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America’s Favorite Scapegoat: The Gun

Updated on October 4, 2015

On October 2nd 2015 a 26 year old man in a rural Oregon town decided to attack a local community college. In a barrage of weaponry he assaulted the school and murdered 10 people before turning his gun on himself and finally ending his rampage by committing suicide. Preliminary information was scarce and no one knew who the young man, later identified as Christopher Harper Mercer, was or what his motive could be. America learned hours later that Mercer was a militant atheist who hated organized religion, specifically targeted Christians in his attack, had a love for the underworld of the internet, was an Army basic training drop out, and had an odd fascination with radical Islam. This information took hours of painstaking investigation by the authorities and the media but came far too late to make a difference to our leaders.

In one fell swoop, without knowing any information, President Obama came out of nowhere to condemn the attack and place blame on the evil gun that killed the innocent people. Before the bodies could even cool to the natural temperature of the air our President had set a new narrative of gun control and had made an announcement that before leaving office he would barrage the second amendment and try to replace it with harsher and stricter laws. The same type of laws that reminded people of old world regimes such as the Nazis, the Soviet Union, Communist China, and more. This was not the first time such a conclusion was be made with a lack of information nor is America any stranger to those who want to steal the rights of Americans. Political agendas seem to run rampant in our society after all. The idea of gun control was quickly picked up by the press but became hypocritical as the President had called out our allies as shining examples of success when it came to gun control such as Australia – a nation that ironically within 24 hours of such praise had a mass shooting of its own that made news articles across the world.

Australia is a great example of gun control no matter how you tend to look at it because Australia's gun control did not work. Australia didn’t just enact stronger laws but they also had a gun confiscation. For several months gun ownership went down and violence remained the same. Today Australia boasts the same level of gun ownership compared to before the confiscation and laws coming into effect. What might the difference be? The difference is that prior to the confiscation Australia had a legal gun system where it could track gun sales and ensure that proper background checks could be performed. Today Australia has a high number of illegal obtained weapons that cannot be tracked, and cannot be taxed, and cannot be identified in the case of a crime. The land down under has seen their crime rates skyrocket. It might be a terrible pun to use given the situation but they shot themselves in the foot. Other examples used by the President such as Britain turn out to be just as hypocritically flawed as Australia was as an example.

Gun control, at least to most people, is the anti-thesis of common sense because most people realize and understand that violence is human nature. If someone is going to hurt or kill you they are going to try to accomplish that task with or without a gun. We have knives, baseball bats, crow bars, screw drivers, and a million more every day tools and items found in the home that could be used to kill (and at times have been used) and yet we don’t call for stricter laws or bans on such items. Given in to the talking point thst a gun is a convenience when it comes to violence it must also be noted that removing guns will not be the end of violence or the end of other conveniences of violence. There will always a way around and always a way to adapt and overcome a situation. Simply put it’s not the answer.

Just as many people understand that stricter laws, as should be prevented and rebuffed by the second amendment of the constitution, will not aid America in any way nor will it solve the gun violence epidemic. Gun control makes it harder for legal and law abiding citizens to obtain a gun for self defense and makes it nearly impossible for them to protect themselves in a criminal situation where they might be a victim. A criminal doesn’t care for the laws. That’s what makes a criminal a criminal in the first place. Only a simpleton would believe that a gun law would prevent criminals from getting their hands on guns! One might consider that meth, cocaine, and marijuana are all illegal by our laws as well – and yet finding dealers for such isn’t as hard as it should be. Buying such substances is almost as simple as buying groceries down the street. We are also well aware that there are multiple groups in America being tracked by the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Bureau (ATF) for buying and selling weapons in illegal underground markets. Groups we know of can be as nefarious as the Hells Angels or Pagans but can also include street level gangs suck as Crips and Bloods as well. Criminals will always flock to a quick payday.

The biggest point of common sense in this entire article is that gun control has repeatedly proven not work in any fashion. Historically American cities with the strictest gun laws also find themselves as some of the most violent and depraved areas in the nation. These cities are not unknown to us - cities we can easily think such as Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, Atlanta, New York City, Camden, Newark, San Diego, and the list just keeps going on and on. New Jersey, the state with the most restrictive gun laws in the nation constantly find their cities competing for the number one murder capitol of the nation.

So to sum it up the gun is not to blame and gun control is not the answer. Gun control creates a defenseless society who is unable to protect themselves, their families, and their property. It creates a situation of weakness that has historically lead to some of the most oppressive regimes in the history of the world. Gun control creates a virtual playground for criminals who know that there will be no immediate repercussion for their acts of crime. The worst of all might be the realization that the citizens of the United States of America will not sit down and have their God given rights stolen right from beneath their feet – such an action might be the fastest way to internal conflict and civil unrest since the Civil War itself.

While America loves to blame the gun it might be time to blame the shooter. The gun didn’t go out on its own and kill people. The one responsible was a human being, with human error, with human problems, extinguishing human life. This is a problem with humanity; not the inanimate objects we have created or used. Until we address mental health in this nation, the state of families, and the new generation of politically correct fools, we will never solve this problem or any other.

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