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America Recounts

Updated on November 30, 2016

Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, has accomplished the impossible.

Or at the least, has taken the first step of many on a daunting path of overturning the official results of the 2016 American election.

As of today, Stein has managed to raise approximately $6.5 million through online fundraising efforts. This amount is more than enough to foot the bill for a recount in the three pivotal states that Hillary Clinton lost: Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. It is arguable that this fundraising was the easy part. Now begins the recount scramble, which must be completed 30 days after the November 8th election.

Although controversial recounts are not new in election history (most notable of recent would be the 2000 Bush and Al Gore election), the wide gap in votes is. For instance, Trump is leading in Wisconsin by over 24,000 votes. In Pennsylvania, the gap is even larger at approximately 74,000. This "trumps" the voting gap of the 2000 election, where Bush and Al Gore were only separated by roughly 1,000 votes.

There are few scenarios that could legitimately be responsible. If the rational America rules out Russian meddling, widespread corruption, or third party hacking that managed to hack into the hundreds of off the grid Pennsylvania ballot boxes, then Stein's effort appears futile.

Perhaps her true intention is not to overturn the election result, but to instead poke holes in the American voting apparatus. On the flip side, America has seen crazier things in past 12 months.

America continues to wait.


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