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An Idea for Humanity.

Updated on July 29, 2011

    You ever feel that feeling if only people looked at the world the way you do, or shared the same ideas as you then everything would be better?

    Me too. So much that I even wished I could start my own Political Party. I even took the liberty of coming up with a name, and a set of principles that it would follow to make the country, (then the world) a better place. Then took it a step further, made a Facebook page for it and told people about it.

   Alot of these politicians are only concerned with Money, Power, and Fame. They make decisions to expand their pockets and the pockets of their friends and business partners while the people who voted for them are left out in the cold.

   We as people in this world see both sides of the spectrum. We see the rich people who's main problem with their money is finding somewhere where to stash it all and we see the people in the world who dont have any toothpaste because they decided to buy toilet paper instead and can't afford both. I've been where I couldn't afford neither. These politicians DONT KNOW what is needed to fix the world because they havent lived it. Haven't experienced the hardships or seen it, except on TV. They haven't helped the crying mother off of the ground who saw their child murdered in the street. They aren't friends or a parent to the 19year old who has a felony on his record and can't get any job in this economy with a set of twins on the way. They TALK about the ghetto, and poverty, and unemployment, but they havent been there. They wouldnt know the first place to start at fixing these situations. They only car about the Air Time they recieve and what suit to wear next.

I sit and see these things these politicians selling empty promises while people suffer. If I could change this, I would. Maybe I Still Can. Maybe you can too. Everything starts with an idea. But they dont wanna hear anything from "us". The ones who are living in these bad situations that they say they want to fix. They think we don't know anything. I guess were victims because we're supposed to be huh? No. We're victims because some of the worlds "Predators" saw some of us as "Prey" and capitalized. A REAL leader should want to do his best to help as many people as possible and the people who MOST need it first.

Below is a shortened list of the principles of the Political Party (idea) I came up with:
(For full description visit: )

Goal : Make Improvements In Every Community & State in Education, Culture, Art, Lower Crime, & Reform Laws to Maintain a More Peaceful & Stable Community , Country, & Economy.

Humanist Ankh Party Principles:

Education: Improve the school systems by providing proper funding for supplies, sports, and extra-curricular activites. Provide Tools and Motivation to keep students interested in activities and education useful for bettering themselves in the future and remove influence of a life of crime.

Law Reform: Target and Reform Laws that Add to the Crime Rate of a community ...and prevents elevation and prosperity of a community or its inhabitants. Minor Crimes that would be penalized by jail time should often be replaced with the penalty of paying fines and community service in order to prevent the loss of jobs by certain individuals and simultaneously add to the economic wealth and production of the local government and economy.
Humanity: Offer More Shelter for the Homeless. Have Local Government Able to Purchase Unoccupied and Foreclosed/Abandoned homes for the use of Sheltering the homeless to clean up the streets. .

Culture: Provide more outlets of Culture in the Community. Advertise and Promote Many holidays and events for various races, cultures, and religion. MissionRessurect all the important values essential to human life, peace, prosperity, and stability.

FOOD, CLOTHING, AND SHELTER are the 3 Most Important NEEDS in life. There should be no reason why anyone should be without. These needs should be met FIRST before trying to get the whole world to own an Ipad...


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