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America And Donald Trump.

Updated on December 15, 2015

Like Him Or Hate Him; But He Confronts Issues Facing America.

There seems to be a conspiracy, surreptitiously though, going on in the U.S. to "steal" the 2015 presidential election, and nobody, but nobody, is doing anything about it, except just one person.

Yet he (and it's a he) is been lambasted by leading members of his own party to such a degree that, to separate true passionate, patriotic Americans from those in the country to maintain and protect their own vested interest, is very difficult to do or detect, to say the least.

America (USA), through the years, has developed and become the most powerful nation on earth, with its influence being second to none. That perspective has been accepted by both its friends and enemies alike around the world, and to put it mildly, it was being envied by all nations without exception.

Now, for some reason or another, that fame and fortune (or glorification, if you like) seemed to be disappearing; and those who knew what America should be were horrified. In other words, peace in the world (and human civilization) have both become intertwined with America's prosperity to the extent that, if any disaster happened to it (America) the whole world would be at enormous risk.

The title, "American Exceptional-ism", has its roots in the scenario described above, or it could be extracted from that background.

Yet, to make a long story short, it would be that America was not the same as before, due to political idiocy by parties trying to make it (America) as common as any other nation, with the introduction of social policies that were not conducive to its good and/or its national character.

Also, religious freedom has allowed foreign ideologies to interfere with the U.S.Constitution in such a way that, ISLAM, for instance, would manage to introduce Sharia(h) law into the country for no reason at all, but to dominate and even overthrow the same Constitution that offered Muslims to freely practice their faith in the country.

That happened to be a threat to the American life style, as radical Islamic terrorism has raised its ugly head to attack and disrupt or even destroy that peaceful life style.

More so, the borders of the country, on both North and South, have been neglected, or not protected as they should be. As a result, illegal entry has become common; plus other issues that needed to be taken care of properly, or the future would be grim for generations coming after.

One person has vowed to make sure that America should not go that way; and therefore, he was running as a candidate in the forthcoming presidential general election to change the present direction of the country.

Every solitary American knew that things were not going right, and after the 9/11 disaster, politicians would have the sense of dealing with many of the issues that aimed at destroying America, but nay; they wanted business to go on as usual.

His policies were to protect America and Americans, and "To Make America Great Again" for posterity. To make the nation more stronger militarily for the safety of its citizens.

That was (and is) exactly the direction America must go; and yet, he was facing much opposition from lobbyists, special interest groups, and even foreign governments, as well as members of his own party.

Nevertheless, if America should politically deteriorate, so would civilization itself, and all other things, social and economic, would also "fault". Good grief. (owurakwasip).



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    • emge profile image


      2 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      I have a gut feeling that despite all odds, Trump may well sit in White House

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      Why shouldn't he? He is the best among all the Republican Party candidates.

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      Why shouldn't he? He is the best among all the Republican Party candidate.

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      Why shouldn't he? He is the best among all the Republican Party candidate.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Interesting take on the state of politics and importance of America. I wonder what Trump will shake up enough to make a difference if he is not elected.


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