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Alyce Laviolette & the Jodi Arias trial. Why would Laviolette give it all up for a murderer?

Updated on June 3, 2014

What motivated Ms. Laviolette?

Alyce Laviolette, sold her soul for money and her 15 minutes of fame, let's just hope that karma evens the score. The irony in a domestic abuse expert testifying for the notorious Jodi Arias is not lost on anyone who watched this trial. That is unless you're in favor of cold blooded murder and re-victimization of the decedent. It's not like money hasn't been the motivator for many people in human history to do evil and unthinkable things in order to attain wealth or fame. In this case Alyce Laviolette managed to get both money and brief fame in exchange for a bias and quite obvious blatant disregard for what the rest of the world knows; Jodi Arias is a calculated, manipulative, lying, scheming, murderer who killed Travis Alexander out of jealousy.

What would motivate Ms. Laviolette to testify and stand firm in her stance that Jodi was domestically abused by Travis? The only person she spoke with was Jodi; the only other information she had to go on was text messages, instant messages and emails. Anyone who has half a brain knows that you cannot rely on text or written words to speak the truth because you have no idea what the full context is or what tone the person is speaking in. Something said with a smile can come across as rude or mean because humor does not translate through text.

Was she bias because she had feelings for Jodi?

Ms. Laviolette ignored the fact that Jodi stabbed him multiple times, slit his throat from ear to ear and shot him in the head. On what planet would that ever be an acceptable way to supposedly “defend” yourself from an attacker when clearly it is overkill. When you are being attacked most people run, they don’t kill the person 3x over and then cry self defense. He was stabbed in the back so he wasn’t even facing her when the attack started.

Jodi Arias is a very cunning woman who is not above seducing another woman to get what she wants. I think Ms. Laviolette crossed the line and perjured herself because she was manipulated and attracted to Jodi. There is no other logical explanation for a woman who is an outstanding member of her professional community and highly educated to throw every ounce of her credibility out the window for a woman who massacred her boyfriend.

In conclusion

I think that in trials like this one, experts that testify should only be able to testify to what is factual and proven. Opinions are useless in deciding the guilt or innocence of someone. There are so many curious and upsetting details surrounding this case that as of yet is still unresolved as to whether Jodi will serve life in prison or she will be put to death.

Mr. Alexander’s family asked the court that she be put to death. So I support whatever the family wants. But in my heart I feel she would be the most miserable locked up in that tiny cell 23 hours a day 7 days a week with no one to compliment her and no one to flirt with, she would be nothing and she would have nothing except four very small walls in a very quiet place to think about all the things she could be doing had she not murdered an innocent man.

If nothing else I really hope that the backlash from the testimony of Alyce Laviolette will send a message loud and clear to expert witnesses that if you support someone who is guilty and you lie on the stand, you will pay in the court of public opinion and everything you have worked for will disappear. With so many innocent people who are imprisoned, society needs to focus their attention on getting the good people out of prison and keeping the bad ones there!

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Do you think Alyce Laviolette intentionally lied for Jodi Arias?

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© 2014 Karen Ranoni


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    • profile image

      cmurray 3 years ago

      Alyce Laviolette is a man-hating, lying bitch. One of the worst human beings on the planet. I hope she suffers and regrets the horrible things she said and did. Good riddance you fat, disgusting, lying pig.

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 3 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      It is usually the Judges decision. Apparently this particular judge had some bad experiences or back lash from the first trial being televised. One day, we'll know the answers to all our questions, but like you....I am impatient and want to KNOW! LOL

    • Karen Ranoni profile image

      Karen Ranoni 3 years ago from Romeo, MI

      I totally agree, I'm totally irritated they aren't televising this new trial, especially since its an extension of the last one and it was on TV...doesn't add up to me!

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 3 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Karen....I'm sure you are as disappointed as I am that Jodi's sentencing trial is not being televised. We'll see it all eventually, I'm sure but in the meantime we can only hear about what went on in court.

      They need to get this over with and deposit Jodi in her lifetime cell and leave her be where she rightfully deserves to be....forever. No life to speak of, no attention or socialization. Jodi earned this horrible fate all by herself.

      As it never fails in cases like this one....I cannot even begin to imagine how these "possessed" individuals think for a moment that they can or will get away with MURDER. Needless to say, THIS murder was an especially torturous, evil and clearly intentional one.

    • profile image

      3 years ago

      If you tied Alyce to a tree and paddled her till she squealed like the pig she is, this doesn't mean you want to pork a real pig.

    • profile image

      Rodger R 3 years ago

      Alyce Laviolette lied on the stand for Jodi Arias, no doubt about it. She is a disgrace to the domestic violence movement and legitimate victims. She makes me want to puke.

    • Karen Ranoni profile image

      Karen Ranoni 3 years ago from Romeo, MI

      Fpherj-Thank you for your comment, I have more Jodi article on my page should you be interested!. I am never bored by this trial an will definitely be seeing it through to the end where hopefully we see Jodi with a needle in her arm. ALyce was not even open to the idea that there could be more to the story or that Jodi was nothing more than a psychopath liar. Hopefully this sends a message to others who in the future consider trading testimony for 15 minutes of fame. We all know Nurmi and Willmott knew full well that they were perpetuating the defamation of a murder victim by spewing those vial lies and made up stories about Travis. They will get theirs eventually, nobody escapes Karma!

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 3 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Karen......Great expo on "Spooky ole Alyce".....That pathetic old woman made a complete and total A$$ of herself and certainly did nothing positive for her "alleged expertise"...

      I never missed a single moment of the everything and anything written, followed all the news that had anything to do with this case, Jodie and Travis as well as their respective families, friends and backgrounds.

      To be blunt.....given your take on this story, I would positively love to sit and discuss with you for days! I have been so disappointed in friends of mine who are not as well versed in this fiasco. LOL......In fact, I would be horrified and say to them, "WHAT??!! You are not obsessed with the Jodi Arias Case??? What's wrong with you??" LOL.

      Fortunately, my friends know me well enough to realize that Human Behavior Science is my first love. Nowhere can one get more knowledge, entertainment and fodder for study, than a Trial such as Jodi's.

      Karen...I can't even get started on Alyce.....I'd never stop writing. If she has destroyed her reputation (and I'm safely assuming she has!) no one has ever deserved a negative outcome more than poor Alyce.

      You're on the right track.....she either fell madly in love with Jodi (Norman Bates) Arias...or she is simply a very stupid old bag who needs to retire!....UP+++

    • profile image

      Karen Ranoni 3 years ago

      Thank you! I'm so glad you agree, I really do believe that Alyce was manipulated by Jodi in the one and only way Jodi seemed capable of manipulation and that was sexual in nature!

    • profile image

      David F 3 years ago

      I never thought of it put exactly that way before. If you look at the devotion that laviolette seems to contribute; she goes out to dinner with the women of the court and leaves Nurmi at home supporting your theory, that laviolette was so motivated to gifting arias with her free services that according to laviolette, she travelled out to Arizona to attend her daughter's wedding and gave arias a free gift of the travel, most likely expecting favors back from arias, and that she appearantly lied for arias shows a clear backup for what you are saying.