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America the Strong and Beautiful

Updated on August 30, 2018

The Mighty United States

First things first, we have the most technologically advanced weaponry and the best trained soldiers in the world bar none. I am sick and tired of the liberals in this country bowing their heads and apologizing to countries who's sole purpose in life is to destroy America and kill us all. Then when we do enter a conflict we are forced to play by rules that prohibit us from winning. There are no rules to war when the enemy will do whatever it takes to win. There is no way to avoid innocent casualties in war when the enemy is willing to die to the last man to take us down. Innocent casualties are a terrible price to pay for war but unavoidable if you want to win. It took dropping two atomic bombs on Japan to end the war in the Pacific because the Japanese were willing to die to stop us. The Muslims are no different than these kamikaze pilots from WWII. It will take drastic measures to defeat the Muslim Jihad against us. The other so called threats to the United States are laughable and are afraid to attack us because they know it will end badly for them.

North Korea is a small, poor country with starving citizens and a pathetic leader. They may have a large army but their weapons are old and outdated and half of them would defect for a bucket of KFC. They have no chance of attacking and defeating South Korea much less surviving a conflict with the United States. Their "big brother" China has a larger army and an arsenal of nuclear weapons stockpiled. They would provide a stiffer challenge than N. Korea but not much. Remember the rocket that failed miserably when N.K. tried to launch it? This is the same fate any missile fired on us from China will receive.

In the 80's then president Ronald Reagan began a program referred to as "Star Wars" which would employ the use of lasers fired from satellites in orbit to strike down missiles fired on the United States from Russia. This technology is much improved and now we have them mounted on ships stationed in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans close enough to shoot down anything before it gets started. That North Korean rocket was shot down by a coil laser fired from a ship in the Pacific.

The same could be said about Iran and their claims to strike back with equal force in response to any attack by the U.S. or Israel. The entire country of Iran could be leveled in a matter of minutes by just one or two ships stationed near their coast before they could respond with a text message much less a coordinated attack. Their air force consists of a few F-14s wasting away in the desert, their navy is a joke to say the least and their ordinance is old, outdated soviet rockets and missiles from the 80's. In no way are they capable of meeting any attack by the U.S. or Israel with equal force. They pose no threat to the United States in a conflict unless we allow them to build nuclear weapons. Even then they may kill lots people but they will still lose in the end.

Russia also has a stockpile of nuclear weapons and could be very dangerous in a worldwide conflict but again even they would lose in the long run. Their army and weapons are also outdated and years of corruption and tyranny have worn on their citizens and their economy. The United States is still the most powerful military force the world has ever seen. Just ask the Japanese or the Germans they have not forgotten.

Stop bowing to these pathetic dictators and their sabre rattling propaganda, they do not want to fight they just want you to send them more American tax dollars and food. We are the most powerful country in the world in spite of what they want you to believe. Nothing can stand up to our might and resolve when we all unite in a common cause. We are strong, we are beautiful, and we will prevail if you don't believe it just try us.

Do you think the United States is still the most powerful military force in the world?

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    • kkingcrabb profile imageAUTHOR

      Billy Joseph Ethridge 

      6 years ago from Georgetown, S.C.

      Where did I say that we should charge in with guns blazing? I said we have no reason to be spineless cowards and bow down to these insignificant little pissants because they cannot and will not beat us. You can buy into all the propaganda from the pentagon you want. They want us to believe that China and Russia are capable of beating us so they keep their funding.

      I also said there are terrible prices to pay for war, but we will pay a much higher price if we hide behind the U.N. and play these wars by rules designed for us to lose. Look at what happened in Vietnam, we played by the rules and the Vietcong did not, where did that get us? We are trying to play by the rules in Afghanistan where has that gotten us? yes it would be a long and terrible war with either the Chinese or the Russians but in the end we would win, only point I made in the entire hub. By the way Hezbollah fires rockets into Israel all the time and the U.N. refuses to let them strike back, or criticizes them if they do.

    • junkseller profile image


      6 years ago from Michigan

      I'm all for swagger, but that doesn't mean we should be unrealistic. By any objective analysis, our military advantage is eroding. The Chinese military is growing rapidly and eventually they will achieve a regional dominance. The Chinese aren't a technological joke anymore. Not by far. Some for instance believe they are the world leaders in directed energy weapons. They seem to also have one of the best cyberwarfare programs. You also seem to grossly underestimate Russia and Iran. No, Russia isn't what it used to be, but they still produce (and sell) some of the best military equipment in the world. Iran, for instance, courtesy of Russia has some very good and very modern anti-ship missiles.

      Also, wars are messy. Which we should have learned by now. Does Russia stand around while we attack Iran? I don't know. What about Hezbollah who can fire several hundred rockets a day into Israel? Do you really think this is insignificant?

      I'm not saying we should be limp noodles or bury our head in the sand in fear, but charging in with all guns blazing and pretending we are invincible superheroes is equally hyperbolic and irresponsible.


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