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Ambush at Akashat Along the Iraqi-Syrian Border

Updated on April 4, 2013

Under the radar in the USA, as far as news reports is the seemingly non-event that occurred at Akashat, a small town along the Iraqi-Syrian border.

Ambush? Were these American or UN troops that were ambushed? That is the immediate thought coming to most. Yet, the target of this ambush were Syrian troops returning from Iraq. Why would they be attacked, Iraq and Syria are friends of sort and these Syrian troops were escorted by Iraqi troops. The ones that the US has trained.

It was on March 4th, 2013, when the convoy of Syrian troops containing 64 armed troops were approaching the small border town of Akashat in trucks. That is when two terrorist groups attacked killing 48 Syrians.

While this seems insignificant, it is a sign that Jihadi groups are joining forces to topple and control Syria, using Iraq as a base. Al-Qaeda is, and has been there for sometime, in Iraq. They have training camps there. Thus, when al-Qaeda in Iraq and the Syrian Nusra Front combine their forces to achieve the same goal, the war in Syria becomes a real war as these terrorists groups fight the Free Syrian Army-those who do want real freedom and a democracy and not an Islamic state.

In Baghdad, there have been over 20 car bombings that killed 65 people in March. The al-Nusra group has been the "spearhead" fighting force for the Free Syrian Army. Nusra has been the unit that has been capturing the key areas for the most part. They are the best trained and armed.

When the ambush occurred, Iraq requested that US predator drones make a strike on the terrorists. This request was made via their military. Yet, nothing was done until the Iraqi government had actually made the request, which never came. Iraq has now asked Russia for help in heavy weapons.

The two terrorist groups have established a small base along the Syrian-Iraqi border that is growing. Iraq itself cannot handle them alone. Nusra, itself, controls Raqqa, Deir el-Zour and Hasakeh provinces in Syria. Thus, a large part of eastern Syria is under a terrorist organization.

Now, al Qaeda may be planning to strike from two places – Sinai and Gaza. Five rockets hit Israel on April 3, forcing the IDF to deploy an "Iron Dome" in the south. Some fear that the terrorist group Hamas, in Gaza, are part of the overall plan being coordinated by al-Qaeda. Even the Egyptian military was put on alert near the Gaza - Sinai border.


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    • profile image

      Carlos 4 years ago

      This event happened a month ago. Since that time you have been writing that we need to help these animals. They are causing trouble in Iraq which cost us several thousand American lives to liberate.