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America's Murderous 2016 Presidential Election

Updated on June 7, 2016
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The eff U
The fake
The fake

The 2016 Presidential election has been churning and grinding during the previous primaries. During the primaries, the campaign has, at times, turned into cesspool on the Republican side. Donald Trump wants to make sure it stays there. That is not to say that Hillary Clinton is a saint, many think she is a bitch. But, at least she is able to come across as presidential most of the time. No doubt, Clinton, despite her denials, wants to prove something being the first woman president. Maybe her arrogance is misinterpreted, but in this election perception and personality are more important than policy and vision, like it or not. America’s presidential election has descended into a reality show.

As for Trump, I would not be surprised to see someone assassinate him, like how Robert Kennedy was murdered in the 1968 Presidential election by a crazy Arab. Trump evokes a passion on both sides. He uses the media and then attacks it when reporters ask questions he can’t answer to their satisfaction. His temperament is unsteady, arrogant, bullish, and petulant. His comments on an array of subjects only spotlights how horrible his presidency would be. That is not to say, Clinton’s would be much better, but at least it would be more refined, stable, and sorry to say, more of the same. Clinton does not provoke others into action like Trump does. Many Americans are so sick of his rhetoric, his bullshit, his racist views and so on. But, Hillary, at times, acts like the Queen of America, flaunting rules and regulations regarding her emails when Secretary of State, which is way more serious than the press is revealing. Yet, being a Clinton, she will evade prosecution for sure. Her deception during Benghazi is well documented as to what was really happening. Then, there is Trump University, its lawsuit from those students defrauded of $35,000, as is claimed. The more light that shines on this court case that goes to trial in late November, the more Trump should be dumped. He hates the bad press and then stoops so slow to attack the judge of Mexican descent, to deflect the attention.

Funny, when this election cycle began, many Americans were equally sick of President Obama’s policies. His healthcare has not turned out as good as hoped for. His foreign policy is simply bad, most of the time. He, himself, takes sides on topics that a president should be silent on. But, I guess he views himself more black than white, which he knows it is not the case. Maybe he is tired of walking the fence between white and black as he has done all his life, who knows, it must have difficult growing up with mostly white kids in Hawaii.

So here we are. Two candidates that are equally disliked or hated for America’s 2016 Presidential Election by 45-50% of the population. With emotions running so high, so early, so pathetic, so vitriolic, expect the unexpected.

It will get worse.


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