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American History - A Repeat Performance

Updated on October 16, 2009


   I was once told, If you don't study history you are destine to repeat it. The Obama administration must have studied history quite well. Because to date they have not repeated any of the successes or follies of their professed heroes. In my opinion that's good for America , heroes in the names of Stalin, Lenin, Castro, and Chavez make me uneasy. They do however spend a lot of time giving the former president credit for all their problems. I hear the term inherited over used.

   All this rhetoric coming out of our elected leaders sent me running to the history books. The first place I checked was General Washington's letters from Valley Forge. I didn't find one instance where he wrote the Continental Congress (Hey you guys in Philadelphia started this – Now you fix it). Next I checked the letters Benjamin Franklin wrote from France. He was there nine years. Not once did he complain to Thomas Jefferson (Hey Tom!! That proposal you wrote almost got me killed). And finally I looked at the writings of Abraham Lincoln. He didn't waste time trying to blame someone for slavery. He took the responsibility and actions to fix it.

   Why is it, Our current leaders lack the intestinal fortitude to take responsibility and take action on behalf of the people. They play the blame game and pass the buck until you get tired of listening.

   At times I find myself wishing the generation that fought WWII was still in control. My father was from that generation. Revisionist history paints them as Brash. Violent, short tempered, and Racist segregationists. But you know what! They were survivors. They identified the enemy, joined together, united in their cause, and did what they had to do, atomic bomb and all. I fear that's something today's leaders can' t even falsely imitate, let alone believe in.

   You know that defending your nation thing is so old fashioned. Obama prefers to Fundamentally Transform.


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    • MFB III profile image

      MFB III 7 years ago from United States

      well he's already fixed the health care reform that bush left go for eight years, he's starting on immigration reform, that bush simply stuck a wall up to prevent,...hows that working for Ya georgie?? He's getting the tropps surgically and carefully extracted from where bush didn't need to send them in the first place, and putting then where Bin laden, a nine year survivor is really living. He's straightening out a lot of the messes he inherited, so I guess he has a right to bitch a bit. Who wouldn't, who hasn't?? Bush blamed everybody else for his woes too. In the ideal world each president would get everything right and in order before he passed the torch, sadly bush created nothing but disorder and left Obama endless acres of timbers burning. ~~~MFB III

    • BloodRedPen profile image

      BloodRedPen 8 years ago

      joer4x4 Thank you for your comment. I wrote this because I get so frustrated hearing our leaders act like a bunch of children (I didn't do it mommy He did it) My father taught me (Say what you mean and mean what you say)

    • joer4x4 profile image

      joer4x4 8 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

      Nice Job!

      The system has become so corrupt. Politicians only care about their job and satisfying governments growing appetite for more and more free money.