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America's Culture Crash

Updated on September 26, 2017

America has became wreaked with havoc that is easy to ignore on some days, and impossible to ignore on others. At times, it seems America is not alone, but the chaos has touched every nook and cranny of the world. Sadly, I can not say - and sometimes the research that I do conduct seems to show that other countries are on a much better path than America.

However, America is not alone in their strife.

"Terrorism", war, greed, and corruption are qualities

that riddle many developed and undeveloped countries.

So What's Wrong?

The main topic that comes to mind which, to me, is a sign of a major issue that is being overlooked is the rise of police brutality.

There have been so many cases recently where a civilian is left dead, and the authority of an officer is left in question. This is happening sometimes multiple times a day in America, but most cases are not blown up into major news stories. Which sadly means that they go unnoticed.

In fact, some people will even profess that when the media does cover these stories, they are accused of stirring the pot. Or covering the story in order to fuel unrest in America.

Then there are many who seem to insist that an officer is innocent no matter the circumstances, and that a man or woman should justifiably lose their life if they fail to listen to the commands of an officer the very first time. People who use this argument will continue to stand by it even if the "victim" was fully unarmed at the time of their decease.

i'm not trying to take any major political stance, but I do believe that "Comply or Die" seems a little extreme for a developed country, and one based on individual freedom - such is America.

Then there is our social culture, and our forms of entertainment. Shows about outlaws, drug dealers, and drama are topping the charts while the evening news is being ignored for Youtube videos, and it is widely believed that this is a more accurate form of information, and most days - I agree.

Music is more popular and more readily available than ever. Every garage band in America has the potential to reach an unbelievably large fan base. Every writer can find a reader. Every activist can find a cause, and organize a way for their voice to be heard. It is a very noisy time to live in America with vast contradictions lurking around every bend.

In the vast majority of popular music today, It is not uncommon for an artist to talk about their willingness to break the law. Even bragging about it at times. This is not just rap music these days. Music and entertainment seems to be glorifying illegal activity, and it is not only widely accepted by Americans - young and old, but it is widely popular.

  • Media and False News
  • Expressing A General Unhappiness Through Popular Entertainment
  • Losing Trust in Government

These major points make it hard to ignore the fact that maybe their is an underlying problem that will continue to cause unrest within America until the issues are properly sought, addressed, and the process has began to fix a broken system.

When entertainment, music, media, law, and government are all constantly telling a different story and often fully contradicting the other it is easy to consider that maybe the American public are right to feel misled and confused.

Some Americans have become almost completely un-trusting of the system. The belief that politicians and policemen can not be fully trusted is spreading at an alarming rate.

Do you think NFL players who have chosen to #TakeAKnee are disrespectful?

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Food For Thought:

As time goes on, trust is rapidly declining on both ends of the spectrum. In a lot of ways it is made clear that the government is not able to trust the general American public. We are given the excuse that the world is too dangerous. We must all walk through the metal detector, take a shoes off, and empty our pockets. It's for the safety of us all.

Of course, we can all think of an event - probably within the past year - that has made us a little nervous of the general public. Therefore, we put our heads down and go along, just like we always seem to do.

Is this chaos a reason to limit our privacy? Is it okay to go on and on in a long term relationship where trust fails both parties daily? And How hard could it be to create opportunities for local police enforcement to gain trust in their communities, without a serious - life threatening emergency occurring.

Why was this trust lost in the first place?

Could it be possible to kick start the solution by doing away with laws that make criminals out of victim-less crimes? Is the general American public on the wrong side of a war? Could it be the war on drugs?

Feel free to start a discussion in the comments, and add to anything you like. I would love some feedback on this article. Thank you!


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