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America-whining into the 21st Century

Updated on July 16, 2009

Many Americans are glum right now. Lots of people are out of work and the stimulus plan just doesn't seem to be working. Jobs are going overseas, the dollar doesn't buy much, that new president acts like a socialist, or a Communist.

He's soft on Iran and Korea and apologizes. too much. That deficit is keeping us awake at night. this administration does nothing but spend. Wait until all the facts come in, talk about a depression! Remember when Bush cracked down on spending? Too much money for bandages so we're cutting the VA budget. And no more soldier and sailor admissions. Don't these people have a home?

Americans have been whining since before the Mayflower landed. It's a tradition that makes us look to the rest of the world like we are clinically depressed.However, We still have 23 x the industrial capacity of china. We lead the world in entertainment, including reality shows. We are also a net exporter of grains and other agricultural goodies.

Other countries send their students here because of our great programs of higher education. Citizens of other countries are also begging to get into the United States. We have a history of freedoms for the people, and it's not just talk. Our police are the envy of almost every free world country.

We lead in personal computers and I-pods Blackberries, and cell phones. Inventors and entrepreneurs flourish in the United States. Our technology is probably the most sought after and stolen.

Volunteers in the U.S. donate more hours to charitable organizations than any other country. We also donate more to world causes than any other people. There are, however, a great many people in the U.S. who still think like it is still the 18th Centrury

Our income tax collections are the highest in the world. Citizens in America probably get more than citizens of any other, country for the dollar, and have a tradition of whining the most. We are a people that never let the facts interfere with popular opinion. We are suspicious of anything that's new, and that includes people. Never mind your credentials. Who are your kin around here?

We don't trust city folk, though most of us now come from there. though our government does a lot of work with a minimum number of people, the average person believes everyone (but him) works for the government. Though we want our kids to go to college, mostly, we don't trust those "eggheads that teach at that university, and most of them are probably Communists." The author's parents, after finding out he was teaching at University, and worse, a practicing psychologist, were sure it was only a phase that he would grow out of. This would happen when he "needed some money.".

The country had never faced a financial crisis worse than the one it now faces. Naturally, it comes on top of serious problems in the White House and a war in two countries going into its sixth year.

Do we nominate a seasoned political pro, a Washington insider who is an expert on finance and political diplomacy? Of course not. Now is the time we nominate and elect the countries first black president who has but a smattering of experience in high public office.

Then, after four months, we whine about the failure of the stimulus package, which has not been fully implemented. In fact, only 10% of the funds have been parceled out (7.2 billion). Yet, hardly anyone who should know better actually knows the stimulous plan is not even going full throttle. there is talk of stopping a second stimulus, though the administration has not talked of initiating .such a plan. Politicians and commentators spent over an hour discussing the"second stimulus " and whining so much about it, the writer believed for a moment there might be such a plan in the works.

Every eight years or so we go through what we call the healthcare for everyone fiasco, where as soon as it is brought up the whiners are paraded out and given their standard and familiar littany to recite.It goes something like this:

We don't need it and we don't want it cause it cost too much, it's communist and we cannot afford it but we will help you write a bill, so nobody will like it and when it's voted out before it hits the floor everyone can laugh uproarously and say, we told you so, we don't need it and we don't want it, remember Hillary? ha ha. Like all the really good things that make sense in this life, we have ours, thank you very much, and so much more, but maybe next time, when it is too expensive to even consider, we'll all discuss it again.

There is still the economy to whine about, there's talk on the street the market will be regulated, just what we need. It isn't like de-regulation could have saved us from the market crash and the real- estate and bank fraud.

At t least we can be sure the army will do do its job, but why pull out of Iraq to look for Ben Ladin in Afghanistan? what's he got to do with anything?


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