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Building The World's Tallest Building In The USA One $20 Contribution At A Time.

Updated on December 7, 2011

Can Americans Handle A Good Challenge?

American architects and engineers designed and built the world's tallest building some now taller than 2000 ft up in the air in distant places that include Dubai. The cost of constructing a taller building here in the USA is about 2 billion dollars. Sounds like a lot of money but it comes down to be just $20 contributed by 100,000,000 people. Just multiply those figures and see. It comes to $2,000,000,000. That actually seems to be something with in the realm of possibility that people in the USA could get together and do if they got their heads together to do it. I think it would be an interesting challenge to see if maybe it would be possible in a nation of over 300 million people. I already sent up a test blogger page that links a paypal recipient account to see if maybe something like this could be made to go viral , raise that kind of money letting paypal act as the bank collecting emails so that all participants who send money could vote on the design and location once proposals came in from a design competition. Chances are it will never work. We are a capitalist country where all such large scale projects are supposed to be financed out of the remainders and margins of large scale corporate commerce , taxes or wall street security sales. My proposal is to make the tallest building designed for a brand new American University which would have to be raised with a separate $20 campaign.

Remember how President Obama ended up with funding in the presidential election with websites taking small contributions? That is the idea here only instead of stupid politics I propose doing something everyone contributing can be proud to contribute too. I have ideas where such a tower could be located. Maybe on the low rise Harlem side of central park In Manhattan? Or Maybe In Chicago or LA? Everyone with an email who responds with a contribution should automatically have a say or a vote in all aspects of the project. If not enough money is raised it can just go to some University by votes cast by those sending in the money. They should automatically vote for where and what alternative when they send the money in.

If this proved to be possible and we could actually build the tower with funding from an on and offline campaign of this sort , then the next campaign could be to help fund the New University or try to get larger contributions from wiling billionaire philanthrophers. The next project could finance a Moon base or a mars mission that could be structured the exact same way asking not just for American contributions but world wide contributions to raise as much money or more . Two billion dollars would go a long way towards a great new world's tallest skyscraper. My proposal if you agree would be one to have a greenhouse stack effect tower at the core of it so it could actually generate electricity by several different means as well as providing the structural core for the occupied spaces to be built around. The greenhouse stack effect is just like a very tall hollow chimney with what is a sort of greenhouse at the top and the bottom of the tower that allows cool air form up off the ground to fall though the core of the tower as warmer air in the greenhouse space at ground level becomes thin and less dense and allowing it to rise . This process can be reversed in either direction with either the warm air rising though the stack or the cold falling or both in separate spaces causing a cyclone sort of effect with generators taking electricity out of rotation. A project like this has been proposed for Arizona or New Mexico where the greenhouse effect would be better. Of course this tower might work just as well in a town like Vegas and it has no world class university yet that I have ever heard of ? Usually when something like this gets built it is some billionaire who sells something to virtually every American because he or she has a virtual monopoly in business and they take profits and their ego put those together and build a monument to their ego . It really amounts to a sort of tax being charged to consumers for them to do this sort of thing. Those who say they don't believe in capitalism could contribute $20 or more per vote for a project like this and show that there is actually a way for an ego trip to be shared by hundreds of millions of people as a sort of community project and exercise in raising the funds.

I created the first site to test the idea and of course it went no where so far. I am not quite set up yet with a separate account or a mail merge program to keep track of contributors. That could work on a site like Facebook if they allow 100 million friends on one page which I don't think they do or can except for links to one address and that is Facebook itself. That just says the technology is here and maybe two billion dollars is something that is more than possible and we can soon say goodbye to the nonsense of rich taking tax deductions for contributions to so called non profits and just get things done by raising money for projects that bigger than any before funded by not just thousands of small contributions but millions of small contributions adding up to one out pouring of support. What about people who hate tall buildings? There is no reason we can't collect more contributions from fewer people and there is no reason foreigners can't participate in the project either. It will be for a great new University. Everyone sees how the Internet works with many people looking at one single sight and being involved in it. Apparently the US Post office is around 8 billion dollars in debt. It would not be too constructive for people to donate money to save something losing money this way when they could just go to the post office and buy extra stamps. Then comes next year and the post office is back in debt again or worse. In this project instead of having a union strike of postal workers and systems being shut down by management and congress we have a construction project that is constructive. Just compare 2 billion to 8 billion which would cost 100 million people just $100 each to finance one year's us post office debt. Even that is not a lot of money for such a large productive population as we have in the USA--that is saving the US Post Office. Congress can obviously do that themselves as it is their baby to take care of. A super tall building is something that is not basic enough for congress to be interested in or involved in. Skepticism says that unless larger groups of people join me in the cause nothing will happen but if it did amazing things could happen. We could build hospitals and we could build research centers all sorts of other great things with millions donating $20-$100 each year. The issue is not about trust with all the Internet automation we have but becomes one of interest and the willingness of more major media, news media to pick up on the story and distribute it to millions more people with some advice that they encourage participation. That is something that is hard to do. It does sometimes work in churches and when disaster strikes and people come together to contribute relief aid otherwise we spend our time fighting graft in Washington DC where they have bosses who want to just take money for crazy projects not nearly as interesting as this one for a super tall building but for love of coercion and more often than not wasting money that gives no benefit to anyone but insiders. I wonder what people could do if we could actually challenge them to give a relatively small amount of money in very large group of people.


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