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America's Top Four Worst Presidents

Updated on July 6, 2021

To Be Fair

One usually allows Twenty Years to elapse between the day the Officeholder leaves office and the assessment.

This is to allow all transient attitudes to disperse and historical considerations to take centre stage.

However, one can not but reflect on the last person in this list, and feel a sense of certainty that he belongs here.

Presidential Flag

The Criterion

There have been 46 Presidents of the United States.

Grover Cleveland served as the 22nd and 24th; hence there were 45 different men who served as President.

William Henry Harrison, the 9th President, died after one month in office. It would be unfair to assess his incumbency, so the number drops to 44.

James Garfield, the 20th President was shot four months into his term, and died two months later, again, the briefness of his Presidency leaves more possibles than actuals, so the number drops to 43.

The factors taken into consideration are:

1) Was the country in a worse state when the President remitted office?

2) How much corruption was permitted/encouraged during the Incumbency?

3) What is the historical effect of the policies of the President?

James Buchanan

Aunt Fancy

James Buchanan was elected in 1856. There had been rumours about his sexuality; but considering he has been held the worst President for over 100 years, one can appreciate why the Gay community does not recognise him.

Although he considered slavery evil, he did nothing to stop it, in fact, encouraged it. At his inauguration was seen speaking with the Chief Justice in such manner as it was clear to those at the time he was seeking to influence the decision in the infamous Dred Scott case.

Buchanan believed that the Constitution gave him, as President, no power to prevent states leaving the Union.

His indecisiveness, bad judgements, and what would be called waffling today caused greater dissension between the states then necessary and led directly to the Civil War.

Andrew Johnson


Andrew Johnson was born in the south and grew up hating the Plantocracy.
It was personal.

He was poor, and his mother sold him as an 'apprentice' (virtual slave) to a tailor. He ran away when he was sixteen. Johnson was a self-made man who rose to political prominence.

He was the only Southerner to remain in the Senate after succession. He was hailed as a firm believer in the Union. He was trusted by Lincoln who never realised that Johnson was not pro-union, nor anti-slavery, he was simply anti-aristocrat.

Andrew Johnson hated the southern elite with a passion and would do anything to destroy them, their wealth and their power.

When he became President, after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln he tried to undo all the gains ex-slaves had made, as if the South had won the Civil War.

There were two impeachment attempts during the less than four years he held the office.

Warren Harding

Playing Poker and Enjoying the Ladies

It was after he had been nominated by the Republican Party that his various affairs came out. The Republican Party paid one of his mistresses fifty thousand dollars to leave the country. She wasn't his only mistress, he had many, and it can be proven he paid child support to at least one of them.

It was 1921, height of Prohibition, when Warren would leave the White House, go across the road to play poker and drink.  And he could drink.

His cabinet was made up of his corrupt friends. It was during his incumbency the infamous 'Teapot Dome' scandal broke.

He had a heart attack when it was exposed; (although some say his wife poisoned him). He died after two years in office.

He once said, quite honestly, "I am not fit for this office and should never have been here."

Donald Trump

History will not be Kind

Attaining Office, despite losing the popular vote, Donald Trump became the 45th President.

As he was going to lie and trick he instantly labelled respectable news services as 'Fake News' in the standard method of diversion.

As a well known racist one was surprised that any non-whites would support him.

His wife was a porn star, certainly not a good example, but the quality of his supporters was such that no stone could be thrown.

Due to the racist nature of America, the idea that a 'Black' man could have been in the 'White' House fired the hatred, Trump was embraced.

During the four years in office, he worked hard to destroy the economy, (save insure his companies and friends profited) removed America from various International agencies, began a disastrous Trade War with China.

Voted out of office in November 2020 he put together an insurrection to attack the sitting Congress on the 6th of January.

Although he told his followers he would 'lead' them, he hid and let them smash into the Capitol Building, causing death and damage.

In the coming years more revelations of his dishonesty will be revealed and it is expected that he will move down 3 places to be the Worst President of All Time.

There Are Others....Of Course

These are not the only really bad leaders America has had.

There are others whose historical significance is currently being reassessed; i.e. Woodrow Wilson who set back Civil Rights to the day before the Emancipation Proclamation, Van Buren who presided over the Trail of Tears, among other debacles, and Rutherford Hayes and was incredibly corrupt.


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