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America Is Missing

Updated on September 19, 2015

America Where Are You?

Broken Promises

Over many years and decades the erosion of America and the many failures and blunders of our elected officials to correctly solve, prioritize America first has reached in to the abyss. As we read and hear of all the hard questions and moreover the outcries of Americans all over the world that; enough is enough!

The elections in 2008 have led us as a nation from the greatest to a political joke all over the world. Our leadership has been called not only by Americans but other countries as a traitor or dictatorship with due cause. Our President and Secretary of State have warrants in Egypt outstanding and it is getting worse.

Bipartisan talks have always been a bit of a challenge when it comes to agreements and votes for any laws or amendments to existing laws or regulations. This would be changed and distorted to the point of non recognition of these points of order.

The Congress and Senate for a large part we have seen in the past have still had America first as our goals. Today we see that that part of our government have changed and from my prospective to a cluster of self serving and disconnected officials. These politicians have made so many promises and assertions towards all of the lawlessness that they will address if we just vote them in. Now that we have done as asked for the changes promised have not materialized!

Let’s take a hard look at some of the highlights of these views!

This is a product of misinformation and sleight of hand!

I find it a bit fascinating that all these things just so happened to be found out during this man’s attack on America.

I believe that this was all pushed out to be found out to distract from what is really going on with him and his mission that is not for the good of America. It just seems too convenient that just after taking office he excludes the press from doing what they have always done in the past. The next thing we start seeing some major networks reporting but never seem to be going after the truth or at least not all of it and/or distorted truth. Now on the other hand we started watching FOX NEWS and the executive branch started its attack on them.

It became very obvious that Fox would keep reporting the news as it could get it! We also started seeing the birth of underground sources that were reporting something but where would it be in a scale of 1 – 10 of the truth. There are a lot out there now but you have to do your due diligence to verify all that you read. Because of so many just sensationalizing stories for the sake of circulation! (Perhaps propaganda)

Do you remember when this idiot took office be plundered our social security system? Now they are telling us that we will run dry in 2016. Now think back on the bush years when these jihadists were seen on national television and their vehicles were a bunch of broken down junk heaps. Now when on the news I truly believe that we are looking at all these brand new Toyotas and mass weapons. I also believe that we are watching our social security dollars and where it all went to support the attack on the United States.

Were you there? What do you think?

Praying for America!

What we have now in the Whitehouse!

What we have now in the Whitehouse!

Not by my choice...

He has made his choice in life and is robbing America and giving to ISIS.

Do you see it yet?

How Do We Deal With All This?

As far as I know we have never seen such a takeover of our Whitehouse like we seen under any other President. His arrogance towards our constitution, laws of the US and the welfare of the American people have somehow been swept under the rugs. The orders from Obama not to disclose any information about it is un-American and non transparent as he promised on the campaign trails in 2008 and 2012.

It also seems that when the heat gets to high for the individuals in all the lawlessness they are reassigned or they are replaced so they can have plausible deniability and plead the 5th to avoid letting the preverbal cat out of the bag. I really think that our executive branch has promised they would not be prosecuted for their crimes on the American people and with little doubt that major amounts monetary rewards that would last the rest of their lives.

The Essence Of A Patriot

The Essence Of A Patriot

There are many ways to define the word Patriot, or to describe what a patriot is. However, few people truly understand what it means to grasp the essence of a patriot. A person can call themselves a patriot because they love their country or they defend what their country stands for. The reality of becoming a patriot involves much more than claiming the title, due to ones’ general beliefs and so called commitment to his country.

The true patriot understands not only the history of his country and what sacrifices have been made to establish his way of life, but they also understand the sacrifices that men must make in order to preserve that way of life and defend it at all cost. Most citizens today know that things are wrong in this country. They realize that tyranny has laid it’s grasp upon the people and the laws of the land and it has corrupted the entire landscape across our nation. They have learned these things slowly over the years as the evidence has become more and more prevalent. As they learn of the treacherous deeds of our government, and the corporate degenerates they have chosen to serve, they become angry and they seek to support the defense of our country in one way or another.

Respectfully a Patriot


ISIS before Obama!

These pictures show what they had prior to Obama! Taka a close look at all the changes in the ones above and these below here. Above you see more weapons, uniformed troops and brand new vehicles.

Below you see them as they were before the US lost trillions of dollars during this imposters reign on the US and the plundering of our funds.

Be sure and check out the garbage they would call weapons below!

Videos of this sort of denying before our committees!

How about this one?

And this one?

If you know it or not, we have procedures in place and this ain't it!

Now I have a tough question about all this investigating going on that we have made no arrest or taken any progressive move to encourage these folks to come clean. Some potential for jail time exist on some of the subpoenas that are being ignored and they are even thumbing their nose at the committees and the American people.


H. Clinton is Running for President? REALLY?

You have got to be kidding!

Even after all the lawlessness we have seen on H. Clinton, she is still running for President of the United States! K

She should be under indictment for not preserving email on her personal server and not under the protection of our standard security protocols. These records belong to the American people and we have the right to all the documents to be secure for our oversight committees to ensure investigative abilities so that we may judge for ourselves and the oversight folks.

Now we have seen on C-SPAN that her entire trip on the Libya issues and the days she was directly involved has not turned over even one email during that period of time. I find this as a defiant move on behalf of the information act that has been shoved aside and ignored.

When do we arrest for not complying with our documents request and moreover the subpoenas that have not been fulfilled?

Have you heard?

2nd Amendment under attack again by the administration!

Constitutional Law Breaking!

Critics are warning that the Obama administration is readying for a “final assault” on Second Amendment rights as the Justice Department plans to move forward on a long list of new gun rules, according to the Hill.

The report says the agency has proposed the regulations to enact before Obama leaves office.

“It’s clear President Obama is beginning his final assault on our Second Amendment rights by forcing his anti-gun agenda on honest law-abiding citizens through executive force,” Luke O’Dell, vice president of political affairs at the National Association for Gun Rights, told the Hill.

The agency’s plans, released by Unified Agenda, a list of rules that federal bureaucrats are working on, apparently are to focus on people who do not qualify for gun ownership, and stem from Obama’s pursuit of regulations following the school shooting in Sandy Hook.

Obama failed, repeatedly, to get many of those ideas through Congress in the wake of Sandy Hook, and issued 23 executive actions pursuing his aims.

Get “Politically Correct Guns,” the take-no-prisoners invasion of the gun-control crowd’s territory.

The Hill said the proposals will include limits on pistols, requirements for gun storage and more.

It said while gun control groups supported Obama’s call for additional restrictions, Congress has refused to go along.

One of the controversial plans is to ban gun ownership for those who may have been involved in even minor cases of domestic disturbance.

“That could be a person who spanked his kid, or yelled at his wife, or slapped her husband,” warned Michael Hammond, of Gun Owners of America.

Another strategy is to prohibit the mentally ill from owning firearms, but again the definitions are proving to be the devil, as returning soldiers who talk about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder sometimes are being classified as unqualified for gun ownership.

“The Obama administration is trying very hard to disqualify people from owning a gun on the basis that they are seeing a psychologist,” Hammond told the Hill.

The National Rifle Association also has weighed in on that issue, with a statement that said, “A person who experienced a temporary reaction to a traumatic event or who has trouble handling household finances may well be treated the same as a violent psychopath.

“Not only is this unjust and stigmatizing, it creates disincentives for those who need mental health treatment to seek it, increasing whatever risks are associated with untreated mental illness.”


To Be Continued!

To Be Continued!

Much more to come so check back and add your views if you like..


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