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America Abandons the Free Syrian Army Rebels

Updated on December 12, 2013
The buffer zone in white.
The buffer zone in white.

There was a time, a long time ago, 1919-20 to be exact, that both England and America embarked on a quest to stop a new virus. The virus then was called bolshevism. This is the original name for communism. When Lenin seized control of Russia in 1917-18, there were two sides to the internal civil war- the Reds and Whites. The Red forces were like the Assad forces, while the White forces, the Free Syrian Army.

In 1918, both America, England and France, invaded North Russia at Archangel in a secret war that the troops sent or the public at home knew nothing about. Up to 16,000 soldiers landed and slowly advanced south to Moscow along the Dvina River in 1918. The whole intervention was called, "Churchill's Private War". By August 1919, the Allies had all tossed in the towel and evacuated when the advance proved to difficult and forces from the East failed to advance. The North Russian white Army they had trained and armed quickly collapsed. While America was no longer involved, England continued to send millions of dollars in training, advisors, and weapons (aircraft, tanks) to support the White Army under Gen. Denikin and his advance to Moscow in the Ukraine. This came to within 200 miles of the city in October, 1919. Then, it collapsed and it retreated in bad shape and evacuated March, 1920. England continued to support the dying White cause under Gen. Wrangel who broke out of te Crimea in June 1920, only to retreat. By Oct. 1920, it was over. England withdrew its support and communism would exist until 1991.

Now, history repeats under different circumstances. The US promised to send $250 million of non-lethal supplies to the moderates represented by the National Coalition and the Free Syrian Army. Britain promised around $30 million. The aid is reported to include vehicles, communications equipment and night-vision goggles. Small arms are also included but Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have been providing much of this.

The rebels, excluding the al-Qaeda groups, come to around 40,000 fighters, most are now poorly armed and lacking supplies. The reason for the support ending is because many of the warehouses with the supplies have been seized and used either by al-Qaeda-like forces or Syrian forces. It is also because the Free Syrian Army have proven unable to create a united, solidified force as the West wants to see.

When sarin gas was used in August, 2013, many pointed to Assad, yet the CIA had told President Obama that al-Nusra, the al-Qaeda group DID have the ability to make it or did have it. This report was in May, 2013. Obama threatened Assad with US intervention even though it could have been al-Nusra that had done it. Faced with this dilemma, America chose Assad, a known entity, to support and allow him to remain in power.

Now, Assad is winning, for sure. It will be over soon. Meanwhile, the U.S. and Britain has chosen to create a buffer zone between Syria and Jordan, probably with the approval of Assad. The aid will be transferred to the Syrian rebels they trained in Jordan to man the sector, under the supervision of two US war rooms established in the northern Jordanian town of Irbid. The 11,000 American special forces and air force troops personnel in Jordan have been training and arming Jordanian forces. This zone is to distance Al Qaeda’s al-Nusra and ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq) from Syria’s borderlands with Jordan, Israel and Lebanon and prevent them coming close to Damascus. The US also contributes to shoring up the Syrian central government in the capital, including that of Bashar Assad, against Al Qaeda encroachments from the east.

It seems America no longer believes the Free Syrian Army has a chance of winning their freedom and that the overall mess is too precarious and taking much to long. Therefore, Assad wins big because it appears to be the lesser of two evils!


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    • MG Singh profile image

      MG Singh 4 years ago from Singapore

      The free Syrian army is also infested with hard line Muslim groups who are inimical to US. This is just trying to avoid another blunder like in Iraq and Libya.