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American Sailors In Iranian Waters.

Updated on January 13, 2016
John Kerry.
John Kerry. | Source
Joe Biden.
Joe Biden. | Source
US Navy Men.
US Navy Men. | Source

Iran And The US.

Iranian tv showed 10 American sailors kneeling on an American flaged vessel with their hands behind their backs in a captive pose.

Later footage showed the American Service Personnel consisting of nine men and one woman sitting on a floor in a room and eating. Apparently the American sailors were held overnight on Farsi Island in the Gulf and questioned and then set free unharmed by the Revolutionary Guards Corps who have a base on that island.

US Secretary of State John Kerry who has quite a good relationship with his opposite number in Tehran thanked the Iranians for their co - operation in the safe handing over of these personnel.

However word coming out of Washington and Tehran over the incident seems somewhat confused as the Iranians said the Americans issued an apology over the Americans straying into Iranian waters where as Vice President Joe Biden denied this when speaking to the media.

Meanwhile the Pentagon is looking into how the Americans ended up in Iranian controlled waters in the first place.

It would seem though this incident will not sower the blossoming friendship between the US and Iran in the wake of a deal over Iran's nuclear industry.

An update by BBC News saying that the Americans ended up in Iranian waters by mistake.


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