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America Is Lazy

Updated on November 23, 2011

Do you know someone that just drains your tax dollars?

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Out Of Work Get Off Your Butt

Growing up my Dad would rent me the lawnmower to knock on doors to make a few bucks for candy or soda... He taught me that if I wanted something to get off my duf and go get it... I look around me and I dont see the same drive...

There are hundreds of adults that now make a living cutting grass... opps I mean landscaping in every neighborhood you can find... In the winter these same guys come out knocking on doors to shovel my snow...

Yes unemployment is high, but thats because our system has allowed this to happen... Cant find a job like you had, dont worry sit home and collect the unemployment check... When it runs out dont get nervous they will extend it for another 26 weeks or even a year...

Our taxes are out of control... and the lazy people cry they need more programs... the middle class out their busting their humps trying to get by is begging for a little tax relief myself included... It is a never ending cycle in my eyes...

I am not saying there is no need for social programs, many families need help to get back on their feet, BUT to make it easier to lay around and collect welfare then getting a job is just plain crazy...

Even A Street Bum Hustles

He can find a meal why cant the welfare rats....
He can find a meal why cant the welfare rats....

The Tale Of Two Families

First Case Study

I have a friend that my wife went out and bought a weeks worth of grocery for the other day... I know they have no heat in their home, and they are struggling to get by... The mother was invovled in a pretty bad accident that was not her fault and her leg was broken so bad that they put rods and pins and screws in it...

She was on her way to her first day of work at the hospital, after weeks of training and everything, BAM on her way to work to provide for her family her income taken in a blink of an eye... Her husband drives over an hour each way to earn what he can at his job...

They cant get help from our Government... their faith is strong and they will overcome this as well... all the red tape if you dont know the system is mind boggling, and he works all day so it is hard to get to the welfare office to get a little food... Sucks when they really need help and you see them hungry...

Case Study Two

Now this one will be a little longer as the details are well known by myself... My friends daughter we will call her Bridgette is busting her butt to try and get ahead... But I disagree with all the aide she gets and you will see why below...

Bridgette and her live in boyfriend (the father of both children) their son, and their soon to arrive son live on the system... the father is a drunken bum... he has been in and out of jail, cant keep a job, but has found a way to work the system... They have both been on welfare living at the same address, they get food stamps... rental assistance and they even paid for daycare... The mother bust her butt getting up and going to work everyday... Remember he does not have a job, and she has to find a baby sitter most days she works, she has called us crying because she was scared to lose her job if she didnt find a sitter... Yes she probably needs some help IF he wasnt in the picture... But because they are not married she has learned how to work the system to get everything HE needs to be lazy....

My wife and I took her shopping one time... She was telling us how she gets like 5 or 600 in foodstamps a month... Her rent is $50.00 a month includes every thing (rental assitant) she gets a free bus pass (she doesnt have a car) plus they give her cash on her welfare card... now my wife is an estreme couponer and offered to help her shop....

So as I watched this I couldnt believe where my tax dollars were going... I almost puked... I wanted to quit working and let someone else take care of me like this... The mother proceed to laod the cart with such items as sushi fresh seafood, steaks, pork, chicken, my wife said I got this coupon and the mother said nah I want this brand... As she loaded the cart to over flowing we proceed to the checkout, it comes out to over 300 bucks, she swipes a bank card (later I found out it is a welfare debt card) and then she still owed 50 bucks, she pulls out a 100 bill which I havent seen one in years... and thinks nothing of it...

As she unloads the entire car... because the bum boyfriend is passed out on the couch and refuses to help her... she closes the door without so much as a thank you for taking me and goes about her day....

The Morale of The Story

As long as we continue to make life easy on welfare and unemployment we will watch our taxes go higher and higher... As Americans we need to help our own people get back on their feet, but as Americans we also should tell them, we can help you for a short time get by with basics... But as for long term we need to tell them plain and simple... here you go, now you are not hungry, go get a JOB....

I bet with in one weeks time I can find 10 jobs, I dont mean they will be 100,000 a year jobs, but they will be jobs that can help support my family... But for to many Americans we have come to expect the land of the free to mean The Land of The FREE LUNCH....

God Bless America....


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    • claptona profile image

      John D Wilson 

      7 years ago from Earth

      Hi Angelic,

      It all boils down to the middle class keeping their nose to the grindstone, while the poor get breaks, the rich get breaks and the politicians continue to tell us more taxes for more programs are better.

      Government is not the solution - period.

      Neither for the one that knows how to work the system nor for the one that relied on your help. Our government needs to get out of the"giveaway" programs. No farm subsidies, not more free money to banks, no more food stamps.

      We Americans are a giving people, always have been.

      We need to rely on ourselves. Responsible people will help others who are suffering.

      Social stigma for those that do nothing.

      But, it is not the governments job to be the "mommy" of it's citizens.

      Look at the bozo's that can't figure out how to cut $3 billion from a trillion dollar deficit. And they think they have enough intelligence to handle money taken from me?

      I think not.

      Good article, and good examples.

      Not that I expect government handouts to end any time in my lifetime!


      John D. Wilson

    • angelicwarriors profile imageAUTHOR

      John Chartier 

      7 years ago from EHT New Jersey

      Nola I fully understand what you are saying.... but that is why the system needs a remake... as you make more you help should go down...

      if after a period of time you do nothing you help should go way down QUICKLY without food people find a way...

      @gmwilliams I love the tub thing.... trust me I understand the family issue more then I can say on here...

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      7 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      To angelicwarriors: I couldn't agree with you more. There are people on assistance who could be working and contributing. There is no excuse! You have taken the words OUT of my mouth! There are people who are looking for and expect handouts- from the government and from their families.

      There are families who EXPECT their wealthier relatives to support them instead of earning their ways. They see their wealtheir relatives living a certain lifestyle and want the SAME lifestyle. So they ask their wealthier relarives for assistance.

      My motto: Each tub sits on ITS own botton. If you want something, WORK for it! I have said my piece. Great hub! It should be required reading for all!

    • profile image

      Nola in Tulsa 

      7 years ago

      Amen. Of course the flip side of this is, when you do make an effort there comes a time when if you are offered a raise for your efforts, a $1 raise can cost you ALL of your help instead of just dropping your assistance by the amount of the raise so you can continue becoming self sufficient. The system is designed to encourage people to make it a way of life!


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