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Always Love Children

Updated on October 8, 2014

Child Hunger

Children are best creation of Allah Almighty. Children are true color of life and our future and hope. Future of every nation depends on growth and education of its young children. Napoleon once said give me good mothers I give you good nation. Unfortunately we are living in world which is not base on equality and thousands children are dying because of hunger, lack of attention and basic facilities.

Due to financial crises, lack of planning in agricultures sector in third world countries and natural disasters food prices are continuous raising and poor people find it hard to provide daily necessities of life to their families. Women and children who need special nutrition are worst affected and graph of child morality rate is raising rapidly in third world countries.

According to statistics more than twenty percent of children are under weight in Asian and Africa. Every year more than 7.5 children died from hunger. Ninety eight percent of child hunger is affecting poor countries. Seventeen million children are born in third world under weight and other medical complications.

Children suffer most from hunger mostly in Asian and African poor countries. Poor nutrition play a vital role in deaths of more than million children around the world. According to UNO more than ten million children are in urgent need of food in horn of Africa. Due to worst famine in Somalia thousands of children lost their lives and due to heavy fighting and civil war in most of African countries like DRC Congo, Somalia, Sudan things are going bad to worse for children and graph of hunger and deaths is raising.

Every five second a child dies due to hunger related diseases in third world countries. Sixty percent mothers don’t have enough food and can’t provide enough food to their children’s due to poverty.

Love Children and Save Children

Basic needs of Child

Basic need of every child.

  • Food
  • Home
  • Education
  • Good environment

Children facts

  • Six million children every year die due to hunger.
  • Two million children died as a result of arm conflicts in different countries.
  • 134 million children under age of 7 never go to school.
  • 171 million children are working in tough conditions.
  • Measles, malaria and diarrhea are three big killers of children.

Beautiful Muslim Children

World Most Poorest Countries

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76.8 %
Swazi Land

Hunger and Deaths

Do you think world community is doing enough against raisin hunger in poor countries?

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Child Labour

Educate Children

World Most Beautiful Children


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