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America's Upcoming Defeat: The Afghanistan War

Updated on November 4, 2009

 As Spock would say to Captain Kirk in Star Trek, " It is only logical, Captain". Why does America refuse to accept defeat graciously? Afghanistan has all the earmarks and signs of following in the footsteps of the Vietnam War. A war America lost.

Obama does have a dilemma. It is no different than what President Johnson had in 1966-68, and Nixon had from that time on. Would an increase in troop levels create a win situation? Back then, both presidents increased troop levels, battles were won or ended in draw, but the war would be lost. Obama faces identical issues. His generals tell him he must increase troops, yet history shows us a bad lesson. Afghanistan is on Obama's shoulders, will America acknowledge its defeat during the Obama reign?

Johnson and Nixon had to toss millions of dollars in aid and training to support a "corrupt to the core' regime- President Thieu, the leader of South Vietnam. Thieu became rich through the vast corruption and theft of US aid and money. He appointed individuals who were friends or family to high level cabinet government positions- most were totally unqualified and were corrupt also. Bribery was rampant within the South Vietnamese government and military. The US had no choice but to support this government for it was the only viable one despite its corruption. Elections were rigged so Thieu would be reelected.

Obama faces the identical mess. The Karzai government is not liked by the locals. They are the only viable government there. Despite Obama's tough talk with Karzai, Karzai, like Thieu, laughed and only provided mouth service. Karzai, with his corrupted appointees to government positions, have told America little will change because it takes time to remove eons of corruption and bribery. Karzai refuses to clean house with known or suspected officials that take bribes and are corrupted because of the opium trade. And why did all of a sudden did his opponent in the election decide not to challenge him in the scheduled election? Little has been talked about this. Read in between the lines: his life was theatened or members of his family were if he did continue to demand for a re-election.

The locals only see this as yet another reason to think the Taliban will return. They do not trust Karzai and is viewed as no better than the Taliban. The Taliban have used this scandal to solidify their position-saying it is evidence that there is no democratic Afghanistan, only a different corrupt government that America fully supports with aid and money going into the pockets of Karzai and others. Karzai appointed his brother, known as a drug lord, to high level positions. No different than the Thieu government.

America, the writing is on the wall for our second failure in war. All the signs point to going down that path that many Americans witnessed during the long Vietnam war. A path of supporting a corrupt government which does not care about our interests, diverts money and aid elsewhere and only presents a facade of being a democratic country. More American bodies will come home in coffins for absolutely no reason except bad policy decisions and the American reluctance to admit defeat even when it stares you in the face.

Like in Vietnam, the time is coming when the American public will oppose the war, the media will turn against the war, the President will want to end it because it is endless, and Congress will cut off funding citing the corrupt Afghanistan government that its own people do not fully support.

It is all deja vu. Once the US leaves, watch how the Taliban will rise to power once again.



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    • yellowstone8750 profile image

      yellowstone8750 6 years ago from Taos, nm

      We lerned nothing in Vietnam except that war supports the militry industrial complex, which is what we are doing now. Imperialism will never die in the US.We are creating our own doom. Mid-East countries want theocracy not democracy, and, that is their right.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 8 years ago

      well, if you recall in 2001, the only reason why the US entered into the mess of Afghanistan was because al-qaida was there in the mountains. Recall Tora Bora? prior to 2001, the US had no interest at all in the Taliban hell created there. The al-qiada support the taliban financially in part, and they coexist in Pakistan. Now, we are fully involved and like vietnam, the war got longer and expanded. I think Obama knows the mess, he knows history and that is why he is so undecided what to do.

    • Army Infantry Mom profile image

      Army Infantry Mom 8 years ago

      You bring up a very good point regaurding Kazari and his thugs,..I personally do not want my son to return,..I don't think we will ever fully achieve a goal of a non corupt government in Afghanistan,..Allthough the Troop's have made many differences in the people's lifes over there for the better. But bottom line,..We can't keep this up,..Send in relief missions and start pulling back on the military missions, concentrate on the real threat Al-Quida,..Not only over-sea's but the U.S. could use some house cleaning done its self, proof being the Fort Hood killings. Right now we out number the Talibans 12 to 1 and Morale of our troops were at a 10. in 2007,..Today a 5. That's gotta tell ya something,..ya know. Great Hub !!!!