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America's Memorial Service: DNC vs RNC

Updated on July 26, 2016

Watching the democratic and republican national convention is the equivalent of a bad funeral.We all come for one thing and you sit patiently waiting while everyone says a good word about a person, even when everyone knows the shady past behind that person.This year people are "voting for one because they don't want the other".The worst thing for america!Is this the last and only opinion?

The democratic national convention was entertaining,unprofessional, and confirmed nothing for the voters who wanted Trump to elaborate on his way of " making america great again".I'm not going to bored with the events that took place but i am pride of Cruz for standing for himself and not endorsing trump if that's not what he really believed in.

The republican national convention is taking place as i'm publishing this but i am looking forward to the emotional,more professional,political-educated environment that it is going to take place.And the history being made by a former president endorsing his wife.

which is going to be worse?

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