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America’s Capital Partners Mid-Atlantic

Updated on October 19, 2010

America's Capital Partners Mid-Atlantic has offices from Raleigh all the way to Philadelphia. Alan de Olazarra and Rudy Touzet founded the Miami real estate investment firm of America's Capital Partners in 1998. Brian Katz and Doug Fleit created the Mid-Atlantic offices as a joint venture with America's Capital Partners. Established in 2003, America's Capital Partners Mid-Atlantic, is located in Herndon, Virginia at Woodland Park.

In the early years of America's Capital Partners Mid-Atlantic most of the partnerships they entered into was with opportunity investors, including endowments, Wall Street, hedge funds and individuals. Most partnerships today include pension funds and institutional investors. With the vast experience in operating and leasing properties, the company has been very successful in purchasing established vacant and occupied properties. America's Capital Partners Mid-Atlantic investments include office buildings, hotels, multifamily units, strip malls, warehouses and other commercial properties.

America's Capital Partners Mid-Atlantic invests in every property that they purchase. Mid-Atlantic further improves the property they buy into highly sought after developments. Many opportunities exist for companies and individuals that have capital for investments. Having the opportunity to lease the property as soon as you purchase it makes commercial property a good investment. Many of the employees of these firms, including the founders worked previously as brokers for Cushman & Wakefield. The prior years working for other real estate investment firms provided them with many years of experience in the field of real estate investing, managing and leasing.

Before investing in commercial property, evaluation of the vicinity is important to understand the future growth of the area. When an area has evidence of potential growth, joining forces with a successful company such as America's Capital Partners Mid-Atlantic can make a very good investment for you. When you are looking for a commercial property partnership, look at America's Capital Partners Mid-Atlantic for the many years of established success to help you realize your investment dreams.


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