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America the Free

Updated on April 25, 2013

Religion and Crime

After having witnessed on television the events in Boston last week I at first thought that mankind was going to Hell in a hat basket. My thoughts were that there is no place safe from this lunacy and how could we ever feel at ease again. Then humanity came back. I seem images of people coming together helping others and saving lives. We live in a complex society that is ever changing and the main part of that is we live in the United States. A country that is most feared and hated by others in foreign countries only to be the country that is most coveted by the same people who want what we have. Yes they want it but yet they don't approve of our interfering in other countries trying to make peace. Where else in the world can you have Christians and Muslims living and worshiping besides Jews and Atheists and every other and different sects of religion and get along with each other. We work together. I am sure that the people that helped out in the Marathon or the Trade Towers did not ask the people hurt if they believed in God or Allah before they helped them. Nor did anyone ask the perpetrators of either event before they committed their crimes who or what their religious proclivities were before they committed the crimes. They were not persecuted before they did what they did. We in the United States live in a very open society. The men that committed those crimes were not shunned by their neighbors. They chose to cause prejudice in their life. We now look at those ethnicity's with a jaundice eye even though we know that as human beings we all are not bad. Why the people involved with the crimes did what they did is not the fault of their race as is easy to think. It would be like saying all Caucasians with red hair such as the young man who shot up the theater in Denver should be ostracized and feared. It is my belief that Man is like a giant Oak tree. It does not grow straight up but spreads out. Some limbs go to the left while others go to the right. Some go forward while many go backward. To me it symbolizes good and evil in men with the sap coursing though its limbs being the life blood or our faith no matter what sort of religion we believe in. Our faith in God or whatever religion we choose is what keeps us true to ourselves. It gives us a reason to live. Because of it we find comfort in death and depend on its miracles for life. It is when the trees sap gets diseased or poisoned that our faith becomes distorted. When that happens a part of us grows only one direction and in doing so brings down our demise. Hate is a horrible word. One that the very sound of it causes a reaction. While forgiveness is something we may never have for those whose actions hurt others. We are told to forgive as Christians. I believe we can forgive but not condone what others do. If we don't it will just fester up in us and cause our own demise. We cannot blame a race of people or their religion for the evil acts of the perpetrators. If we do, then are we just doing what other countries that we are fighting to free are doing?


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