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America’s Leftward Drift Accelerated by Obama’s Overreaching

Updated on September 23, 2016

The country as a whole, like the Democratic Party, is moving to the left. This has been accelerated by the Obama administration’s policies over the past eight years in close coordination with the mainstream media (NY Times, WaPo, CNN, NBC, etc.).

These fifty states have never been more polarized.

Since the end of George W. Bush’s final term, our government’s debt has doubled from around $10 trillion to approaching $20 trillion today. The healthcare industry has been upended by a poorly executed law that has doctors leaving the practice and patients complaining about substandard and increasingly expensive care. All for insuring an additional 10 million Americans in a country of over 322 million.

Current demographics seem to support the Democrats because they have held onto the more populous states with the most votes. For example, liberal utopias such as California, New York, and Illinois combine to give the Democrats 99 electoral votes just about every November, a number equal to 36 percent of the 270 votes needed to secure the presidency.

But a shakeup could be coming.

Donald Trump could win in November and change things all together. He has a narrow yet widening path. Assuming he doesn’t win the White House and America’s leftward drift continues into 2017 and beyond, will we be better off?

A Leftward Drift Accelerated

Domestically, Americans seem to be fine with a big and bloated government that takes care of everything but does nothing efficiently.

A nanny state is coming no matter what (see Donald Trump’s childcare proposals or Hillary’s expansion of Obamacare). According to a 2014 report from the Department of Health and Human Services, the percentage of Americans on welfare in 2011 was the highest ever calculated. Sean Hannity on Fox News is always railing about how the number of Americans on food stamps is at an all-time high.

The surveillance state is already here (see Edward Snowden) and if there’s another deadly terrorist attack, consider your privacy public property.

Republicans are becoming less conservative and doing a poor job of defending the free market alternative to the left’s incessant big government proposals. Democrats are becoming socialists in about everything but name. While Republicans are alienating their base by getting to Washington DC and doing the opposite of what they said they would do on the campaign trail.

The George W. Bush presidency naturally pushed many Democrats to become their most liberal selves. Then, Barack Obama became the result of the backlash from Bush’s reckless two terms at the helm. However, the one-time senator from Illinois has overreached.

The crux of the Democrats’ plan to tax and spend focuses on growing government. If enacted, they would create no jobs or spur no economic growth. Hillary Clinton’s tax plan will foster little innovation and stifle business development. Gone are the days when Bill Clinton declared that the “era of big government is over,” working with the other side to balance the budget to make DC work better for the people. Clinton’s centrist charm have not been similar to Obama’s two terms that have been even more divisive than the previous eight Bush years roiled by the catastrophic decision to invade Iraq. Mrs. Clinton would continue Obama’s destructive behavior due to the fact that she already derides Republicans any chance she gets. Meanwhile, deadly and racially charged groups have been given justification by a politically motivated administration and a pandering party leading to the bubbling over of a race war in America.

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement arose out of a myth from Ferguson, Missouri. The narrative of Michael Brown’s death at the hands of a police officer was spun in such a way to spark a nationwide movement against cops. BLM is now ripping this country apart and taking the fight directly to the authorities. A BLM-inspired sniper shot cops in Dallas not long ago.


Tall Lives Matter

BLM believes black lives matter, but cops or anyone else who disagrees with their initially well-intentioned cause does not.

A new generation of young activists have risen up in America, voicing their displeasure loud and clear. These people, writes Brittney Cooper, a Rutgers University professor of Africana studies and women’s-and-gender studies, “will not invest in a nation-state project that hands them black presidents alongside dead unarmed black boys in the street.” The election of Mr. Obama to the presidency is not enough for these young men and women. Saying “all lives matter,” which Martin O’Malley did during the Democratic presidential primary, is a death sentence even for those on the left.

As we saw the Democratic party celebrate BLM and pander to its followers during the late summer convention, it is now without a doubt a fact that the party led by Bill Clinton in the 1990s -- tough on crime and supportive of police, has tilted hard to the left. Bill’s wife has already vowed to “end the era of mass incarceration” that her husband and other Democrats helped launch. She has already met with BLM activists twice. They aim and are taking the rest of the country with them to a new progressive American era.

With the assistance of an acquiescent mainstream media, a false narrative has made its way into the American public. Americans realize something is wrong, but the way BLM goes about getting justice is destroying this country, not to mention pitting races against each other. From the summer of 2013 to the summer of 2015, according to Gallup, the percentage of Americans who declared themselves “satisfied with the way blacks are treated in U.S. society” dropped from 62% to 49%. In 2015, public confidence in the police hit a 22-year low. All of this has been driven by the “hands up-don’t shoot” line that paints cops as sniping down unarmed black teenagers on a daily basis, when it is in fact black teenagers themselves gunning down others of their same race in urban areas across America.

This anti-cop stance is fine if constructive action follows or if you at least hear the other side out. But the wrongheaded way BLM goes about obtaining its objectives go hand in hand with the radical left. Stifling free speech in order to obtain one’s objectives.

This increasing liberalism in America that seems to condescend so many people in so many ways was warned against by a liberal, Sarah Eberspacher, in a piece in The Guardian. As Hillary Clinton dismissed many of Donald Trump’s followers as “a basket of deplorables,” a bunch of racist, sexist, homophobes, she neglects to realize how dangerous it is to assume that only racists and sexists are following the Donald, notes Eberspacher.

Calling Trump’s followers a load of white, uneducated people is simply trying to distract from one’s own issues. Clinton’s campaign messaging seems to be to attack the Donald so she doesn’t have to defend her own proposals. Eberspacher explains, “My party has gotten cocky, and I fear that condescending mentality will lose us this election. Because for all of his divisive bluster, Trump has gotten one thing right time and again: small-town America is not doing great.” This much is true. Where manufacturing jobs are gone, where faith institutions are disappearing, and drug use is on the rise, in small communities across America, the ones that don’t get nightly coverage from the mainstream media, that is where Donald Trump is seen as someone who could perhaps, dare I say, “make America great again.”

Do you think elitism is ruining the Democratic Party

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Is the left evil?

A recent report from the Census Bureau revealed that household incomes rose for many Americans. Really good economic news on the surface. Yet, as the Wall Street Journal reported, while income gains were widespread, there was one exception: “Incomes didn’t rise for households living outside metropolitan areas.” Media executives won't see the need to report on this but rural America is hurting and rural America still votes.

In a final warning to her party, Eberspacher wrote: “Even if Clinton does win in a landslide, what I fear most is the elitism my party is embracing, and its ultimate cost.” This elitism is seen daily in the presidency of Barack Obama. He sees himself as knowing all the answers. He knows better than you. Just trust me, he says. We all need health care, no matter the costs or catastrophes! You can keep your doctor, he promised. It’ll cost less, he assured us. By painting the other side as simply not being worth debating is just wrong for this country and has contributed to the real divide in DC that is now rippling across party lines in towns across the US. Professor Obama has been all hope no change.

The evil of the left, notes libertarian author Lew Rockwell, is that it needs the “total state.” The worst part about globalists and statists like Obama and Clinton is that they claim to be fighting for the little guy, convince millions that they are, all while enriching themselves and gobbling more power to their political friends in the gilded capital. In the meantime, millions of Americans remain out of work and those in poverty stay on the lower rung of society. The states and cities don’t need rights... Washington DC knows what to do!

Rockwell points out that leftists prefer “the distant central government to the local neighborhood,” even “the school board president over the head of household.” All of this is playing out in cities from Portland, Maine to San Diego, California. Americans are looking to the “authority” for what they are “able” to do. The government must “permit” you to do so. Instead of relying on families, faiths, and community organizations, we are relying on our schools and governments for our values. With that happening, the state can enforce its positive view of the the welfare state and liberalism, indoctrinating generations of Americans.

Liberalism used to stand for openness and freedom of exchange. An “open marketplace of ideas in which rational people could discuss important questions,” Rockwell wrote. Alas, with the rise of centrally run government and state-sponsored education over time, dissent was crushed as responsibilities shifted from communities to governments.

Today on our college campuses, fragile leftists are being coddled by their professors and cannot confront any differing opinions apart from the accepted liberal ideology. Anyone with a “Make America Great Again” hat is a racist. Someone who goes to a Trump rally has bigoted political views, therefore, he deserves to be attacked. Leftists shout down the other side, whereas, libertarians and many others on the right are open to debate.

Rockwell asks, “who was the last leftist speaker shouted down by libertarians on a college campus?” His answer: “no one, because that never happens. If it did, you can bet we’d be hearing about it until the end of time.” To be a functioning society, we need to be open to differing points of view. Closing off or shutting down the other side is simply sidestepping the real issues. Seeing one another as this race or that race this party or that party simply distracts from what really matters.


Time to take a chance or stay the course?

Still, the left does what it does. Mainly, pander to African Americans in any way they can, while taking them for granted. Cities across America under Democratic rule are crippling under runaway debts and nonstop murders of young African Americans by other young African Americans. This is not reported in your mainstream media because it does not fit the narrative of Democrats good Republicans bad.

Obama gave a pathetic speech last Saturday in his stumping for Hillary Clinton. His main strength is his rhetoric. But what has the first black president done to make black lives better in America? Those at BLM would say very little. This is due to the fact that Democrats care not about black lives but black votes.

Princeton professor of African American studies Eddie Glaude blasted President Obama for the "condescending" speech he delivered, during which he urged black voters to vote for Hillary Clinton. Failure to vote for Hillary Clinton in November, Obama said to the Congressional Black Caucus, would “insult” him.

This condescension of the African American voter is emblematic of Obama’s overreaching years of unabashed and underwhelming liberalism. Always talking down. Never looking for solutions. Forever prolonging problems.

Obama’s main objective is to be a transformational president. He has wanted to push this country to the left the way Reagan nudged it to the right. In many ways, he has succeeded. In others, he has not. Given the rise of Donald Trump and the anti-establishment sentiment sweeping the country, we finally seem to be on the tipping point of something quite significant.

But we also seem on the verge of something very ominous. With homemade bombs going off in Manhattan, riots in Charlotte forcing the National Guard to step in, cops getting gunned down in the streets, and blacks continued to be targeted by cops who should not be in uniform, who knows where this country is headed. One thing is for certain, whoever takes over in January 2017 will have one hell of a mess on his or her hands.

America’s leftward push is being steered by Obama and now Clinton is looking to take the next eight year shift. The president is doing everything he can to make sure Hillary is elected in November so she can continue on the trajectory he has started.

Will we let Hillary take over or give Trump a chance? Only 45 days until this horse race is over and we can get back to whatever we did before this election started well over a year ago.


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    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 

      2 years ago from usa


      just checked some of my links. shocky some were censored by deleting http and adding result error shows for links suggest try googling


    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 

      2 years ago from usa

      Ken B

      One party has basically controlled our government since 2007 up to today. The election of 2008 , the community organizer, radical money and Acorn , got the vote out resulting in a 100% filibuster controlled far left government.

      The checks and balances of our government were no longer a deterrent to bad government , members were neutralized due to a majority of '' bad guys' forcing others to walk the line of the party

      As you remarked in your post, the people blamed the Republicans for not changing Washington. WTP are under attack by the liberal media who spread the distotions and in some cases the propaganda of the present administration.

      Totalitarianism is a political system where the state recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life

      9/16/16 Do you really want to go back to the way things were before Barack was president? the true story

      2007 2008 D’s control 2/3s gov 2009 2010 100%control 2011 2014 D’s 2/3s 2015 2016 D’s 2/3s with D Senate filibuster BO D’s RULE

      R Senate needs 66 votes to override a VETO Senate R54 need 12 D votes Senate must vote EXPOSE D yeas nays for WTP

      to be ontinued

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      2 years ago from Florida

      I believe the drift to the left would have continued unabated like it has for the past 8 years, and into the coming election... but for one MAJOR issue.


      When they were passing the bill into law, roughly 75% of Americans didn't want it... and this was when it was being sugar coated with lies about how people would be getting savings of up to $2,500 per household and all the other cotton candy goodies promised.

      That resistance waned over time, as there was no financial pain, no cost initially... until after the 2012 election when the real costs of Obamacare started to set in.

      People have been contending with this awful creation in earnest the past couple of years now. They are living with the high deductibles and increased costs, this has been a real kick in the teeth for families not living off the government and being provided medical coverage.

      The people expressed their outrage for Obamacare, they were ignored, they voted a wave of Republicans into office in 2010 to stop it, but they were ignored; Obamacare kicked in after 2012 and once people realized it was a worse nightmare than they had imagined they voted a huge wave of Reps again in 2014, they were still ignored.

      Washington ignored them, the Reps changed nothing.

      Trump is the result... he demolished the Republicans in their own Party primaries, a direct result of the politicians ignoring the voter's will... and if he doesn't win, or should he win, if he doesn't rid us of Obamacare, H1-B visas, and other corrupt/crippling laws and bills that have been forced into existance despite overwhelming rejection by the American people, the wave of anti-Washington anti-establishment backlash will only be worse in 2018 and 2020.

      People are fed up with Washington, with the favoritism towards foreigners over Americans (IE - H1-B and Open borders) with the favoritism shown to corporations over American Workers (IE - WTO to TPP), and the elitism and disregard politicians seem to have for the voters in general.

      Because of Obamacare, Americans losing their jobs (H1-B to illegal immigrants) and TPP (Nabisco, Ford, Phizer, etc. moving jobs elsewhere), and Washington's overall seeming contempt for Americans and their values... there is a growing number of people wanting change.

      The amount of people fed up with Washington is growing in number to a dangerous level IMO... we are talking tens of millions right now, just your low and middle class average citizens that are starting to grumble, starting to voice extreme measures be taken... right now this is being materialized in the support of Trump...

      Should he lose, or should he fail to do away with Obamacare and many of the lesser issues people are grumbling about, the chance that this grows into something more in the coming years is likely... this isn't going away until things change... and Hillary sure as heck won't be changing it... she is the poster child for "the establishment" and for the corruption rampant in Washington today.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 

      2 years ago from usa

      Bobby S

      A good read ,allow me to add a few links that explain why theRepublican Congress majority '' can't get things done as promised''

      2007 2008 D’s control 2/3s gov 2009 2010 100%control 2011 2014 D’s 2/3s 2015 2016 D’s 2/3s with D Senate filibuster BO D’s RULE

      The Senate is still controlled by Harry Reid and the radicals of the party who support the President

      Hopefully the American voters will send some Democrats home.

      Check this link, it will clear up much of how the recession was created.

      7/8/16 Bush blamed for economic woes ? the story Obama Clinton will tell a bit different view

    • norlawrence profile image

      Norma Lawrence 

      2 years ago from California

      Very good article. You have a lot of good information and there is a lot of truth in it. Thanks


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