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America can afford to Build

Updated on February 4, 2010

Why Do We Wage War

Help me Understand.

I understand the need to defeat those who attack you. There is no Nation on Earth that can respond as fast or as deadly as America can. The Military of Russia, China, and all the Terrorist on Earth combined do not come close to matching ours. But I do not understand the need to occupy other nations in the name of self defense. The cost of 58000 American lives and over a million Vietnamese deaths should have taught us something. We got into that War on a lie just as we got into Iraq on a lie. It cost us more American lives in Iraq than we lost in 9/11 and it had nothing to do with 9/11. It cost 100 times more Iraqi lives and they did nothing to us except own oil that we wanted. I understand being prepared for war.

I do not understand the the need to kill Americans who cannot afford healthcare to save the money. I do not understand the need to leave Americans without an education and force us into a third-rate Nation because you don't want to tax the privileged. I do not understand the need to remove Americans from their homes and let them go hungry while saving the Bankers and paying them Huge Bonus for forcing us into a Great Recession.. I do not understand people who say America can not afford to do what the rest of the Developed World already does. How can we spend so much to Kill and so little to Build AMERICA.


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      Justin K. McBride 8 years ago

      The main reason for all the fighting and war and death is the simple fact that human beings have completely lost touch with there roots. As societies evolved from small bands of humans to larger groups of consolidated bands thus was discovered the variations in social expectations and intentions towards others, still, though human beings recognized that the earth was their home and the sun was their source of life. Now it seems that societies have grown so large and have uneducated themselves from being natural creatures of the earth and actually think of themselves now as a "person", a "citizen", some "dedicated to authority, patriotic, defender of some supposed creed". This is where ideals like "protecting the whole" or " the greater good" stem from. What is lost is the fact that we each have the need for the greatest good within us and that without this mindset there can be no greater good without it being at the expense of an ever increasing "greater bad" in a growing part of our "society". And as natural course comes the idea that since the greater bad grows it must then be destroyed to make more room for the perceivable threatened greater good, and so...we label things. We label actions, we label ideas, we label entire races of people and call them good or bad and we let our leaders decide if these "citizens" of these "bad" countries deserve the right to exist in the manner that they do since we now "know" that their belief structure negatively effects OUR greater good. This is the root cause of all war, or at least this is how it is sold to people. The real fact is that those in charge do not recognize human beings as existing anymore. There are no wild humans left. They are all but extinct. All that is left are these "citizens" who MUST choose sides and suffer the consequences of that system. Our leaders are stuck in a mind game of strategic land grabbing and we are all stuck in the middle of it with them. Until we can learn the truth of our earthly ancestry and learn to respect ourselves and our past as a species we will never break the bonds of believing in such ideas that bind our minds to another's ideology: racism, sexism, patriotism, homophobia, religion...all these things steal from us our very selves and make us disrespect our own nature and from internal hate always flows external hate and that external hate almost always moves into a direction forthset by someone else. A determined ill mind is easily led and a time will come when the greater bad overwhelmingly outnumbers the greater good but is too stupid to realize it. It is time to wake up and take back what is ours; peace and respect for our universe and everything in it...starting with the self.