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America's Debt: Some Suggestions

Updated on March 22, 2016

America’s National Debt: Some Suggestions

18 trillion dollars. 18 trillion dollars. Without a doubt this is an incredibly large number.18 trillion is 18 thousand billions. What is horrible. is that18 trillion dollars is also the size of America’s national debt. This is an enormous problem that affects every American now and in the future. We can’t keep putting this off. We have to take action now not later.

I’m not going to cover everything!

I really don’t have time to examine every piece of America’s federal budget

so I will focus on just a few things. Let’s start with Defense spending. America has its military all over the world. From Congo to the China sea, America’s pride and joy has set up shop.

While it brings benefits to the United States and the world, it costs the American taxpayers billions upon billions of dollars a year. If we cut back on defense spending then we could use it to help reduce our national debt.

Europe so wonderful!

People always talk about how the European countries provide

free college, free health care,etc.and tells us how wonderful it is. Well, folks one of the big reasons for these countries having all these benefits is that they spend so

little on defense spending freeing up money for these freebies. They can spend so little on defense and not be worried since they always have the U.S.A. to defend them with our massive military infrastructure there to protect.

We gotta change!

These allies ours in Europe and elsewhere (Australia and Japan for example)

need to start paying their fair share for defense and stop free-loading off

America’s enormous military presence. If this happens our great nation will have

more money to pay off our monstrous debt.

Other Areas to look at!

Other areas in our federal budget that should be looked at for

privatization are as follows: The National Endowment of the Arts, the

National Endowment for the Humanities, National Public Radio, and the

Public Broadcasting Service. Skeptics may say if these organizations don’t

have federal funding how will they be able to do as good a job? Won’t

they be more limited since they will have less money? To answer these critical

questions we should look to California. In southern California there is the American

institution of Hollywood. If you add up the combined wealth of all the actors,

directors, producers, executives etc you will come up with a massive amount of money.

Why couldn’t these people step in and foot the bill for all of these organizations that

share their liberal world view? While we are at it couldn’t billionaires Bill Gates and

George Soros who also share the progressive stance of these organizations, chip in

as well?

In closing.

In closing I realize the things I have just discussed are only a small part of the

federal budget, but this problem of the nation’s debt is so big we need to

put every piece of our federal budget under heavy scrutiny.


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