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An Evolving Galactic Cosmically Induced Social Mindedly Enhanced Richly Endowed Authentic Passionate Adult

Updated on October 16, 2010

"Be Where You Feet Are" MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Educational Psychology

Souls, Shoes and  Sands of Time...
Souls, Shoes and Sands of Time... | Source

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Educational Psychology

When exactly is the ‘supposed’ defining point of crossing the demarcation line into respected adulthood? What precisely determines maturity and how does one decide if he/she or another is responsible and accountable for actions taken?

Although there are many theories, ideas, concepts and, most of all, educated and uneducated opinions, the obligatory definitive ‘platter of grown-up cuisine’ belongs solely to each indefinable individual.

No preset established model or societal accepted pattern can be realistically esoterically ascribed to human beings as if marking them as branded cattle.


People are ubiquitously different in manner, speech, make-up, character, mental aptitude, physical dexterity, social graces, and indescribable potential. What is needful, expedient and practical for one to conduct himself/herself “naturally and conveniently” for ultimate meaningful productivity in society, may not be what another can, would have/should have, or will follow.


Too much emphasis has been placed on the exterior acceptable performances as opposed to working with esoteric values of genuine merit, self-validated inclination, inherent artistic passion, and decidedly self-enriching interest.

Unless one finds, receives, uploads and expresses his/her innate sacred sensual sexual artistic creative energy (talent), the person shall be utterly miserable and perfectly unfulfilled on a soul’s level no matter what worldly success, position and status achieved.

While academic studies of are vital importance in the life of every individual birthed onto this plane of existence, not to address the esoteric needs, desires and soul’s requirements of the human being would be a blasphemous atrocity of the worst kind.

As living breathing social sacred sensual sexual artistic divinely inspired impregnated creative creatures, our precious ruthless soul demands genuine artistic expression and connection.

Formidable creation is our god-given birthright as the core essence of whom we are and why we are experiencing this life!

When we deprive our basic hallowed DNA coded blueprint of the delegated personal, professional, relational, and esoterically psychologically imbued educational sacred sensual sexual artistic menu buried deep within latent creative endeavors, the devastating consequence is a result of warm bodies who are no more than card board boxes fashioned as paper dolls who maneuver throughout the day needlessly and mindlessly unmotivated.

If we continue to deny the very essence of our being alive in exchange for a facsimile of counterfeit expression, referred to as ‘standard acceptable maturity”, then, collectively we, as well as, everyone else on the planet loses, regresses and suppresses authenticity.

Bottom line: fake automatons serving out our time on earth according to the dictates of conventional society.


No longer is this standard way of living satisfactory.


The galactic ‘raising of consciousness of mankind’ is upon us and we are all part of the collective transformative global process. Modifications, alterations, radical transformations are being called into existence because of the need to rise above mediocrity being pawned off as maturity.

Adulthood is defined as one being at liberty to pursue every ounce of his/her creative being without fear of rectification, reconciliation, or reprimand.

An untamed undomesticable free-flowing man/woman is not a criminal but is certainly dangerous! Dangerous in the sense that he/she thinks, acts and behaves from his sanctified ‘gut instinct’ once after having gotten in touch with it.

Unconventional Esoteric Psychological Education is a perfect marriage partner for rational traditional education and psychology. The two will find each other as complimentary bed-fellows when ‘rearing up the earth’s children’ into sufficiently liberated self-contained creatively expressive productive individuals.

The citizens who hallmark the galactic ‘raising of consciousness’ era will profoundly enact social change for the betterment (evolving) of mankind.

As our revered ants who immeasurably co-operatively work together to build their highly organized, respected, unbreakable colonies upon their immaculately fortressed maintained hills, which can last up to forty or more years without intrusion or dismantling, we too, are building stellar human being colonies which can and will survive for eons of time and space throughout this galactically changing turbulent season.

As a cosmically challenged motivated galactic adult human being, we will do things out of the deeply indelibly ingrained passion we have hidden in hearts on our own stimulated artistic volition and ignited enthusiastic motivation.

Our verbal capacities will excel, innate comprehension soar, problem solving abilities expand, while the hallowed ability to communicate through our own deeply enriched sacred sensual sexual artistic contributory impetus explode into unexplored regions of the infinite capacity of the human mind.

As Star Trek so articulately states, “the last frontier” will be the innovatively embraced frontier.

Adulthood initially means we keep our agreements! We have no defining reason, barrier obstruction of resistance in keeping our agreements when we are following the dictates of our own cosmically designed hearts. It’s all a matter of ‘hooking into and onto’ what we are passionately motivated by through our sacred sensual sexual artistic creative precious ruthless soul’s impertinent desire to experience earth life unconditionally.

“Enter at they own subjugated risk” Be written across the lintel. When one is inhibited from developing his full budding gifts, abilities and talents, along with the overwhelming weariness associated from unexamined unearthed exhaustion and frustration, nothing but infallible destruction results.

Lethargy and inhibition result in repressed rage, unexpressed anger, and thwarted unchanelled crippled unbridled desire. Displaced wrath bottled and exploded unexpectedly and unnecessarily, due to an inability to express freely and connect indisputably, makes for the moist fertile breeding ground of slithering maggots in crime, poverty, dissolution, despair and ignorance.

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Educational Psychology embraces the new age with open arms and bare feet. Social change unfolds precisely where one is standing; barring nothing or no one. “Be Where Your Feet Are!” All incidents are divine incidents needful and productively served in the universal scheme of things.

There is nothing more beneficial and far-reaching than opening, discovering, and cuddling the childlike innocence found deeply imbedded in our hearts and minds.

To “play” the convincing role of a fully involved, deeply caring, thoroughly interested, unconditionally lovingly vested inspirationally motivated, sacredly sensually artistically creatively driven mortal fulfills our every aspiration in soul’s yearning ingenious spirit of richly endowed genuineness.

May we all grow and evolve infinitely geared, cosmically designed and academically enhanced into esoteric psychologically educationally saturated induced Adulthood.



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    • msorensson profile image


      8 years ago

      This is a fantastic hub, Paula. Thank you for sharing.


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