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America the New Atlantis

Updated on October 28, 2011
A New Atlantis
A New Atlantis | Source


Atlantis is believed to be the home of a superior civilization, with advanced technologies, extreme wealth and an ambition to spread their knowledge around the world.

It is supposedly to have been situated somewhere to the west of Europe.

Several thousand years’ later people are still trying to separate the myth of Atlantis from its reality.

Mythical Money
Mythical Money | Source


In the United States today there is a place called Wall Street.

On Wall St. people will buy something that’s actual worth may be $100. They think it should be worth $120 and so sell it to you for that.

The item is still only worth $100, they have not changed it in any way but as they “think” it is worth $120 they have sold it for that.

The extra $20 does not exist, it is mythical money but they have passed on the mythical money to you for your real money.

There job is to sell you mythical money for your real money.

When the mythical money around the country reaches such a high level that there is a chance that they may end up with some of it themselves, they cry foul. They are only supposed to sell mythical money and have the real money for themselves.

The Government then buys their mythical money, with real money from the tax payers. The Government ends up with the mythical money but it is not real and so has to call it a deficit.

Wall St uses the real money to pay themselves huge bonuses, sometimes more than a Teacher, Soldier, Fireman, Policeman or Nurse can earn in a year of painful overtime. The real money that Wall St has left over is used as the basis to create more mythical money and the cycle starts again.

New York Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange | Source

Stock Market

In a thriving economy, with a country that has a low unemployment rate, there is money available for investment within the country and the stock exchange can work well in creating and distributing any wealth.

In a country however, that has a large debt and an ever increasing number of unemployed, it fails.

In the second situation, those that have any real money, including those on Wall St, will only exchange their money for “real” assets, such as gold or foreign investments, afraid of accidently getting mythical money.

To get investments back into the country, the government needs to restore confidence by reducing the national debt and strongly curbing the Wall St’s ability to create mythical money.

A Second Time for Everything

Wall Street Crash 1929
Wall Street Crash 1929 | Source

The Future

If the United States continues down its current course, will one thousand years from now people say: they have heard of a place called America that had a superior civilization, with advanced technologies, extreme wealth and an ambition to spread their knowledge around the world, and wonder if it is a myth or really existed? I wonder what happened to them. I wonder what happened to all their wealth. How could their civilization just collapse and slip into obscurity?

I cannot help but wonder if Atlantis had its own stock exchange or Wall Street.


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