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Philip Kapneck - Trade Ambassador

Updated on June 23, 2015

Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck Works Tirelessly For the People of Maryland

Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck works tirelessly for the people of Maryland, creating jobs by bringing companies to Maryland that are unique and useful, and that need good local staff. This article celebrates Philip Kapneck's effort for the state and its people.

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Reason for Being

People who help others should be celebrated. With tough economic times upon us, it is more important than ever. Philip Kapneck has a personal style that people like, that puts them at ease. He is Maryland's Trade Ambassador.

Ambassador Kapneck has introduced many companies to Maryland. He helps companies that have a good fit with the state, with other local companies, and available staff. He assists in getting them started and keeping them going so they contribute to the economy and employment in the state.

This information from around the internet celebrates his effort over many years, referenced prior to December 2014.

Philip Kapneck Bio

Philip Kapneck lived in Washington D.C. and graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School. He attended George Washington University, was elected to the Maryland State Convention, and was appointed special advisor on Higher Education to the Governor's office.

Kapneck was twice voted Man of the Year and once voted Humanitarian of the Year.

He was appointed by Governor Marvin Mandel to open Maryland's first overseas office in Brussels, Belgium as the State's Trade Ambassador. He assisted the Federal Government in "Invest in the USA".

He was appointed by Secretary of Business and Economic Development to represent the State of Maryland with international companies in Asia and the South Pacific.

He received Governor's Citations for his service to the State from two Governors and chaired fund raising events for the American Diabetes Association and Children's Hospital.

Trade Ambassador Kapneck's Work

In 1972, Maryland Governor, Marvin Mandel, appointed Philip Kapneck as the state's trade ambassador, and sent him to Brussels, Belgium to set up an office there. The idea behind the office and the appointment was to locate, interact with and attract european businesses that were a fit for Maryland. The governor want to bring in businesses that would boost the local economy and employ local staff.

The successful Brussels office was Maryland's first overseas office of International Business and Economic Development.

Recognizing his highly regarded work in Brussels, the Federal Government sought out Ambassador Kapneck to help start the “Invest in the USA” program in Europe.

After four successful years overseas, in 1976, Ambassador Kapneck returned to Maryland, and he brought the ribbon-cutting ceremony back to life, his trademark event that serves to introduce businesses to the local community.

Since that time, Trade Ambassador Kapneck has worked continuously on many projects. In 2012, with the U.S. economy not doing well, as well as working to bring new companies to Maryland, he liaised with existing companies to find job openings for state residents who had lost their jobs. He was successful, and that year, worked with companies that created 475 jobs (directly and indirectly) and increased Maryland's exports to double the national average.

4 things you should know about Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck

Awards and Accomplishments

Man of the Year 1970-71

Humanitarian of the Year 1972-73

Man of the Year 1973-74

Longest service State Trade Ambassador

Praise for Philip Kapneck

Philip Kapneck received Governor's Citations from two Governors, for his service to the State of Maryland and he chaired fundraising events for the American Diabetes Association and Children's Hospital.

Maryland State officials reported that for the past thirty years, Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck brought a multitude of jobs to Maryland and the USA, and when he is not overseas, he works without remuneration to help the citizens of Maryland find jobs with companies he brings into the State.

News About Philip Kapneck's Work - News Stories and Press Releases

There's nothing like a good story or press release put out by a third party, to tell you what someone is like. When new companies arrive in Maryland, they usually send out a press release. Here are a few of them.

Embassy Night

Every year, there is an Embassy Night, a chance for a celebration, where the people who have worked so hard bringing businesses and people together, can relax in a social way. It is also a chance for a chosen speaker to make a presentation to the group. They also honor countries and businesses for their outstanding partnerships and their contributions to international relations

A measure of the esteem with which the Trade Ambassador is held is that he celebrated the 25th anniversary Embassy Night, co-hosted by the World Trade Center Institute, Legg Mason and the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development.

In 2014, Ambassador Kapneck was invtied to the 26th Embassy Night, held at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, in Washington, D.C. There were attendees from Chambers of Commerce, including the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce and Baltimore Washington Corridor Chamber, the British American Business Association, business councils, such as the Maryland China Business Council, private companies, such as Whiteford Taylor & Preston, and government departments such as City of Frederick Department of Economic Development.

Happy Fans at Byrd Stadium Field

Celebrating Another Ribbon Cutting

Ambassador Kapneck reintroduced ribbon cutting ceremonies to Maryland businesses in 1976.There have been many ribbon-cuttings in Maryland since 1976, introducing companies to the neighborhood where they set up, and to other local businesses in the area. One such ribbon cutting was held at the University of Maryland, at Byrd Stadium to celebrate the new First Down Mobile business opening.

Philip Kapneck's 2015 Business Support Award
Philip Kapneck's 2015 Business Support Award

Philip Kapneck Wins Business Support Award

In October 2014, Philip Kapneck completed 40 years as Maryland Trade Ambassador. Over those 40 years, he was responsible for bringing more jobs to Maryland than any other single public servant.

Online newspaper NewsBlaze awarded the Ambassador the 2015 NewsBlaze Business Support Award.

Most Recent Philip Kapneck Update

Philip Kapneck information updated to December 2014.


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