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Ammabhagavan Oneness Quotes 2

Updated on October 29, 2009

Ammabhagavan speak on Oneness

The founders of the Oneness Movement and Oneness University

share their teachings and wisdom.

Nos. # 12 - 22 of 22

Life ~ Awareness

# 12 ... Genuine affection is to be affected.

# 13 ... A happy person creates a happy world around him.

# 14... Sense of separate self is the root cause of all suffering.

# 15 ... The journey begins and ends with an awareness of where you truly are.

# 16 ... Content is never important but to experience it is.

# 17 ... Assumption is a lie.

# 18 ... Life is to be experienced; anything when experienced completely is bliss.

# 19 ... Tampering with the flow is the birth of suffering.

# 20... God is where all contradictions exist.

# 21... When the impossibility of change strikes you, you are awakened.

# 22 ... Suffering is not in the fact but in the perception of the fact.


see also - ~ ~ ~

available in the 'links' section below ...

Ammabhagavan on You Tube - worldofoneness ~~~

... We live amidst a tremendous change in every sphere of human life. Though we witness threatening changes in the world, there is a global transformation of Consciousness taking place.

Many great personalities in TV, film, and books talk about realizing the Oneness of Life as being the solution to most problems we face today. The Oneness Experience is universal intelligent energy which makes this natural state of being into an actual accomplishment for all of us.

The time being there are more than 30,000 Oneness Facilitators world over who serve as conduits for the Divine Presence to flow. The phenomenon of Oneness Experience or Deeksha is simply being transferred by touch or by intent. Thus the shift in Consciousness is powered by Grace.

Here you can listen to messages of Sri Bhagavan, co-founder of Oneness University, have a Oneness Experience here and now, see the World Oneness Center for Human Awakening now open to people of all faiths, and more.

Fall in Love with Life ...

~~~ from worldofoneness on You Tube

Oneness Links - all connected, in Oneness

A collection of weblinks providing info. about the Oneness Movement and details

of regular events ...

Books about the Oneness Movement - available from Amazon

Awakening Into Oneness ~ Arjuna Ardagh ...

... " the book reveals a kind of integrity and beauty of the Oneness Movement. As is the fact that the Movement is seen by the founders as a temporary one with a specific purpose that will look completely different or perhaps not even exist after another 5 years ...

It shows that something simple and subtle, and maybe perhaps, incredibly profound is going on - more so than accounts of spiritual fireworks. It actually conveys an experience for the reader" ...

~~~ review on Amazon, 2007.


Fire From Heaven ~ Kiara Windrider

... "This is a 'must' read for those who have a vision for a new world. It is painfully clear that what we're doing isn't working. What Kiara and Grace share in Deeksha: The Fire from Heaven seems to be a missing piece that can move us, collectively, toward the quantum shift in consciousness that is needed.

The time has long passed for separation, individualism, competition. It's time to recognize our oneness as a human family. We are all in this together. Together, we can co-create the world of our vision and even more than we can yet imagine. To create something new, we have to be willing to let go of our old ways of thinking and doing, most of which grew out of an egoic consciousness.

Many wise ones over the centuries have pointed the way to experiencing heaven on earth - the way is Love, Oneness. Kiara's book shows the way we can manifest this dream of unity and peace and much more" ...

~~~ review on Amazon, 2007.

GOLDEN BEAR - the story of a flowering heart

this is a story for everyone ...

do not be fooled by it's simplicity,

for within these pages there is hidden a golden seed!

..........for children from the ages of 3 to 90...........


~ ~ ~ ( please cut and paste into browser )

As the best form of relationship is friendship, hi !!!


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