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America's Globalising Mission Concluded

Updated on November 15, 2009

America’s evolution as a country, away from the European meta-narratives of the enlightenment and its following modernization followed a unique historical path which has led ultimately in the 21st century to America being the major superpower in terms of military might, economic wealth, and democratic values. Globalization has became Americanization purely for these reasons; America itself is so large and holds the primary forces of power, legitimacy and knowledge that it can’t help but influence on a global scale either directly or indirectly, intentionally or not.

The point that needs to be made and indeed made well due to the conflict and upheaval it is causing on a global scale is that such actions and behavior as conducted by the United States of America are not simply about egotistical political power, though this does play a part.

Since America’s founding religious belief in the form of Christian doctrine has shaped and controlled the morals and the lives of American citizens. This has led overtime to a deep seated conviction in the inherent divine providence of the United States; any policies put forward that have a global effect are influenced by the fact that the United States of America believes that it has an ordained manifest destiny to succeed and to be superior.

In the eyes of contemporary America it is this conviction that America is better, that it will always succeed which has led to the belief that despite its failings, America is a contemporary utopia and this belief is backed up and strengthened by its Puritan heritage. Whereas salvation anxiety in previous centuries led to the belief that economic success on an individual level led to salvation and that failure led to being eternally damned in the eyes of God. Due to internalization of this same belief over a number of centuries it has became a prominent theme in the American psyche.

 Furthermore, as the puritan doctrine made all men equal in the eyes of God, thus so did American democracy. As equality itself was internalized so were the ideals of freedom and liberty and thus following the demystification of religion these factors became associated with America itself. The result of which led to the worship of America, for all the values associated with the American dream; thus patriotism was born. 

This patriotism, the result of centuries of internalized values related to superiority, to divine right, to freedom, equality, liberty and success led to what can only be termed as arrogance. America is number one; its success and its dominance are paramount to all other moral concerns.

American capitalist democracy can therefore be seen to be based on an inherent selfishness as stated through the success theme and as based around the belief in American superiority. This allows therefore for the rule of the majority found in American democracy to be wholly acceptable. The majority, after all are superior and therefore their actions and choices are justified; this belief, superimposed on a national level allows America to act as it likes. The result of which has led to the success of America throughout the 20th century and its ultimate success following the defeat of communism in 1989.

In conclusion then, it can be seen that contemporary American politics are not simply the result of the Bush regime but of a much wider range of issues and the socialization of a nation over a number of centuries.


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