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America in the Next Five Years

Updated on June 29, 2016

Our Country's Direction

America in the Next Five Years

Terrorist attacks, majority changes for minority groups, the depletion of the middle class, racial tension, high unemployment, crash of oil prices, and so much more. We, as Americans, are in a downward spiral of intolerance, lack of leadership, discontent, and the failure to form a progressive dialog for our future generations. So, where do you see America in the next five years?

For beginners, I am not a political analyst, economist, or even a college graduate. What I am is a hard working, red white and blue, American that loves my country and the principles it was founded upon. I appreciate our soldiers and what they do, and have done, to protect my family and freedoms. I do not view myself as Republican, Democrat, Tea Party or any other party for that fact. I consider myself a contributing American to the betterment of our society for future generations to flourish and be taught the values of what made this country great.

With that “disclaimer” made (another BS PC term), let us move forward. With a Presidential election on our doorsteps in November we must evaluate what is wrong in order to make it right. Now, although a Presidential term is only four years, where does this leave our 2020 Presidential Candidates for cleanup. Current times are turbulent with racial and religious tension. One might ask how we got here after so many great people fought and lost their lives to prevent this from being a modern American issue. Americans have lost their tolerance along the way. We could blame the media for it’s sensationalism in reporting. We could blame a president who continues to drive the race and religion card. The fact is Americans have the right to make their own decisions and stand up for what they believe in. We have become uneducated and lost respect for multi-cultural life and religion. How do we fix this? We educate ourselves without becoming bandwagon commandos. Without reasonable national dialog this cannot happen. Without proper leadership this dialog will never materialize. I have a simple solution. If you don’t like someone’s religion, don’t practice it. However, that person should not be persecuted for their beliefs any more than you should for yours. With regards to race if we quit referring to all situations as race related we won’t have a race issue. Yes, there is racism in our country that we will never be able to rectify completely. Both race and religion are highly charged subjects. But, they are subjects we are allowing to happen to bring distraction from the bigger issues affecting all Americans.

The irony to race and religion concerns is that it is propagated in order to drive division of Americans into smaller, easier to control, groups. This division is not just social but economic as well. The current corporate structure of capitalism is greed at the employee’s cost. The easiest way to increase the bottom line is to pay less to produce a product or service and charge more to consumers due to “rising costs”. This model is a two step monster. For those corporations which maintain facilities within the United States this means less pay for lower level employees and more required hours. Of course, this is if you are lucky enough to maintain your employment due to the corporation selling out the same job overseas. For those hard working blue collar workers that are employed it is done at the cost of valuable family time and health risks from related stress. Most Americans that are fortunate enough to keep a marriage have to put Mom and Dad both to work in order to maintain the cost of living. So, who is teaching our kids? Will they instill the same values you hold for yourself? So not only did we wedge racial and religious divides in our society but now we exponentially combine this with failed family values and economic classification. This is in part due to the slow split in economic classes in America. We have all heard the saying, “The rich are getting richer and the poor are becoming poorer”. This is due to the elimination of the working middle class, a.k.a., the small business owner. The dream of owning your own business is a dying breed for some Americans due to simple economics of competition, government regulations, and buying power. How do we solve this added crisis? This would take less government regulation, equal tax benefits to the “little guy”, incentives for small business owners, and better education at a younger age of useful information rather than standardized tests that show how bad we suck in the American education system.

An easy solution to improve education would be for the government to better utilize a portion of the budget to focus on Americans. What do you mean StressedOG? We have a tremendous amount of tax dollars going to fund foreign interests, frivolous research programs, and highly inflated payroll for political offices. There are many areas the US Government blatantly overspends our ridiculously high taxes (A five billion dollar website for Obama-Care to name one). Why should a Senator have a higher income than that of an enlisted soldier in our Armed Forces? Are they both not serving our great nation? Instead of focusing on Americans our government would rather aid Syrian refugees, give health care benefits and welfare to illegal aliens, rebuild other countries we have been at war with, and so much more. Immigration is what built this great nation. However, it must be done correctly or consequences must be dealt with. Being a tolerant American citizen I have no issues with a foreign resident applying to become a productive contributor to the United States the correct way. We are far too lenient on illegal immigration and these are the same people who despise our way of life and our freedoms. We need to fortify our nation by knowing, really knowing, those who have a desire to immigrate to the United States.

By strengthening, or reforming, immigration standards we reduce the possibilities of the tragic terror attacks, murders, rapes, assaults, and theft. When I went to work in the British Virgin Islands it took 6 months of work permit applications, employee sponsorship affidavits, criminal background checks with fingerprints, financial statements, and medical tests (including: sexually transmitted disease tests, TB test, physical examination, and even a stool sample which all had to be signed off by a BVI medical Doctor before entry). For each family member coming with me they had to endure the same procedures. My point is simple. If a foreign citizen would like to immigrate to the United States let’s know who is coming into our country, ensure they are employed, and contributing to the greatness of our country by paying their share. I am not saying that all of our crime comes from illegal aliens. However, by strengthening our requirements, and actually enforcing them, if we eliminate 5% of crime is it not worth it?

All these measures will be very difficult in our current age of being “politically correct”. By the way, this is my most hated trends of our modern culture. Our current government is passing laws which affect 100% of the population for the 5% that were complaining. We can simply not sustain progression of our society enacting such garbage as trans-gendered bathroom usage. How many elementary school age children are confused about which bathroom to utilize due to being a trans-gendered child in a modern society? I understand the personal battles one faces in being “different”. Should the other 95% of Americans be forced to feel the same uncomfortable circumstance? We must stop the “Pussification of America” if anything written in this article is going to improve. We gain nothing if dialog is hindered due to a person being shunned because they expressed their true unfiltered thoughts. We communicate as a whole and make changes based on the majority, not the minority. At no point can everyone be happy with changes, solutions, or ideas. The true test is when everyone can have the tolerance to listen to all positions with an open mind and make the changes that fit the greater good.

This brings me back to our upcoming Presidential election coming in November. Our choices are simply not the pinnacle of great future leaders regardless of which side of the fence you are on. Let’s look at the 2012 election before I go further with my theory. Barrack Obama did NOT win the popular vote. He, instead, had the majority Electoral College votes need to become President for a second term. What does this say to you as a registered voter? Now let us relate this to November 2016. Your next President has already been selected by the Electoral College to preserve the political establishment. I will keep an open mind and explore the possibilities either way and ask the subject question again.

Where do you think America will be in the next five years? We have two completely different outcomes, in my opinion, if we are going to reserve the notion this will be a fair fight.

Let us visit a win for Hillary Clinton.

  1. Obama-Care remains in place forcing blue collar Americans to work more hours and become more desperate in order to cover the highly increased cost of healthcare benefits for their families. (Which by Law they must to avoid costly tax penalties)
  2. The national debt will continue to increase causing creditors (Foreign Countries like China) to call notes due which we cannot repay. This will result in a possible economic takeover by foreign governments. We can only ride loans for so long just as in personal life.
  3. The minority groups, anti-Christian, anti-gun, illegal aliens, and many more will become authors of established laws which will infringe upon the fabric of the majority.
  4. Social, economic, racial, and religious tensions will become increasingly agitated due to the heightened focus which will be placed on these topics by Congress and the White House while never really opening dialog to communicate solutions.
  5. New gun control laws will solidify a separation between the White House and the 2nd Amendment supporters (which I am one of)
  6. Civil unrest will escalate to a level in which it may no longer be controlled causing violent outbursts from American citizens on our own soil.
  7. Foreign Super Powers will see all the above as weakness and use it to propagate their own agenda.

Let us visit a win for Donald Trump.

  1. Obama-Care will be repealed. However, will the next big plan be any better and for whom?
  2. The national debt will be addressed as budget will be one of Trump’s only areas of expertise. Now the foreign policy side of things with outstanding debt could get tricky on this one at the same time.
  3. Politically correct will become a thing of the past so we can focus on goals which benefit the majority for the greater overall good.
  4. Race and religion tensions will still continue to escalate as (see number 3) politically correct will no longer be a motive.
  5. We really don’t know where Trump stands on gun control. He says now that he is a 2nd Amendment supporter. However, in the past his actions stated otherwise.
  6. I believe Trump will fight for the American people and civil unrest will not be an issue. However, we really do not know Trumps strengths and weaknesses in foreign policy. Unlike the business world where you simply fire a vendor or employee, this doesn’t work in foreign relations. Tensions with foreign Super Powers could be increased.

With a few examples I will say this. Would you like America to implode from the inside or explode from the outside? On a side note 5 out of 7 Supreme Court Justices are reaching their “expiration dates”, so to speak, in the next four years. Supreme Court Justices are appointed by the President. For the non-mathematicians out there this means your next President will also hold a majority stake in decisions for the next generation.

This topic can be sliced up and analyzed in so many ways. This article is simply based on my opinion. We do have to recognize the major concerns as a country and society that are coming to a boiling point. Without strong leadership the pot will boil over and all Americans suffer. With that said, take this with you from the article, become an open mind with tolerance for others beliefs, struggles, causes, and most importantly their given freedoms as American citizens. Where do you see your America in the next five years?

What do you think?

Should we have more open dialog about issues facing our nation with tolerance and an open mind?

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© 2016 Gary Rankin


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