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America Needs to Crack Down on Immigration

Updated on October 18, 2013

The First Step is to Stop Illegal Aliens from Receiving Government Benefits

How is our govenment supposed to provide benefits for those LEGAL immigrants and Americans who need them, when the coffers are being sucked bone dry by the ILLEGAL immigrants living in America that are getting handouts from Medicaid and Welfare. Not only, do these illegal immigrants have no right to be in America, they have no right to receive benefits that are meant for Americans that are payed for by American taxpayers. Perhaps, if only the people who were entitled to benefits were the ones receiving them.

If we put a stop to that, then maybe, Medicaid resources could be used to rehabilitate recipients in an effort to get those who CAN be rehabilitated off of Medicaid. As it stands now, because all of these illegal immigrants are sucking the life out of Medicaid, the benefits they provide won't even pay for rehabilitive services such as physical therapy and/or occupational therapy for long enough to realize any beneficial results.

US/Tijuana Beach Border Fence
US/Tijuana Beach Border Fence

The Next Step is Getting All the Illegal Immigrants Out of America

Once we've made sure that illegal immigrants are not receiving medicaid and welfare benefits, the next step is to bus them all to the border and give them a good swift kick in the ass to help them start walking back into Mexico where they came from. For those illegal immigrants that came from other countries, such as Puerto Rico, Cuba, and other countries across the ocean, all we need to do is bus them to the shoreline closest to the country, give them some inflatable life boats, a few cans of beans, and tell them to start rowing.

Probably some bleeding-heart liberals will say that my methods would be cruel, but the true cruelty is when people who NEED Medicaid and Welfare benfits can't get them because people who don't even belong in America are getting them. And as far as those people who ARE legally here, if you are entitled to Welfare and Medicaid benefits, you damn well better be able to pass a drug test, because if you are using, not only should you not receive benefits, you should be sent along the way of the illegal immigrants and let some other country worry about you.

Medicaid and Welfare Benefits

Should Illegal Aliens Be Able to Receive Medicaid and Welfare Benefits.

See results

One of the Arguments in Favor of Illegal Immigrants

Some proponents of allowing illegal immigrants to remain in the US argue that they are supporting our economy by paying property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes., etc. That is totally irrelevant to the point. Illegal immigrants should not HAVE jobs in the US, nor should they own property in the US. Then it stands to reason, if they don't have jobs or own property, they should also not be purchasing any goods in the US. If they want to purchase US manufacturered goods, let them purchase them in the countries that they immigrated from and the countries where they belong.

Every illegal immigrant that has a job in the US is taking a job away from an American who needs a job. Every illegal immigrant that owns a piece of property in the US is taking the opportunity of property ownership away from some American who should be able to own a piece of property.

% of Illegal Immigrants to Total US Population
% of Illegal Immigrants to Total US Population | Source

Amazing Statistics

  1. 1969 % of Illegal Immigrants in US is 0.3% of Total US Population
  2. 2011 % of Illegal Immigrants in US is 3.7% of Total US Population

The FACTs Speak for Themselves

In 1969 the total illegal immigrant population relative to the entire US population was 0.3%. As of 2011 this figure had increased to 3.7%. That is more than a tenfold increase and is proof positive that the actions that are being taken to eliminate the problem are ineffective at best. Seriously, it is time for the US govenment to take the bull by the balls and eradicate this illegal immigrant problem. They are not helping ANYONE in America by being here other than themselves, and in the process they are hurting all of the rest of us.

Graph of Illegal Immigrant Population in the United States
Graph of Illegal Immigrant Population in the United States | Source

2 Billion Dollars Wasted on Illegal Immigrants

"President Obama has repeatedly pledged not to provide healthcare to illegal immigrants. But what’s often overlooked is that a Medicaid program annually provides $2 billion of free emergency care to patients, most of whom are illegal immigrants.

In trying to garner support for the Affordable Care Act in 2010, the administration and those supporting the law promised that illegal immigrants would not gain coverage from the new healthcare legislation. But what many don’t realize is that for decades, illegal immigrants have been receiving free healthcare under the Emergency Medicaid program, Kaiser Health News reports." Source:

Here is $2 billion dollars that was wasted on providing free health-care to illegal immigrants should have no rights to healh care in the US. If we had not wasted all this funding on people who have no right to it, perhaps, deserving people who could be rehabilitated and gotten off of Welfare and Medicaid would stand a fighting chance of getting better. But, NO our wonderful "leadership" thanks more about giving handouts to people who should not only be getting benefits, but shouldn't even be allowed to be in our country.

America was built on immigrants, but those that built this country were either here legally or were brought here as slaves with no options. It's time that Americans forced the govenment to do something about this ongoing problem, so that our citizens and legal immigrants are able to be taken care of appropriately when they are in need.

Do You Think Illegal Immigrants Should Be Given Relaxed Requirements to Become "Legal?"

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Final Thoughts

I want to make it clear that I have no issue with immigrants that are here legally. My great-grandparents were immigrants, and my maternal grandfather was an immigrant. I have no problem with immigrants who wish to practice their customs and traditions in America; however, certain such practices should be done in the privacy of the immigrants own home. This is America, and in America, American customs and practices (for the most part) should be observed when immigrants are out in public. I have no issue with people speaking their native language, as long as they are making an effort to learn English also.

I DO have an issue with people who come from countries that are known to harbour terrorists practicing some customs that have the potential to be threatening to Americans. One example is Afghani women wearing burkas out in public I don't care what your laws are in Afghanistan, this is America, and their is no reason for any woman to hide everything but her eyes from public view. How do we know there isn't an AK-47 assualt rifle under that burka, or an IED? This is our country and we need to feel safe in it..


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    • alancaster149 profile image

      Alan R Lancaster 

      4 years ago from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire)

      We've got a similar problem this side of the Pond, with our reputation of being fair-minded and open-handed. Thousands of illegals try to get in on ferries across the Channel (largely from Afghanistan these days, and the ones that come can't speak the lingo for either side). We've got the EU in Strasbourg telling us we've got to take a certain number in, and the illegals get rid of their passports or ID's before they're likely to be caught because they can't be deported back to where they came from. Illegals, due to the nature of their presence, don't get wage packets, ergo, don't pay tax or National Insurance (the contribution we pay during our working lives towards the upkeep of the Pensions and the National Health Service, created after WWII for the benefit of Brits who had just undergone about twenty years of the Depression + 6 years or warfare with Germany and Japan - most of the legals, illegals and the powers that be in Brussels/Strasbourg weren't even a twinkle in their Dads' eyes then).

      Their employers here - mostly in Halal or Indian butchery, catering and allied trades - are fined £5,000 per illegal caught, yet they persist in hiring without making thorough checks. The ones caught bleat out hard-luck myths about being targets for violence. Many come as students and start working illegal as mini-cab drivers and then overstay.They're fed and pandered to until their appeals are heard. Many outstay their visas, Most don't have passports etc, etc. The percentage of illegals has gone up here by a lot more than 3.7%, and the paper trail takes a lot of cash before it gets 'soaked up' in deportations. We sometimes have orientals come in containers through ports - dead through frostbite or dehydration.

      A lot of of the indigenous population emigrates - Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand - leaving gaps that are taken up by people who change the character of the area, schools become saturated with them and streets deteriorate. Popular destinations are close to airports - for legals, who marry by arrangement, and illegals who blend in amongst them.

      Where's the dotted line?

    • pocono foothills profile imageAUTHOR

      John Fisher 

      4 years ago from Easton, Pennsylvania

      @Wilderness--Thanks for you comment. I do agree with your statement about putting a stop to the ability to employ those who shouldn't be employed here in the first place.

    • wilderness profile image

      Dan Harmon 

      4 years ago from Boise, Idaho

      I like your point that the sales tax illegals pay is coming from a job - a job that they should not have and that a citizen would have if not for the illegal. A citizen that would likely earn more and pay more sales tax than the illegal does. Interesting (and very true) take on the sales tax issue.

      I do support a streamlined program to make them legal but only because of the enormous cost of getting them out. That and the bleeding hearts will not allow kicking them out - that coalition is too strong politically.

      But part of any program to stop illegals is to remove the reason for being here in the first place - to put a stop to the jobs available. Fail to do that and even if we DID kick them out they'll be right back.


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