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America Is Unemployed!

Updated on August 21, 2010

This hub was published April 30, 2009.

A few weeks back in April 2009, I read an article on Yahoo! News about a person on the east coast of the U.S. who got laid off from his $50,000 thousand dollar salary per year job as an accounting executive and accepted an $8.00 dollar per hour job. Is something wrong with this person or was his 15 years of accounting experience not enough to keep him aboard with his former employer?

What's interesting is another article was published again on Yahoo! News yesterday May 1, 2009, about unemployed workers in the U.S. being let go by their employers of 15 or 20 more years and accepting low-paying job offers that pays close to the minimum wage. The interesting thing about this article was the fact that many resorts and amusement companies like 5-star hotels and Six Flags Inc. have recently been getting a lot of completed employment applications from people who have come from companies earning $50,000 dollars a year or more.

I thought with the bad economy and the rise of unemployment rates all across the U.S.A., people are saving and spending less. There's been a trend of less spending and more saving. U.S. workers are going unemployed but banks and financial institutions are seeing a rise in percentages on saving accounts. So, I wonder what will happen to Six Flags and the tourism industry across the U.S.A. or the globe? Will everything just fold over meaning will people stop traveling because they lost their jobs therefore will airline companies file for bankruptcy too because nobody's purchasing plane tickets? Roundtrip airfare from Honolulu, Hawaii all the way to the Big Apple, yep, New York City, is $400.00 dollars. You can find something cheaper than that if you shop around online!

Aloha Airlines filed for bankruptcy a while back because the tourism industry in Hawaii at that time was at its lowest for attracting visitors from around the world. So bookings for hotels and attractions throughout the AlohaState declined and in turn affected Aloha Airlines, causing them to file for bankruptcy! Well, it’s not that Hawaii’s tourism industry is bad at the moment, it’s the U.S. economy that’s bad at the moment and there are millions of businesses that operate in the United States. Aloha Airlines was just one business severely affected by the tourism industry, no visitors were coming to Hawaii at that time, and now, global markets are severely being affected because people right now are losing their jobs and cutting their spending in half.

Do you see a trend going on? It's sad that people who earned a median salary of $50,000 thousand dollars or more are accepting job offers paying close the minimum wage because they got let go by their former employer due to the bad economy. But who cares, the hotel and amusement park industries are fully staffed, people are working. Well, in a time when people travel less and can't afford a roller-coaster ride, it makes you wonder what will happen to those companies in the tourism market.

It's like a domino effect. You get let go from your employer of 20 years then work elsewhere for minimum wage then get let go again because nobody is staying at your hotel or enjoying a day at Six Flags. Uh-oh, something's not right! Don't tell me companies in the tourism industry are forced to fold over too because of high-unemployment rates across America and people not wanting to spend but rather save as much money as they can. Well when America becomes totally unemployed, it could happen, what's going to happen next? There's already a large shortage of doctors in the U.S.

Being unemployed has detrimental effects to a person, their families, and their lifestyles. It's sad that families have to worry about their kids because only one parent is still working. It's sad that people have to give up their pets because they need that extra money every month. It's sad that people who are looking for a job for the very first time can't find one. It's sad that people who have recently become unemployed can't find a job either. What's going to happen next, will veterinarians suddenly become unemployed because people can't afford quality medical care for their pets?

Well, the dominoes are falling Mr. United States Government, unemployment rates are rising, people aren't spending, stores are closing, stores still in business are slashing prices just to get customers in their doors, and what's funny is the price of gas hasn't quadrupled like it did about a year ago! The price for a gallon of unleaded gas now is a lot cheaper than what it was a year ago. Put the dominoes into motion again, unemployment rates are rising, people aren't spending, and there's the possibility that people won't spend as much on gas at the pump in the coming months which could mean that gas stations in your area might be closing down soon. America needs to think really hard right now about its future and also the well-being of the economy!


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