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America Has Died

Updated on November 26, 2012


Charles Joseph Hunsinger

“When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the Republic.”

Credited to Benjamin Franklin

“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.”

Alexander Frazer Tytler

I am sad to report the death of The United States of America, America, as She was so lovingly referred to by Her Children and by those who loved and respected the ideal of freedom that She so bravely and valiantly brought to the human race.

America was born July 4th, 1776. She was the off spring of the great, “minds of men.”It is difficult to say when She died, but that, She has succumbed is evidenced by the presence of hyphenated Americans, entitled Americans and, of course, the death shroud of the greed of socialism.

America brought to the family of Man a uniqueness never experienced in human history; her arms opening wide to all those who would come, to all those who would be Americans, to all those who would place individual freedom and self achievement above the pettiness, the demagoguery of religious zealotry and dogma and the dictatorial rule of church and state.

For the first time in the history of the human race was the individual recognized, as an individual and allowed to achieve on His own merit and in this embrace of freedom was born the greatest country the world had ever seen. Never before was Man identified by His own talents, His own works, his own needs, His integrity and His character.

The death of America was not sudden. Her death, as Her birth was a brutalized agony; Her death a slow tormented and besieged demise brought about by many of her own children whose want of power over others and greed of entitlement weakened Her resolve, Her strength and Her will. Her children betrayed Her, denied Her, abused Her and left Her dying.

All things, it is said, have an essence and of America, that essence was individual freedom. And that America has died; is not the Essence of freedom also dead? Freedom, then, has died.

As the government of the United States and Her Children speed toward the nationalization, socialization, of all industry, banking, education, healthcare, our police, our courts and our press, we find ourselves confined to an ever shrinking box. There is a constant threat of war, terror, a stable diet of fear and guilt for the pending sham of a global environmental disaster. There is the government endorsed fracturing of our people into ever increasing divisions of race, gender, wealth and every possible segment of society. They persist however, in the hypocrisy, of waving the American flag, as if somehow they could twist the Principles of Freedom, The Bill of Rights into theManifest der Kommunistischen ParteiorThe Communist Manifesto, published on February 21, 1848 and again with the signing of United Nations Charter in 1945.

There are many who say that The Constitution is a living document that must be continually changed to accommodate the changing world. Such thinking is fraudulent and treasonous. Individual Freedom is a uniquely singular principle that cannot be modified. It is or it is not. You are or you are not. The Bill of Rights is the embodiment of freedom, but it grants no freedom, asfreedom granted is freedom deprived.The Bill of Rights is a prohibition of government to retard, demean or denigrate the basic Rights of reasoning beings. I am free because I possess the capacity to reason and in that, to reason freedom. It is only the responsibility of government to protect me in that exercise. I have no other Rights, no other claims for any reason. The government has no other responsibility, nor does it possess any other Constitutional authority. Any exercise by the government to the contrary places the government outside of the Constitution and treasonous.

It is hard to say when America began to die, some say following the War of 1812, some, theunconstitutional actions of Abraham Lincoln, some, the construction of our educational system byJohn Dewey in the early 1900’s, some say theadvent of the Federal Reserve in 1913or the introductions of thelabor unions. Some will point toWoodrow Wilson and The League of Nations, while others will sayFranklin Roosevelt and The New Dealand then a cascade of Presidents and politicians promoting handouts and entitlements, buying their political seats and power from the tax payers with tax payer money and encasing the American people in a cage of financial and social dependency, while taxes became increasingly progressive and suffocating.

The amount of money one has, can be said, equates to the degree of freedom that one possesses, reasonably then the more money taken from the individual in taxes, the less free one is and the more dependent one is on government.

All in all, this progressive and linked chain of events has one common element and one common goal and is summed up in a most transparent manner, in a most innocuous and harmless treaty calledThe United Nations Charter. A properly documented treaty, ratified and signedsupersedes the Constitution of the United States, essentially becoming The Law of the Land.Perhaps, upon reading The Charter and The Declaration on Human Rights one may understand why the word ‘human’ is now so widely used in all facets of society, both here and abroad. It is in preparation.

The Charter, The Declaration and all the subordinate treaties are road maps, structural plans on how to achieve a New World Order, Globalism, the new Global Citizen. There are thirty (30) Articles contained within the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights some of the Articles you may already be familiar with, for example Article #16, which declares that marriage is between consenting adults, not a man and woman; Article #13 may be the reason that our government has allowed illegal immigration to explode or Article #29, which mandates ’volunteerism’ from all global citizens. Have you not heard an increasing call for volunteerism? Soon, it will be a law.

There are many ’rights’given by the United Nations here, but no restrictions on the government, the United Nations. Of all the ’rights’ Article #30 tells us that we have no right to disagree or in any way impede the intent, the objective or the political and economic worldwide objective of The United Nations, which is Marxist Socialism. The Articles cover every facet of human life, from children, to marriage, to income, to the environment.

I think that it could be said that America did not die; her death was a calculated and engineered murder.

There is a quote, author unknown, but has been attributed to Benjamin Franklin and it goes like this, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what is for lunch and liberty is a well armed Lamb. “ Democracy is not freedom. It is mob rule. And mobs act on emotion, not intelligence. They act and vote out of a self-servicing greed without reference to principle or ethic.

The foundational principles of this nation are found within the Bill of Rights. This nation is first a republic, a nation of law; laws set forth in The Bill of Rights, Laws that limit government not the people. Our government however has seen fit replace The Bill of Rights with Human Rights,individual freedom with Marxism, capitalism with socialism. To sum up this paragraph and perhaps to invoke thought, consider this truism from Winston Churchill, “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.” It is a truism because that has been the history of this voracious beast. Socialism is a vicious and savage master, with one hand feeding you while the other hand holds a whip. Your worth is defined by the State, as is your future and your life. You exist to serve. “Celebrate Service.”

At this point in time I do not believe that there is sufficient integrity, strength of character or intelligence left within this nation to counter this treason, as so many of us are already owned by the government, so many are addicted to drugs, so many un-educated and re-educated into a mindless Marxist mindset. Our corporations, profit and non-profit alike, no longer exist, but have been melted down into government mouthing machines that are compelled by contract, theUnited Nations Global Compact,to promote and to advance the principles of Marxism, as contained within the UN Manifesto.

The future of America, as is the world, is spelled out in a most transparent and brazen manner. It is not the distant future; it is now and with minor exceptions will be complete by 2016. The western world will plunge into a self inflicted suicide marked by massive rioting; death and destruction, resulting in a UN sponsored Marshall Law. Our future began; the death of America, of freedom began with the advent of the United Nations Charter and the first three words of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article #1, “All human beings--.”

America has died and that demands to be recognized. The death of Freedom should not go unnoticed and un-mourned, Her symbols, the icons that embody Her Spirit and all that She represented, the documents of Her birth; the great writings by the great men we called Founding Fathers, their sacrifices and great deeds and too, the sacrifices of all Her children need one last, great day of national mourning, Let us put her to rest, this great Lady. Let us give Her back the dignity that is Hers. Let us stop the abuse, the hypocrisy, the lies, the deceit and the treason. Let us bury Her with all that is Hers, the flag, the Constitution, The Liberty Bell, The Declaration of Independence. Let us create one last, great monument and on that great monument let it read, Where Freedom Was Born, Where Freedom Lived And Where Freedom Died. And let us sign it, The Last Americans


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    • cjhunsinger profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago


      I am very confident in my prediction, but yet I hope I am very, very wrong. Freedom is not a democratic process, as history would bear out. Freedom, I fear, is predicated on the strength of individuals and for America embodied with the Bill of Rights, which has been replaced via treaty with the UN Declaration on Human Rights (a socialist document) and our strength with the guilt for being American. Do I challenge people to rally? Thomas Pain I am not, but the spirit and the truth of his words live on. The call to freedom must come from the individual; have you lost your voice?

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      You seem to be overly confident in your dire prediction of the death of America. I hope you are wrong, we still have the democratic process to work with. But then I read it again and are you challenging us to rally????


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