, 2014

Making a mockery of justice

He was already murdered now we allow him to be re-victimized? The Jodi Arias trial has grossly exploited the justice system and her defense counsel's laughing and joking in court is the most inappropriate behavior I've ever seen from counsel.I have been an avid trial watcher for quite sometime, I have never seen a case where the victim was so brutally murdered and then during trial treated with such little respect.

We must demand change

Has the justice system changed? Have we somehow missed this very obvious loop hole? Why is it that an admitted murderer is given the opportunity to make unfounded claims against the victim? I can't help but think of my own children when watching this case and feeling the heart wrenching accusations are almost as brutal as the attack on Travis itself.I have seen Jodi Arias' mother/aunt/defense counsel and people on the defense side of the gallery laugh and joke when they felt they had "scored a point". It is beyond rude, it is criminal. I know that the wide scale coverage and the state vs the defense has made these high profile cases morbid entertainment but this type of behavior in the courtroom in front of the victims family has got to stop. We cannot allow an admitted murderer like Jodi Arias to tweet from jail and make a mockery of our justice system. We need to band together as a nation and put our feet down against these defendants making unfounded accusations and ruining the reputations of the innocent people like Travis Alexander who has now been accused of almost every single heinous thing you can imagine. The only thing they have failed to accuse him of thus far is kicking puppies and peeping in windows, oh wait the person who peeps in windows is the monster making the unfounded and ridiculous claims...that would be Jodi Arias.How can we change this? How can we make sure not one more victim is treated with such little respect in the courtroom? We need to demand change, and demand proof before claims can be lodged against the victims of senseless crime. We need to respect the legacy of the victim and not brand them with labels that are based on last ditch attempts to avoid the death penalty by monsters like Jodi who think only of themselves. I hope that Jennifer Willmot and Kirk Nurmi feel the repercussions from defending someone so evil. They know in there hearts that she is guilty, they must. Yet they continue to defend Jodi and accept these evil lies as the truth. I am comforted by the thought that karma will settle the score even if the system fails Travis like it did Caylee Anthony. This has to be the last case where the victim is dragged through the mud, we have to demand a change...any ideas on how we can make this happen?

Lies about the victim, allowed in court with no evidence

He was a pedophile
No evidence was found of any kind that would indicate such a claim. Actually a search of his laptop showed ZERO sexual search history of ANY KIND!
He forced her to have sexual relations with him
Knowing what we know now, which is that Arias controlled Alexander through sex I find that hard to believe, plus she never once said no.
She claimed Alexander owned a hand gun
There is no proof Alexander ever owned a hand gun, he did not have one registered to his name and no one has ever seen him with a gun in his home.
She says that Alexander was so obsessed with her he made her wear a t-shirt that said "Property of Travis"
When in fact the first time anyone see's this t-shirt is after he is murdered and it is widely believed she had the t-shirt made herself.
She claims that he broke her finger, disfiguring it permenantly
Her finger was disfigured in the attack on Travis and witnesses who saw her after the murder testify that she had that exact finger bandaged, claiming she cut it at work.
These are just a few of many accusations brought before the jury that could have potentially affected their decision. When is PROOF going to matter, and when will we stop allowing these murderers the satisfaction of assassinating the character of the

© 2014 Karen Ranoni


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    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 3 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Quite unfortunately Karen, all of the lies, false claims and trumped up bull crap spewed by Jodi was very keenly and manipulatively weaved in to the trial, based on the defense's case and their insistence to portray poor little Jodi as an abuse victim.

      While I (and MANY others) would tend to agree 100% with is our judicial system that is so screwed up, these sorts of fabricated testimonies are not only allowed, but encouraged.

      Infuriating to the max......I know....UP+++