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Should the U.S. Support Israel?

Updated on February 23, 2015

What does it mean to be a “person of your word?” Does this expression even carry any meaning in today’s world? Are we as individuals and as a nation who we say we are or have we lost the ability to follow through on our promises? It seems that we have corporately abandoned our godly roots to such an extent that we have even abandoned our treaties and promises. Our identity hangs upon the ability to keep our word. I believe that if we wish to continue calling ourselves “one nation under God,” then the United States must support the nation of Israel.

As a young child I remember my father taking me to a pro-Israel rally in our town. I recall watching the seething masses of people crowded together in brightly colored tee-shirts waving large signs above their heads. I clung to my Papa’s strong hand and he guided me through the crowds to a place where we could see what was going on. Then, I met the gaze of one person I knew. Her name was Fiana Poldoniya and she was my violin teacher. And she was a Jew.

A citizen of Kazakhstan, she had been a well-known children’s violin instructor, leading numerous children’s orchestras and playing herself with many well-known musical groups. I remembered my Mama telling me that Fiana had left her home because people were trying to hurt her. When I asked why, Mama said that it was because she was a Jew. In that moment, it all made sense; these are not nameless, faceless hordes, they are individuals. They are why we support Israel. We support Israel because it is a place for them to practice their religion without oppression. We support Israel because it is their land. We support them because they are people.

The opposition presents many seemingly strong arguments for ending our protection of the nation of Israel. Some say that if we are to ever experience Middle Eastern peace in our lifetime, we must convince Israel to slowly give her land away piece by piece. Yet, it doesn’t seem that many Americans even realize how little Israel really has to give away. When compared with the Arab World, Israel is 1/19th the size of the state of California. The fact that as such a small nation they still exist after war upon war is a miracle in itself. In fact, Israel’s very existence is such an anomalous event that military experts at West Point refuse to study Israel’s military exploits at all.

Another argument the opposition presents is that Israel has no right to this land in the first place; it really belongs to the Palestinians. No true historian can support this argument however, for it has been proved throughout the annals of history that it is the Palestinians, not the Israelis that are encroaching upon the land. There is no point in history to which any true scholar can point to and say, “here is where a race of people calling themselves ‘Palestinians’ occupied the land called ‘Israel.’” And as the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs states, Israel is “The only state created in the last century whose legitimacy is recognized by both the League of Nations and the United Nations.” (Dore Gold and Jeff Helmreich) They go on to say, “the League of Nations Mandate did not create the rights of the Jewish people to a national home in Palestine, but rather recognized a pre-existing right - for the links of the Jewish people to their historic land were well-known and accepted by world leaders in the previous century.”

Yes, more financial aid from the U.S. goes to Israel than to any other country, and yes, this fact may seem astounding considering the economic crises we now face. Of course, for the educated part of the opposition, this is a strong argument. But, when all factors, especially those of national security are considered, why shouldn’t it? They are our one Middle Eastern ally that have proven themselves worthy of our national trust. Why should we not repay this gesture with our 15 billion dollars of aid (Jewish Voice of Peace)? We don’t seem to mind running ourselves into massive debt over things we don’t need and can’t afford. This aid package is only a small portion of the money we spend yearly. Shouldn’t the future security of our nation be worth more to us than building bigger houses and bigger freeways we can’t afford and won’t be able to enjoy anyway if we are overrun by those same forces that oppose Israel? Many seem to forget that as allies we stand together against a mutual enemy; the enemy that promotes terrorism and seeks to destroy Israel also seeks to destroy us.

Rare is the American student like Catie Fossoy who said “I agree that the United States should provide military support for Israel.” However, clearly Muslim students are being indoctrinated with a firm anti-Jew/anti-Israeli stance. Lest we forget how adamant our mutual enemy is, even the liberal New York Times will remind us. In a set of lectures given to around 4,000 students Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said this: “The establishment of Zionist regime was a move by the world oppressor against the Islamic world…The skirmishes in the occupied land are part of the war of destiny. The outcome of hundreds of years of war will be defined in Palestinian land… Anybody who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation's fury, who recognizes the Zionist regime means he is acknowledging the surrender and defeat of the Islamic world…” (Nazila Fathi) Do we really want this enemy bearing down on us next?

And yet, that will be the result if we cease our increasingly fragile support for Israel and, by default, force this tiny land to give up more and more of herself until she is overrun by the forces of Hezbollah. Not only would this be poor military planning and lacking in foresight, but it goes against our great nation’s principles. We are “one nation under God” and we have given our word to His people time and time again. Once this last America-friendly piece of ground in the Middle East is turned against us, it will be only a matter of time before the forces that take her, will take us as well. However, this is not even the strongest argument for our national support of the Israeli state.

If we begin at God’s Word, where all strong arguments begin, we will see that if we deny Israel the support she needs, the destruction that follows will not be hers, but ours. In Genesis 12:3 Israel is told: “…I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee.” There is no expiration date given on this promise. Again, in Psalm 122:6 God gives us a command and again reminds us of this promise: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; they shall prosper that love thee…” When God gave His chosen people this small portion of land, He gave it to them forever, just as he gave us gentiles these assurances forever.

As believers we must reawaken our love of God’s people and urge the United States to support the state of Israel. We do not simply do this because we will share in their destruction; we do not even do this simply because it seems good to us. We do it because God said to; and if we do, He promises to bless us. This, in itself is enough justification for any act of obedience, no matter how odd it may seem. If we wish to claim the God of the Bible as the God of our nation we must support His people, the state of Israel.


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