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Should America be Involved with Other Countries

Updated on April 8, 2011

As a country, America is known for its freedoms and liberties.  In the information age, people are also becoming known for their demand to know and insert their opinion on every issue that arises.  The problem arises from people and cultures and countries are different.  We should no more attempt to assert our beliefs on other countries, then they should on us.

Would Americans stand for another country to attempt to influence us by demanding we do away with the presidency and congress?  Replace it with a monarchy or dictatorship?  Would we stand for another country trying to impose their religious beliefs on us?

What gives us as a country, the right to attempt to control, or overthrow other countries traditions that have existed for more years then we have been a country? The opinion of the US is not a very high one when viewed world wide.  We are told they are jealous of our freedoms, our way of life, and we should help them achieve what we have.

However, these countries are sovereign unto their own right, and nobody has a right to interfere.  America is not the babysitter of the world, and does not belong in other countries business.  If help is asked for by the legitimate governments in other countries, and we can assist without risk to American lives, then by all means do so.  However helping people over throw their own countries government is in fact assisting in treason against that countries ruling party. 

America needs to focus on the here and now, quit sending aide until the starving in our own country are fed.  Quit building homes over seas while we have veterans homeless on the streets.  Quit sending our military, are national guard, and our reservist to other countries when they are needed here.  We have a nation preparing to fall due to being overstretched, its time to re-build America. 


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