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American Media is Driving the Honduran Caravan Crisis

Updated on October 25, 2018
JohnBridges profile image

John Bridges is a published author specializing in History, Geo-politics, and Politics. His Doctorate is in Criminal Justice.

Caravan Crisis

The Honduran caravan marches through Guatemala
The Honduran caravan marches through Guatemala | Source

The news media today has stopped simply reporting news. They have become entertainment conglomerates and like a Hollywood movie resort to using staging, script writing, and sensationalizing stories to make them more engaging. The more viewers who are watching, the higher the network ratings become; attracting more advertising. Also, like a Hollywood movie, anyone who detaches can identify what is realistically possible and what is a fantasy-based narrative. The caravan journey of refugees from Honduras is the media’s latest venture into fictional reporting

Situation Contained

The caravan is contained on a bridge between Guatemala and Mexico
The caravan is contained on a bridge between Guatemala and Mexico | Source

The Numbers Don't Add Up

Simple math should tell us that the reporting we are seeing has been scripted. We all watched the caravan as they made their way across Guatemala. An estimated 4000 people made it to the bridge crossing. It is said that 2000 chose to return to Honduras on buses provided by the government. The remaining group suddenly swelled in number to 7000 and inexplicably all made it past the federal officers who had them contained on the bridge.

It is true , people can travel great distances on foot, if they are prepared to do so, have needed supplies and are physically fit. We have all marveled at the few individuals who have trekked across America on cycle or foot to support a charity or a cause. Few of us believe it is a journey we could make. A 2700-3000 mile journey requires training preparation and support. These athletes have support vehicles that follow them to carry supplies of food, places to rest, and provide care to the athletes. Supposedly those in the caravan do not.

You Can't Live Without Supplies

Caravan participants are shown receiving support from an unknown source.
Caravan participants are shown receiving support from an unknown source. | Source

Only Superman Can Walk 135 miles in a Day.

This caravan has two options to travel, a journey of 1500 miles to the nearest crossing point in Texas that would have the group traveling through very treacherous terrain or a 3000 mile journey along an easy trail to the California border. Most people in reasonable shape can walk 25 miles in a day if they push themselves. The next day they would likely be too sore to stand. It would be highly unlikely they could walk 25 miles the next day. On their journey across Guatemala though, this caravan averaged 135 miles per day. In and of itself this distance traveled should make the story implausible but next we must consider the travelers themselves.

It Takes More Than a Will To Walk 3000 Miles.

They Don't Look Like Olympians

While there are some well-conditioned people in the group, we have all seen pictures of old women, infants, children, and obese people making the journey. None of these people look fatigued. Their clothes always seem to be clean. Some are carrying nothing with them while other have small back packs. This makes no sense whatsoever. People require food and water. Just for basic survival the group would require several truckloads of supplies for each meal. But the media narrative wants us to believe they do not have logistical support. In reality they do have logistical support, and they do have transportation. The marches themselves are nothing more than scene shots. If we were to blindly accept that everyone in the group could travel 25 miles each day (without food, water, or recovery time) the trip would take 60-120 days to complete.

A Look at Who is Involved.

It is difficult to know who is participating in the caravan. Certainly, there are some people who are legitimate refugees. Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are extremely dangerous places to live. Gangs control much of the country and have been known to take over schools and force school children into affiliating themselves with the gang, forcing others into prostitution or servitude, and killing those who stand in their way. In some parts of the country police are helpless to regain control. Anyone in such a situation would be desperate to escape.

Others are coming from an inability to find work in their homeland and are traveling in the hope of securing a job, in a safe place, where they can raise their family. They are part of a second or third wave of immigrants which have already succeeded in penetrating the U.S. under the previous administration. They have heard stories of people successfully entering the United States and obtaining work. As long as American employers are willing to hire illegal workers, and the government does not penalize the employers, more will come in search of employment.

Opportunistic Mexicans Join the Caravan

Mexican and Honduran marchers holding flags
Mexican and Honduran marchers holding flags | Source

Mexicans Blend in

It is very likely that some Mexicans have joined the caravan. While conditions in Mexico are much better than its southern neighbors, there are many Mexicans who enter the United States illegally for greater employment opportunities. Americans have greater sympathy for those traveling as true refugees from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala than they do for Mexicans who enjoy a better standard of living than their counterparts. By joining an organized group which included refugees, Mexican nationals have a greater chance of entering the U.S.

MS-13 Gang Members

MS-13 members are increasingly trying to enter America. These dangerous gang members have wreaked havoc in Central America
MS-13 members are increasingly trying to enter America. These dangerous gang members have wreaked havoc in Central America | Source

Some Are Legitimate Refugees Some Are Gang Members

There should be no doubt that some of the travelers are gang members. MS-13 has made a horrifying impact on life for those living in Central America. They have also been infiltrating the U.S. often using children who are not their own as a ticket to entry. Blending in with a large group allows them the cover needed to successfully breach American territory.

America's Other Border

While we focus on the southern border, terrorist are likely to enter through the northern border.
While we focus on the southern border, terrorist are likely to enter through the northern border. | Source

Gangs to the Right, Terrorists to the Left

There is a possibility that foreign terrorists have blended into the group. Qurans have been found at the southern border in the past. Foreigners from countries other than Central America have been intercepted at the border, including Chinese nationals.Terrorists, however, are more likely to enter the United States through Canada while the worlds attention is focused on our southern border. While some of the Mexican border is vulnerable, much of the Canadian border is entirely unprotected.

Many speculate that there is a political purpose driving this current migration. Democrats blame Republicans and Republicans blame Democrats. Each believe the other is trying to influence the outcome of the mid-term elections. It is unlikely either party is directly involved, but it does make a good conspiracy theory. There are flaws in both theories, but that does not mean third parties are not acting on their own to influence the elections. Border states, Arizona and Texas, each have close senate races and security of the border is an influential factor in who people vote into office.

Voting Matters

It can't just be coincidence this is happening just before an election...or can it?
It can't just be coincidence this is happening just before an election...or can it? | Source

Pointing Fingers

The theory revolving around Democrat involvement suggests there is a plot to undermine the administration and place them in a position that they would need to stop an invasion size force without casualties or cave to the Democrat’s desire for an open border. In order for this to succeed, the caravan would need to arrive prior to the mid-term elections, and there would need to be some bloodshed involved in preventing entry. The left could then claim the Republicans are racist, intolerant and inhumane.

The theory revolving around Republican involvement is that there is a plot to scare people in border states into voting for the Republican’s and bolstering the need to build the wall. This would involve allowing the 7000 people to invade and create chaos for those living on the border. The public outcry would be immense and in favor of funding a wall on the border. In both scenarios though, the caravan would need to arrive before the elections, and as mentioned earlier, that is impossible if the foot travel narrative is perpetuated.

Mother Nature May Decide

Hurricane Willa Barrels into central Mexico
Hurricane Willa Barrels into central Mexico | Source

Stopping the Caravan

Stopping the caravan is challenging but not impossible. Despite the narrative, vehicles are being used to support the marchers, and more likely than not to transport them. A special operations team could ensure the vehicles stop functioning. This plan would require the approval of the Mexican government or risk damaging already fragile relations. Cutting supply routes would ensure the caravan could not continue. Since the media does not acknowledge the supply trucks exist, they would have difficulty reporting that the trucks sabotaged.

Mother nature is also a factor as powerful Hurricane Willa pounds Central Mexico, while the caravan remains below the wrath. Any meaningful progress will be deterred by the damage ravaged regions. Travel and supply routes will likely be interrupted.

An eastward route would place the caravan at the mercy of the cartels as they would be traveling through cartel-controlled territory. The cartels have been known to prey upon people making the journey to America.

In any case, it is important to remember that he media narrative we are being told is false. It doesn’t matter if you get your news from CNN or FOX, both sides are interested primarily in advertising dollars and viewership. What we are watching as news is nothing more than a poorly scripted Hollywood production.

Voice Your Opinion

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    • JohnBridges profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr John Bridges 

      2 years ago from Portland, OR

      Mr. Happy, thank you for your thorough review. It looks like I will need to do a little editing in the morning. as far as the comment "A special operations team could ensure they stop functioning." that was referring to the support vehicles (which we are not allowed to know exist). There absolutely have been terrorists caught trying t enter the US through Canada since 9-11. If Canadians would like a larger population as you suggest, they should extend the offer to the caravan....many in the US will be thankful and perhaps we will ignore Canadian dairy tariffs.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Looking at the details of what is happening sheds light on false reporting. This weekend I saw a so-called news report showed a reporter interviewing a young man getting off a raft supposedly trying to get to America. She asked him his age and he replied 14...who knows? After much of her own chatter in accented English, she supposedly asked in his language why he wanted to go to America. He gave a short reply. It was notable that he and his clothing were very clean and his teeth were Hollywood white. He looked amused, was given a backpack, and moved away from cameras. She lied about what his reply to her question was, treating listeners to a longish political soliloquy that anyone knowing anything about the language the boy spoke could recognize as a lie. Casually listening to the garbage reports is allowing oneself to be emotionally manipulated. Americans (and other nations) need to be observant instead of being blind followers. Thanks for offering more to be observant about.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      2 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      "They have become entertainment conglomerate" - Well, that's what happens when we're chasing money as if it is the end in all things. Media chases ratings to get profits. News doesn't get them ratings. Raging stories get ratings.

      "Some are carrying nothing with them while other have small back packs. This makes no sense whatsoever. People require food and water." - I was part of the Occupy Movement, when we camped-out for roughly a month in the financial district. We created a mini-community. By the end of our stay we were handing out about 700 free meals a day. We had money coming in from many places. I donated money to the kitchen myself. Other times I went out and bought groceries. You would be surprised at all the people not being able to join us but being supportive financially. I haven't looked into this story too much but I am willing to donate money to that caravan, to help-out. Like You said: people require food and water. : )

      "I realty they do have logistical support," - I think You have a little misspelling there but either way, for sure they have logistical support. From experience, I can tell You that in a big group of people, one can quickly learn who has medical skills, who has logistical skills, who has skills in security/law enforcement, etc. These things happen naturally when big groups of people come together.

      "Anyone in such a situation would be desperate to escape." - This is very true.One of my best friend's dad is from El Salvador and his mother is from Venezuela. The stories coming from those countries are just horrible. People are desperate and willing to walk to the end of the world.

      About your point that opportunists might have joined the caravan, I would say that is a "for sure". When we were camped-out at Occupy many, many homeless people came to the park. They found-out that there was food and they could perhaps get a dollar, or two from people, or cigarettes, etc. We were like a magnet for homeless people and people with mental disabilites. It was okay. We manged it. We had our own security (which I was part of) and medics/nurses as well.

      "MS-13 members are increasingly trying to enter America. These dangerous gang members have wreaked havoc in Central America" - Let's leave MS-13 out of this story. MS-13 are FULL of tattoos. They are the easiest ever to spot. There is no way that MS-13 members could "blend" in. There is no blending-in, or camuflage for MS-13 members with tattoos all over their face, head, arms, etc. MS-13 is irrelevant to this story.

      "Qurans have been found at the southern border in the past." - Not sure what "Qurans" means. Did You mean that the book, the Holy Qur'an was found in Mexico?

      "Terrorists are more likely to enter the United States through a third country than direct entry." - All 9/11 terrorists came in legaly. Just saying lol Timothy McVeigh was born and raised American. The dude in the Las Vegas shooting who sprayed people at a concert with bullets, was also American. Being fearful about terrorists coming in from Mexico, or Canada is a little far-fetched and with no precedent.

      For now, we here in Canada are getting a lot of migrants crossing over from NY State through the forest and popping-up in small towns. It's fine with me, as long as they get processed properly. Send them all straight here when they cross in the US. We have a small population anyway. We need people.

      "Each believe the other is trying to influence the outcome of the mid-term elections. It is unlikely either parties are involved, but it does make a good conspiracy theory." - Haha!! Yup. You certainly got that right, in my opinion but it's sooo easy to blame people and that way we can find a scape-goat for all our problems lol

      "the caravan would need to arrive before the elections, and as mentioned earlier, that is impossible if the foot travel narrative is perpetuated." - No way they are arriving before the election. I don;t have money to send them busses lol They'll have to walk and so, I have not done any calculations but by the size of the group and the vast distance, it would be surprising if they make it to the Mexico-US border by Christmas. In which case, You have to let the actual refugees in. What kind of heartless human would say no during Christmas time to desperate people who left their home and country in order to save their lives?

      "Stopping the caravan is challenging but not impossible." - First immediate thought when I read this was: "Bomb them." - Come on America, You're great at this! Send a drone and drop a load. That's what the US gov't often does when it disagrees with others: bomb the #^%$ out of them ffsk ...

      "A special operations team could ensure they stop functioning." - There You go! Just like I said in my above comment. You violent bloody creatures! "The gun" is basically "the American way". Sickening, appalling, atrocious ... just a few words that come to mind quickly.

      "In any case, it is important to remember that he media narrative we are being told is false." - We agree again here. We only get snippits of truths from the media. A lot of the times, what they don;t say is more important then what they do say. And we should always remember that they're chasing profits through ratings constantly.

      Alrighty, we made it to the end lol Thanks for the article. It was interesting to read. I did not know all the conspiracy theories about it and all the fears people have about this dangerous caravan of homeless people. Haha!!

      Best of luck to You all! Or, I should say: best of luck to all of us! We'll all neeed it. Cheers and thanks for the article!

    • peoplepower73 profile image

      Mike Russo 

      2 years ago from Placentia California

      John: This might shed some new light on the caravan situation. via @politico

    • Eurofile profile image

      Liz Westwood 

      2 years ago from UK

      This story is also making the news in the UK. Many people here voted for Brexit because of the hype about immigration. They thought that leaving the EU would stem the flow of immigrants.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      2 years ago from Florida

      Obviously there is some form of support and staging involved in this.

      That it coincides with the election and brings to the forefront the issue of open-border policy (D) vs controlled-border policy (Trump/R) is why it is getting so much play in the media.

      There are plenty of issues other than this, in Florida we have a Democrat Candidate for Governor that is actually running on a platform of raising corporate taxes and property taxes (in addition to supporting open borders)... if he can openly run saying he wants to raise taxes and win, this state is screwed.

      I'll be the first to admit the biggest reason for our move to Florida was to escape NY taxes, their insane school, property, income tax levels. If Florida voters want to start down the path of higher property and income taxes to become another NY, it will be time for another move shortly.

      Higher taxes vs less taxes... police support vs wanting to abolish police, ICE, etc.... at least the two parties are clearly distinct.


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