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America and Islam

Updated on May 3, 2016

The bloodshed, the act of maiming people, and destroying buildings wouldn’t come to a halt, if America didn’t reconsider its sentiment and attitude towards Muslims. This doesn’t imply that I’m with the terrorist attacks. Rather, whenever I hear of one and its tragic aftermath, I deeply feel sorry for the loss of innocent people and I deeply feel pity for their living relatives and their permanent sufferings. However, I have always attributed this to the derogatory way Americans deal with Muslims and the very insulting manner they look at them, which creates in some Muslims hatred and love of taking revenge from Americans. Feeling despised and resentful at not being treated well and looked at fairly, some Muslims turn into extremists and spend days and nights planning how to retaliate and harm their sworn enemy. The big problem is that they firmly believe in this and they think it’s fair and just to kill the people who are accountable for their daily sufferings and those of their brothers and sisters in Palestine and other regions. Their beliefs and doctrines are deeply ingrained and taken for granted and no one can ever shake them.

America seems to be helpless and not knowing what to do towards an enemy which lives at home; one can be cautious about a distant adversary, but what can one do to stop the evil of a domestic foe?

Extremist Islamists live side by side with Americans and they deal with them, but no one is able to have access to their hidden intentions until they commit heinous crimes which always result in severe civilian casualties. They have no scruples about killing innocents, because, for them, all Americans are evil and deserve to be mercilessly slaughtered.

After each terrorist attack, and before knowing whether it’s committed by extremist Islamists or another group, the finger of suspicion is directed towards all Muslims. Hence anti-Muslims voices sharply rise and racist remarks against Muslims are given ample space in newspapers and internet websites. This contributes to the creation of more enemies in Muslims community as they feel that they are unjustly targeted and mistakenly insulted and blamed for others’ mistakes.

Even the Muslims who live in their home countries hate America and hold it responsible for what’s happening in Palestine and other Muslim countries. I still remember when I was still a child, I had a strong grudge against all Americans, because, for me, America was that evil which threatens our existence as Arabs and Muslims. My hatred was based on what I had been hearing from the adults and now I can ascribe their hatred to the apparent siding of America with Israel against the Palestinians.

I think Americans should change their attitudes against Muslims and their religion because Islam is a religion of tolerance and peace not one of hatred and aversion as so many Americans think. Only the good treatment of Muslims will make so many extremists reconsider their negative sentiment and try to live in harmony with the Americans.


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