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Land of the Free: America Without the United Nations

Updated on December 12, 2012

Dissolving Freedom

Created from the ashes of World War II and the failed League of Nations, the United Nations (UN) has been a global body of countries coming together to attempt to make the world a better place. On the surface the UN looks pretty good because after all who does not want a world where peace thrives. In the United States as well as other Democracies throughout the world, the UN is however a dangerous organization that threatens to impose its global agenda on all of us. The United States was created to be a nation for the people and by the people. For some reason the United States and her people have allowed us to go down a very dangerous path.

Now understand that I am in no way placing all blame on President Obama, in fact this problem we have started many years, even decades ago. With the proposal of the League of Nations by President Wilson is probably the most obvious sign that our country was starting to change course. Every American President following Wilson are equally to blame because they have allowed our nation to be involved in an organization that simply does not care about the individual nation, but instead a collective nation. Again, I want to reassert that in a perfect world, this thinking would be awesome and I would totally be on board, but this world is not perfect. For those in power, if they are driven by ambition then it only takes the people to turn a blind eye to allow them to take everything from us.

If you have ever read George Orwell's book, "Animal Farm," then to some degree this may make sense. In that story, the animals were tired of the seeming oppression of the farmer, so they rose up and made him leave. Thinking they were now going to be in a state of peace and where everyone gets along, they quickly find out that they were very mistaken. The animals removed the farmer who ensured that they were fed and for the most part taken care of and replaced it with the leadership of the pigs who, in their lust for power, turn the farm into a totalitarian regime. The point of bring up "Animal Farm" is to simply state that the world is full of people who have a lust for power and given the chance would turn the world into their own totalitarian regime.

I know there has been a lot of talk lately about a program sponsored by the UN called Agenda 21. Before you just think, "oh great another one of these people," I just want you to hear me out. I encourage you the reader to go look this stuff up yourself, and I do not mean read about it on the many conspiracy websites, but really find actual facts on anything you think I may be blowing smoke about.

The The Vancouver Declaration on Human Settlements and the Vancouver Action Plan is probably a great example of what the UN is up to that people simply are not aware of. While this document is dated back in 1976, you can sure that the UN is not still looking to implement this, in fact most of what is contained in this document was incorporated into Agenda 21. So, what exactly is at stake with this? Well first of all it blatantly targets private property because apparently we humans are out of control and need to be localized. Basically you can forget owning your own car, home, farm, or anything else that is promised to us as American citizens. We the people have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but Agenda 21 says that you have none of those rights.

Don't believe this is happening? Simply go to your local cities website and look for anything that says sustainable development or other similar words and phrases, there is a good chance the local organizations trying to spread this agenda have already made it into your local area. For myself, I can tell you that where I live they have already become a part of our local government. So much that the University here plans on making the campus a vehicle free area, while offering no means of parking.

Alright I will step of the soap box now, but to be perfectly honest, I did not even scratch the surface of what the UN is up to. I strongly encourage you to spend a decent amount of time educating yourself on these programs that they want to implement or have already implemented. We as Americans and even individuals in other countries need to understand that this is not the way to go about making our planet a better place. Taking away liberties from people is not going to make things better. The United States needs to withdraw from the United Nations and then remove the headquarters from New York before they move to eliminate the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. To anyone outside the United States, I suggest you too move to withdraw from the United Nations. The world is an imperfect place and I would wholeheartedly like to see human beings get along, but when people in power try to implement change, they tend to become lustful for power.



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    • Tribmartyr profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Arizona

      Our government would obviously not do it on their own accord, which is why the people need to push the issue. The real problem is that the American people have given way too much power to the government and these organizations. Will anything change? Maybe not, but staying silent ensures that nothing will happen.

    • maxoxam41 profile image


      6 years ago from USA

      Why would the US withdraw from an organization that is hers? UN, IMF, the International Court of Justice... are our tools to dominate the world and impose our views.


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