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Where is the American Freedom?

Updated on September 21, 2012

The America I see

I came to the US about 12 years ago and I can tell that a lot seems different now. I am not sure, if it is due to the better understanding or because I have been here long enough....or simply because things have changed, but not for the better. There is this big expression of "American Freedom"....lingering around and I don't seem to grasp it anymore, I can't really feel or find it anymore. Or is it just me?

How can I talk about freedom when I worry about what to say, what to do? When I worry about being shot one day, when I am not feeling fear lingering around me no matter what. When I worry about tomorrow and what's in store for my son? We have to be careful about what we say, even though we have freedom of speech - but we can't make full use of this right. If we say something and someone feels offended we must fear to be hurt or even being killed!

How can I feel free and happy, when I worry about my health and just hope nothing serious happens to me or my son? I have no influence if a car hits me tomorrow, if my son suddendly gets sick, if I get sick. The government shall protect his people....but not in health care?

In God we trust

In school we no longer pledge in the morning, because someone could be offended, who is not of US origin - but chose to live here. How ironic is that? In school we no longer pray, because we have to allow any religion to be free - while the Christians who founded this country have to take the offense of not being allowed to pray anymore and be still. Shouldn't we say the Christians feel offended because they can't express their freedom of religion? I remember when I grew up abroad, we had religious lesson in school, being catholic was a minority in my hometown, but not everywhere. There was separate lessons for catholic and protestant but we also had a non-religion based class for all religions. Nobody felt offended or left out or whatever. Later we had a lot of Islamic immigrants, still there was never really an issue of religion. I had friends from other countries and never had any issue with any of them. We just respected and accepted the other religion without feeling offended because one prayed this way and the other that way and nobody ever claimed any right to be "offended".

"In God we trust" is being erased more and more....and it was adopted just in 1956! So, about 60 yrs ago, we stood strongly behind the Christianity of this country, while allowing all religions to come and have a peaceful life here. It was adopted because this is the foundation of this country and now we let it crumble....? What is wrong about being a Christian? In 2006....just 6 years ago it was reaffirmed by the Senate on the 50th anniversary. And in 2011 - last year it was reaffirmed again by the House of Representatives!! But on the other hand we are cut off and nothing is being restored, no prayer in school, no crosses hanging in public buildings.....

Weapons to defend ourselves

More and more people purchase weapons to protect themselves - according to the 2nd amendment we have the right to defend ourselves. This is the only law that unfortunately has grown stronger, but not only for the Americans, for all who live in the US - they all take advantage of this law. And we see more violence than ever before, more death than ever before. But I have yet to hear of the fact that the amendment truly helped someone to defend himself......The other side who plans the crime is in advantage in too many ways and the weapon we bought to defend ourselves has become useless that moment, because we are not prepared, not near it and for many other reasons. Therefore someone else gets a hold of this gun that was not meant for him/her and acts out - planned or unplanned.

The fear that grows in me from hearing about all those violent acts and how the sale of weapons has increased has taken the feeling of freedom away for me completely. How can we still talk about Freedom, when we fear about yet another violent act, maybe as close as next door - let's not even think about possibly in our own home.

Will one day we only be able to purchase our grocery through a window where we turn in a list of things we need? Will we one day go to the Dr and have to go through a security check before allowed in? Will we have to drop off our kids at security guards at school? - Freedom - where did it go then?

Then we have discussions about stricter weapon laws, which I personally and I stand behind it, would welcome. Those who oppose the idea of stricter weapon laws defend the 2nd amendment and talk about hunters will be affected. No, all over Europe there are much stricter weapon laws and still there are hunters. But they will be restricted to an appropriate weapon for this purpose of hunting. Is that wrong? The result in Europe due to the stricter weapon laws will not completely erase any violent act, but reduce it dramatically, the death of guns is nearly a quarter compared to the US. So, it obviously is working somehow. And knowing there is not everybody who possibly has a weapon, makes me feel safer and more free than the laws here, where you have the freedom to own weapons to protect yourself.......

What will be tomorrow...

I feel sorry for those first Americans who put their feet on this soil to find freedom of religion, sometimes having no more than their Bible in their hands when they arrived.....and what they came here for. They had great plans, and they worked hard for them, they fought for their freedom and gave it to their children. What will we give to our children?

Why do we have to protect ourselves in our days and purchase weapons? Are we going back to the Wild West days, when we just were free to kill at will....well, almost? Why do people on one hand want the government to protect the people, but on the other hand seek to protect themselves? Do we need double protection? Why? Why do we have to be so afraid?

Why are there so many who don't want a health care reform at all, when so many can't even see a doctor, because they cannot even afford a health insurance and when so many get broke because of health care bills they can't pay? Why are so many so selfish and don't want a socialism like health insurance, where they might pay for the lazy bump on the street, yes, but still are better of with insurance and peace of mind, knowing if they get sick, or their loved ones....they will get the medial attention they need, without going broke and worse?

The Islamic world

The terrible acts in the Islamic world shatters the picture of those countries and tears down the good people who live there and just want peace and fullfill the true Koran how it is supposed to be - yes, there are some. But there are groups with disorted views of Islam and they got so brainwashed that they believe it, also due to very limited education.

They keep endangering the US more than any other country and there are so many Islamic people living in this country - many of them are peaceful, but we are unable to distinguish in all this turmoil and the negativity the extreme groups overshadow the others. So we forget that there is actually a peaceful Islam somewhere, somewhere it exists and we are supposed to show tolerance towards every religion. But how - when we can't see the forest to the trees, because it is so foggy? The tolerance feels one sided...we Christians shall show the tolerance, while we don't feel tolerance towards us. How is this freedom and tolerance?

I will get some provocative responses in regards to my link I am providing here below in regards to the Islam, but I feel the need to give people a chance to read a little about it. This does not mean I am downplaying anything nor do I praise the Islam, but we have to be fair and realistic. Many just judge the Islam by what we see on tv - that is has nothing to do with the true Islam. I have met several Islamic people in my life - and spoke with some recently and they despise those actions that overshadow their religion deeply. There is sorrow in their hearts for those who suffer and hate for the actions of those extremists who make their own life just harder.


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    • beadreamer247 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Zephyrhills, FL

      Thanks - billbuc, there is a kind of sadness for me in this uncertain direction this country is heading at - I remember coming here, with a different feeling and seeing that those who once came here to fight for their religious freedom, thought they had found it, but now a couple of generations later.....all their hard work seems to be going into nowhere....

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      6 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Freedom is an illusion in this country and I never thought I would say that. Excellent hub with a powerful message.


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