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American Surrender

Updated on August 5, 2015

With the rise in popularity of Donald Trump, all one has to do to understand why he is #1 in the polls is to understand his message. Those who put him in the polls already know the message.
We elect our government officals to represent Americans...folks like you and me but they fight everyday for people who AREN'T Americans and in doing so, give up our freedoms and make us the enemy while doing so.

Trump is making it ok to say what is on your mind. Its scary how many human beings will sit back and watch in fear as their country is slowly taken from them until someone empowers them to say or think otherwise.

We have gone so far down the toilet that a retail establishment is afraid to hang an American flag painting in their Mens Restroom out of fear of lawsuits. Why??

Its a symptom of Evil vs Cowardice that has taken this country over for the past few decades and it needs to be fixed.

If Americans who exist today lived in the mid 1700's, those who sought to create our nation would have failed.
Centuries of complacency and reliance upon the enforcement of our constitution have made us lazy. Nobody wants to take a stand unless 500 others do so first. With each generation, it takes thousands more to stand up before the average Joe will feel safe to do so.
This is the mindset of the Iraqi people!
They drop their guns and run at the sight of the smallest invasion because the first 10 people they saw.....RAN from a threat. As most humans do, they followed the crowd and got defeated.
They threw away years of military training at the expense of our son's and daughter's who gave their lives to train them.... because they simply had no spirit.
You hear on the T.V. and radio everyday that evil is descending on the world and you get mad...and then hope someone else will fix it. The problem today is...nobody is standing up with exception of a few people.

It takes alot of courage to withstand the beating the media will give someone who speaks for YOU. Their job is to keep the opposition quiet while the devil runs wild.
When someone has the guts to stand up against what is obviously have to support them and fight along with them.
The more we wait on others to defend our freedom for us, the faster we fail.
Americans today need to wake up and realise that the peace we were gifted with in 1776 is under attack from every entrance to this country.
We have allowed them to dictate to us what is right and what is wrong for the past 20 years or more.
If you cant with someone a Merry Christmas without fear of a lawsuit, you, my friend are losing your country.


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