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American Political Spectrum

Updated on December 22, 2017

Progressives are Dangerous

The American political system has been completely taken over by the progressive ideology across the entire spectrum, Democrats and Republicans alike. Understanding the basic ideology behind progressivism is key to fixing our country. Progress is not the ideology of progressives, government is the ideology of progressives. The radical theological right and the radical socialist left, both want maximum government control at the cost of significant loss to individual liberty. Both are equally dangerous!

The Left Wing Socialist

The left wing progressives are coming in the form of socialist these days, they've always leaned towards government control through the use of emotional arguments. They want to offer free everything, from education to health care, while disguising how they intend to pay for it. They don't tell you that 50% is the lowest tax rate needed to pay for all these "free" benefits, and that's not the "evil" rich tax rate, that's the lowest. So take half your paycheck away, for life, just to start. Getting to 95% from those "evil" rich people, who can afford to move to a more economically friendly place where they don't pay any American tax.

The American left has always felt slavery to be an acceptable means to an end, both health care and education are provided by people as a service, and therefore making either a "right" is endorsing slavery of the service providers. They've used the media and the public education system to keep the public ignorance as high as possible, while basically keeping the providers of education strangled with low wages, and wishing to do the same thing to our local doctors office apparently. Everything the government gets involved with turns out to be a complete waste of both taxpayers funds and the talented providers

The Right Wing Progressives

These are the people who want government in control of as much as possible to enforce their dogmatic view upon the rest of the public. They would love to force everyone to follow their specific brand of religion and have no problems jumping on board with government force being used on the public to push different "morality laws"

These people have used government to go after things from alcohol to pornography to narcotics, all the while using their own moral judgements as excuses to use government force upon their fellow citizens, claiming the moral high ground while justifying the use of different pharmaceutical solutions, alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine, all of which are legal stimulants regulated by the government and paying their fair share to your representatives. They have bought into the story that these certain things are "safe" and these other things are "evil" based on pure ignorance


1: Government from both sides strangles individual liberty, which is the foundation of the United States

2: Both sides want to make "the other side" your enemy, therefore restricting the likelihood that you might actually talk to someone on the other side.

3: Anybody on either side who wants to use the government to enforce their ideology on other people, are progressives and by definition contradictions to the United States constitution and individual liberty.

© 2017 Stephen Gooch


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