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Why Altaf Hussain Bhai Chief and founder of MQM Arrested in UK for Money Laundering Charges

Updated on April 24, 2015

The drama started today morning with the tweet of Metropolitan Police containing the following text:

Altaf Hussain Bai and Murder of Dr. Imran Farooq and Atrocity of Baldia Town

As soon as the news is telecast on the news channels that Altaf Hussain is arrested by the Metropolitan Police in London all the markets in Karachi and Hyderabad which are the hubs of the MQM were closed. The Karachi stock exchange shed 630 points in no time (though it recovered and in the end the market was 285 points minus).

Altaf Hussain and his party MQM ruled Karachi (the economic headquarter of Pakistan) for the last three decades. He is known in Karachi and Hyderabad as Altaf Bhai. During this period lots of innocent people were killed and target killing is still uninterrupted in Karachi. Every day 5 to 15 people were sacrificed so as to enable MQM to maintain its authority over Karachi which could not be challenged by any one.

The charges of money laundering on Altaf Hussain are not new. According to the BBC in December 2012 and June 2013 the house of altaf Hussain was searched by the Police and certain money were recovered from his house whose source could not be explained by Altaf Hussain. But this is a very small charge on the leadership of MQM. Other charges on the leadership of MQM are:

  1. Target killing
  2. Killing of certain Police and armymen.
  3. They are engaged in ransom /bhatta khori
  4. The leadership of MQM is involved in the murder case of Dr. Imran Farooq in London. According to the latest reports the arrested activist of MQM has accepted the charge of being involved in the murder of Dr. Imran Farooq.
  5. The occurrence of Baldia Karachi is very tragic. In this incidence about 350 innocent factory workers were burnt alive. It is reported by all the newspapers and TV channels that it was a case of ransom. The MQM leadership demanded ransom of millions of rupees from the owners of the factory and on their refused they burnt the factory while all the factory workers were performing their duties.

Pakistan is the country where rule of law is missing altogether. The Police and even courts do not apply law equally to riches and poor weeks and powerful alike. The prominent personalities and riches feel themselves beyond law. When riches of Pakistan went outside the country their feeling could not be eliminated. However, in the law abiding country like United Kingdom it is the rule of law which is the most important and not the personalities. Though Altaf Hussain was in United Kingdom for a long time he was also misconceived of the fact that United Kingdom Police would not touch him for he has good many services to the United Kingdom Government.

Altaf Hussain is the favorite leader of the United Kingdom as he served the United Kingdom and other western countries by spreading violence in the most significant city of Pakistan i.e. Karachi. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people were killed on the orders of Altaf Hussain. However, the United Kingdom government remained silent and did nothing to stop him from committing most heinous crimes against humanity. However, on the other hand the United Kingdom government is not ready to allow this man Altaf Hussain to commit a very small crime as compared to taking the lives of hundreds on outside their country.

Money laundering is a very small charge against Altaf Hussain. He is also involved in the murder of Imran Farooq who was killed in London way back in 2010. Every person in Pakistan is sure that it is Altaf Hussain who got Imran Farooq killed. It is hoped that the investigation in the murder of Imran Farooq may also come to an end and charges of murder would be established against Altaf Hussain Bhai.

I can be hoped that this will end the regime of MQM over Karachi and Hyderabad and the inhabitants of these two cities would also be able to experience the days when no target killing took place. There will be peace and prosperity in the country.

I pray to the Almighty that the world would see the fate of those who committed genocide against humanity and the chapter of greatest killer of his time would end. The end of such cruel people is always painful and dreadful and he is coming to this disastrous end as souls of innocent people of Baldia Karachi atrocity will be praying the Almighty for their revenge.

It is the name of God that will remain till last. All have to vanish whoever they are irrespective of the fact they may have wealth and powerful. The history of this world is full of such persons who spread violence on the earth of the Lord and in the end faced the dreadful revenge from the Lord.

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      StormsHalted 3 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan

      Bhai ke bande utha lenge tume.....