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America neutralized with political correctness

Updated on March 5, 2014
Idiocy or Conspiracy?  You decide.  Remember Pearl Harbor.
Idiocy or Conspiracy? You decide. Remember Pearl Harbor.

We recognize what is happening

Political correctness is a soviet re-education camp term.

America is being designed to fade away into history now.

Authoritarianism is now praised in mainstream media run by the inter-related corporations doing business in China

We act so complacent and fail to call our representatives to task for the choices they are making.

China is 300,000,000 slaves signed on to the eugenics-riddled UN and its upper management the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, & Council on Foreign Relations to help de-industrialize the US. Just google "eugenics quotes".

Right now industrial US cities like Detroit are experiencing a virtual shut down as companies are taken over and operations out-sourced. Foundational industries like farming has been in the hands of government regulation since most of us were kids. I have a friend who listened as a youngster to his father discuss with a NGO representative about then government regulations and then choose to stop growing tobacco rather than have the federal government dictate to him the quantity he could grow and to whom he could sell. Farmers depend upon operating money from them year to year just to plant crops that then are presold in the field to be shipped overseas. This is firmly in place. You can't just say well we use our own products or just go produce more or new ones.

The Globalists have merged & teamed up with China. Why? Some people say because it is planned to replace the US as a player at the top of the food chain. Wait a minute...didn't Obama just hire a guy from GE? So we have the same corporations in bed with an illicit form of globalism getting hired to feed cock-eyed information to our most powerful and influential representatives. Guess that's just another conspiracy theory like state threat Fusion Centers and organizations teaching police and military that the public is the enemy and that concerned citizens will kill them. Our tax money pays for this stuff. I can't help but feel safer knowing I'm a walking target now aimed at by my own government.

I think the sickest part of this craziness is that there is still a big swath of the middle class citizens in this country who think this concern is silly and they laugh. Laughter seems a little sadistic to me at this point. I think about the trust and resources we endow these leaders with and the fact that they are blatently abusing all of it and us and I say to myself, just where is the humor in this? On me? On you? ha ha ha, very funny! We can be the first nation in history standing around covered in mud laughing at each other when the next proverbial wave of tyrannical murderers roll through. Historians will write strange expose's about us and archaeologists will assume we all were LSD worshipers, since science likes to attribute everything they can't explain to some goofy religion.

It is more than just replacement, humiliation, or subjugation through mental & behavioral conditioning like in road check points in Austin TX, or prison towers at Walmarts, or expansion of tyranny to more proposed grope-downs at malls and government buildings courtesy, once again, of Janet Napolitano. It is manipulation, re-education to prevent us from having or creating the resources to ever make a come-back. Wait a minute, wasn't climate change totally discredited a year or two ago in a blow up about data being doctored to look the way they claim? Impetus, define the word. They didn't have a legit one so they made one!

While we recognize what is happening, not nearly enough people are reacting in opposition to these things. If there is not enough pull-back where will that land us?

What happened to Google?

There is a debate about Google censorship. Is Google dooming itself to fade into history as its patrons flock to more open providers? This is where we pause and say hmmmm.

Let's see, the Germans face-planted themselves with the Nazis, the Soviets face-planted themselves with tyrannical yeah, I have seen this situation we're in before.

Group Think and Peer-Pressure systems, they all open the door to opportunity and decentralization (the exact opposite of what the braniacs in DC are trying to do). I couldn't think of a better time to be an entrepreneur as these foolish yes-men get dropped like hot-potatoes.


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    5 years ago

    I employed to find on top of life nevertheless these days We've developed the amount of resistance.


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