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Alternative Look At Where Modern Technology & The Internet Is Taking Us

Updated on February 12, 2014

If you have come onto this blog expecting a dissection of up and coming programmes, software, networks or the latest tricks to SEO then sorry - this isn’t going to be the tech savvy literature you may have thought it would be after scowling the title.

The net is already packed full of ‘SEO specialists’ trying to upstage competition. Providing their services to malnourished websites and playing hot-seat with each other on the yellow brick road that is Google’s first page.


SEO & Social Media

With the algorithms inevitably varying from one way to another, unless you’re one step ahead of the game or embedded in the know how there will always be a sense of guess work involved. Aspiring creative writers must see SEO as the nagging nanny. You can write the most ennobling piece of work for your website but unless you add those all important tweaks it’ll become redundant and lost within the web.

It seems that we rely on the social side of things a lot more now. You don’t have to wait in a venue car park anymore hoping to catch a word with your favourite musician; we can reach out to them via Twitter and have our voice heard by the masses. And of course, just like Bebo, Myspace and Facebook, the site that is popular right now will at one time be replaced with another. Making way for the next Billy Big Spuds of social media to cruise their way into the public domain and become the most used social network site.


More and more of our life is being played out behind the screen. The computer is like our additional brain, something we’ve developed over evolution. “Read this book to understand the theory.” Nah, I’ll just Wikipedia it. “Go down to the high street and pump money into that local family run business.” Nah, I’ll buy my Converse All Stars Online. The whole experience, drama and theatre of walking into stores on the high street has been left to one off events and seasonal market stalls.

However, can we blame people when they’re able to happily purchase goods with a click of the finger? Having it delivered in the same week with no need to leave the comfort of their own home.

- Perhaps local councils aren’t doing enough to entice people into the streets anymore?

- Do they have to take some responsibility for the demising footfall into our shops?

- Are they really doing enough to encourage people to take part in the physical shopping experience?

Sometimes it’s the little things that put people off shopping, the gloomy dated grey blocks that need a clean or the broken street lamps and dirty pavements; maybe fixing these things could be a short step in resurrecting the theatrics for the shopping adventurer. Or it could be, and more than likely is, that general money is so sparse across the board that the decline of booming shopping tills is unavoidable.

It’s not just shopping online or SEO. It’s lightening fast software, 3D printers and subjects that are so unfathomable they question life itself. We’re a far cry from its digital origins. We are no longer in awe from reading digital scripts previously only available via hand, or finding cool gaming websites or being startled and enthralled by the odd porn site. Everything is so quick, on a plate and automatic. What is the next step? Previously we’ve had to create technology to support us but what if it starts to creep into the core methods and practices of everyday living. It has to be said, Charlie Brooker’s ‘15 Million Merits’ is looking more and more ominous.


What Ever Next?

Technological feats, mechanics and machinery have all come a very long way. From the old days of steam power to the wide spread usage of electricity. Technology has grown increasingly intelligent and you have to credit the human race for thinking up such combinations, methods and abilities to provide such a service.

Maybe we’ve already reached a stage where we have built machinery and robots that can easily perform our duties of work? Technology has become so advanced that suggesting humans don’t have to work anymore doesn’t seem so alien. It may have happened already but ‘those at the top’ haven’t told us. They don’t plan to either, they want to keep taxing us, retain the shackle and chains and keep us intertwined in the monetary system. Even money is data! Only around 8% of the world’s money is in physical form. Begging the question - why go throughout life fixated on something that isn’t even real?

Modern technology is both utterly stunning but at the same time extremely terrifying. You only have to look back 100 years to see the rapid changes, its rise in demand and the attitudes we’ve now adopted.

On one side of the spectrum you’ll hear that we need to slow down, strip back to the basics and reconnect with our spiritual world; embracing our organic surroundings, animals and nature and on the flipside you’ll hear look what we can do to improve, speed up and make life easier for you.

Touching on it earlier, unless you’re actively involved in developing our digital world and have the responsibility of mapping out how we should live – then we’ll never know until it happens. The saying ‘you reap what you sow’ has never been so poignant. Who knows what the next 20 years have to offer, maybe a select few already do but we as consumers can only wait.

Should We Slow Down Or Continue Making Life Faster?

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