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America's and Russia's Collusive Efforts in Elections

Updated on June 3, 2017

In geopolitics it is quite common to come across interesting individuals. This particular individual happened to be from Russia and I had a sneaking suspicion he was one of those individuals some view as a “think-tank” from Russia. It was obvious a few of my stories hit a nerve, and this is why this professor had to get involved with the content. It was a game of cat-and-mouse.

However, the theory itself rested on my own personality which led to him feeling that he was conversing with an intellectual. Bear in mind, the script is often repeated by the Russian, and therefore the English syntax may be convoluted. However, the overall message stands and becomes pertinent in the context of geopolitics.

Here is the conversation:

Andrey Zdvizhkov:

“Fiorenzo Arcadi Mr. Professor, read the story again. It focuses on Russian collusion with US elections. The Russians think tanks knew exactly that Trump was an idiot, what they didn’t realize, how much. Dear Fiorenzo if you are seriously "focused" on what you call "Russian collusion with US elections".... then what would you call following?

Russia's electoral law limited campaign spending to $3 million for each candidate. The Communist Party did not have the financial resources to overspend the limit. However, estimates of the funds spent by the Yeltsin campaign range from $700 million to $2 billion. A huge amount of money was raised by oligarchs and other business interests. An even larger sum was made available indirectly by the West. Urged by the United States, the International Monetary Fund granted a $10.2 billion loan to Russia in February and enabled the government to spend huge sums.”

Fiorenzo Arcadi:

“You want the real truth about the International Monetary fund? We need to go back in time to figure out how and why things have evolved. In 1998 the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank endorsed a $22.6 billion bailout package for Russia. Boris Yeltsin had the information of Monica Lewinsky’s and Bill Clinton’s scandal by tapping his phone. It was President Clinton that announced the endorsement of additional conditional financial support from the IMF. The IMF went on record stating, “Although the IMF’s management and staff were initially skeptical, Clinton’s announcement put strong pressure on them to consider financing.” They sent David Lipton of the IMF to Moscow to announce that the IMF will not support the bailout package unless Russia carries out the agreed conditions.

Yeltsin simply phoned Bill Clinton and bribed him. Yeltsin’s press conference was interesting; perhaps he was intoxicated the night before. He stated, “The problems are mostly our own specific problems. We have not managed to solve a lot of issues during the time we phoned, had to start the reforms. Still we had to complete the reforms to accomplish them to the end. And correspondingly, we should receive from them the kickback.” In October 1999 the IMF admitted turning a blind eye to Russia that siphoned billions of dollars of aid. US Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin told congress that the $4.8 billion loan last summer may also have been misused. Did the US get involved with Russian elections, of course they did. Why wouldn't they?”

Andrey Zdvizhkov:

“Yeltsin simply phoned Bill Clinton and bribed him. Did the US get involved with Russian elections, of course they did. Why wouldn't they?

Dear Fiorenzo just in case you are still under "It is safe to say that Russia is still using Canada for espionage purposes which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone" from your posted article, and still struggling with who bribed whom in 1996.

It was American political consultants who ran the successful reelection campaign of Boris Yeltsin in 1996, although some question the degree of involvement of the Americans in Yeltsin's reelection. The 1996 elections were marred by rampant vote fraud, and in 2012 Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev explicitly said that "There is hardly any doubt who won that race.”

Andrey Zdvizhkov:

“US Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin told congress that the $4.8 billion loan last summer may also have been misused. Dear Fiorenzo, are you referring above to following "may be misused?"

A week ago, allegations arose that a Russian crime syndicate had laundered some $10 billion - possibly funds diverted from International Monetary Fund payments - through accounts at the Bank of New York (BK) and Republic National Bank (RNB).

Reopening one of the most scandalous chapters of post-Soviet capitalism, Russia sued Bank of New York Co. for $22.5 billion for its role in a money-laundering scheme that was broken up by U.S. authorities in 1999.”

Fiorenzo Arcadi:

“Oct 16, 1999, the IMF has come under intense pressure following revelations last ... off billions of dollars of western aid to help President Boris Yeltsin. Earlier this month, despite IMF denials, US Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin told Congress that much of a $4.8bn IMF loan last summer may also have been misused. Dear Andrey, you are very quick with your facts, I did not see the source.”

Andrey Zdvizhkov:
Dear Fiorenzo as you see from above, turning Russia into Banana Republic and running election campaign for its puppet alcoholic president by US "advisors" was quite OK by "democratic standards" of "non-fake news" western media, while mere Russian ambassador's speaking to member of Trump election staff became "Russian collusion with US elections" with Russian spies apparently sitting under every bush in Central Park.

Fiorenzo Arcadi:

Russia is a Kleptocracy not a banana republic. When an American pledges their oath to the Constitution of America, I think most Americans take it seriously. If I was the Russian Ambassador, I would tell Trump, I helped you; you help me with the sanctions. Now Andrey, there's nothing wrong with an alcoholic president that is a puppet. The geopolitical sequence in Russia took place, now you have a more discipline leader that is facing a growing public of despair because of sanctions. A country has to do what they have to do in order to survive and function. You don't have to worry about the spies in Central Park. It's costing them a fortune to live there.”

Andrey Zdvizhkov:

“When an American pledges their oath to the Constitution of America, I think most Americans take it seriously.

Of course dear Fiorenzo, according to Obama every American is more better exceptional human being than any other nationality on earth..... and therefore every other nationality can be treated with "Banana Republic Democratic Election" medicine - while taste of their own "medicine" is so repelling to more better "seriously pledged by oath".”

Fiorenzo Arcadi Russia is a Kleptocracy not a Banana Republic. Indeed dear Fiorenzo, but back in 1990s it was "collusioned" into Banana Republic by Americans. Mr. Professor are you still there?”

Fiorenzo Arcadi:

“Dear Andrey I never said, I was a Professor. I never got my designation. I love to joke around and play hockey. I hope you still talk to me.”

Andrey Zdvizkov:

“Are you serious?”

Fiorenzo Arcadi:

“Are you still there? Ok, I’m guess I’m not good enough to talk to anymore.”


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