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American Political Chess

Updated on April 25, 2014

The Stars & Stripes



Unlike in chess, where something actually happens, the US political system is at a standstill. The Republican and Democratic parties have reached a point where the unique capability of the US political system to maintain widely divergent viewpoints when society is functioning smoothly, but to unit and cooperate in times of stress and hardship, is not valid any more. The black pieces have nearly succeeded in bankrupting the United States of America over an issue, which has been planned to help millions of citizens who are in need of healthcare. The black king, John Boehner, despite deciding to raise the debt ceiling, successfully led the US political system to a grinding halt. No pieces on either side had been in motion, except the “white” king, attempting to be a messenger of peace , but not retreating from his initial long-fought battle for social security and a healthy society. We must be grateful to him; such a retreat, would not only have lead the king into danger, but the entire board; whites and blacks alike.




I do believe that these problems have arisen from the Republicans' modern party platform based on American conservatism, and, to be blatant, their disregard for the egalitarian concepts enshrined in the American Declaration of Independence:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, . . . among these are Life, Liberty and

the Pursuit of Happiness.”

I take 'liberty' here to mean the right to make one's own decisions about such things that are, surely, an individual's inalienable possessions such as one's body (habeas corpus). This, presumably, encompasses one's right to have an abortion and to form conjugal unions with whomsoever one chooses.

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The Parties

Bearing this point in mind, I cannot see how a modern political party can openly advocate not rescinding limitations of freedoms that are there in current American law, for example, the freedom of marrying a person of the same sex in most states. How can a party be against affirmative action for women and minorities? How can a party support nearly unrestricted possession and use of guns? The black set of chess pieces, by advocating all of the above in the 21st century represents exactly what the color black stands for: power, violence, and maybe even evil. And yet such ideas, which are based on hatred and xenophobia, are called simply “conservative”? I believe that they are simply immoral and should have no place in politics. On the other hand, the white set of chess pieces despite being far from perfect, do show reasons to be called progressive, socially liberal and fair. Changing from a pro-slavery party, to that of the first African-American president, it has developed miraculously, to be truly democratic. In spite of having socialist tendencies such as encouraging political equality, favoring national healthcare, improving the educational level of American youth and firearm restriction, the Democratic Party policy has not strangled economic freedom, and growth, it has found a truly politically central standpoint –. With these progressive ideas, the white pieces are aiming and attempting to help all, and do the job a government should be doing: aiding those people for one reason or another, are not able to aid themselves.

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    • Mathewson profile imageAUTHOR

      Andro Mathewson 

      5 years ago from Germany

      Thanks HSchneider for your comment. My thoughts exactly!

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 

      5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Very well stated, Mathewson. The Republican party has turned Far Right and is pushing women and minorities away from them with their draconian views. The Democrats attempt embrace all groups. Furthermore the GOP is for rugged individualism and no helping hands. The Democrats want everyone provided for.


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